Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Holiday Market and Church Dinner

It's been a busy last 3 days. Away to.a holiday market where I set up my items late Thurs a.m. after stopping to get gas and drive thru fog. Thankful it wasn't dense. Got up early Friday and Sat as market opened at nine a.m.

I didn't sell but one diffuser bracelet. A couple calendars and some Young Living hand sanitizers and bath salts. It was good to talk with people and gave out a few pamphlets about getting started with Young Living.
  Our church had a harvest dinner at the high school cafeteria on Sunday. I heard there was nearly 600 people at the dinner. Most we've had in a while. Megan showed up for the dinner.  It was a good time, even being with children for 1/2 hr. I sat where they were coloring and Phil helped with games. I was too tired to do that. I told the kids if I fell asleep that should wake me up. Phil said to just color my face!!! Haha!  Time change doesn't help anyway. I colored this page while sitting there for 1/2 hour.  Time was up and we went home. I took a nap for 45 minutes. Need to keep up on sleep.

Have a blessed week.


Betsy said...

My goodness Becky, you DID have a busy weekend. I'm glad at least a few people stopped by your YL booth. I have Thieves diffusing right now as I woke up with a bit of a sore throat. I "think" it's just sinus and and the weather change but if it's anything else I would like to nip it in the bud.
Our churches Thanksgiving dinner is this Sunday. We never have nearly that many people though. I do like your coloring page. Seriously admire it. I would think I had to color those entire pumpkins in and they look so striking with outlines. :-) You are a great colorer Becky!
Take care and get some rest.

Teresa Kasner said...

How fun to do a craft sale.. I did them for years out here in Corbett. I was a founder of the Larch Mt. Country Artisans and did their show for decades. I never sold enough to make it worthwhile, unfortunately. So I've finally given it up. About sleep.. be sure and get enough.. that's my advice. Enjoy your day. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

I hope you can reach many people with your essential oils. I am a doTerra user and just love them but I hear Young Living are fantastic.