Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A quick post

Just got home an hour ago from watching our 3 adorable grandchildren. Their parents attended a parenting class. They had dinner there b4 class. We had pizza that I baked in oven from Papa Murphy's pizza. Yummy.

Days have been chilly. Beautiful clear day. Clear sky and moon shining bright on way home. 
Making some iced tea for Thurs at work. Thurs are going away next year....3 days of work instead of the plan. I want to spend time at home and spend time sharing Young Living essential oils. It's not all about selling but helping people with their health and have toxin free homes/lives. It's made a great change in our lives. 
Work on projects to declutter the house. Knit. Read....including the bible. Be with the grandkids. 
Plans in the works. 
God bless the rest your week. 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Thursday Work

 An early shift this a.m. at hardware store. Cloudy as I came to work. While driving, a big white bird flew down to the ground by a little creek, close to the high school. Wasn't sure what it was, as I knew it wasn't a heron. My second thought was an egret.....checked Google...yes I was right. Not seen one here in this area! So pretty and felt blessed just seeing it fly down with those beautiful wings. Sunny for awhile but later it started raining. 
I'd checked the weather for the week as we'd planned on having our house and garage painted. Since the weekend had been quite cold, I wasn't sure if painting would commence. I'd contacted my painter friend a few times. Talked with paint expert at work. I decided that it would not be a good time to get buildings painted. Cold weather doesn't let the paint dry quick enough and humidity gets into the paint, which weakens the longevity. Sigh....we'll have to wait til late spring, early summer. Mt. Hood has a beautiful blanket of snow and was able to see it Monday on the drive across town. 

Semi busy day at work and glad the work week is over. I'm enjoying the new display of kitchen ware. I have my eye on a couple things. Maybe ask for a gift. Blue is good in my kitchen.   Spiders aren't welcome, even if it's purple!!😆   Was planning on going to the prayer shawl ministry meeting today but was so tired after work. Got up from couch after sitting for awhile with feet up.I had done a bit of work on my shawl, as in ripping out a couple rows. Knitted one row, yes it's ok. Again! 50 inches more to go. Been slow at knitting it. Need to keep going and get it done. Thought maybe getting a few things done would give me more energy. Didn't happen so stayed home and made dinner,
       Printed out photos for one calendar, started on another one...ran out of an ink I don't have. Hopefully I can get one tomorrow while I'm out and about. It's a specific type of ink and have a few places to buy it. None in town. I have enough photos printed to get actual ideas what ones to do .....ones with tulips, ones with clouds and ....random photos. I am selling some of them, hopefully, at a vendor event early Nov. That's why I'm getting started now. The printing is the harder, slower part. 

Question was asked about sheep I grew up with.....they were suffolk sheep and were raised for food and the wool was sheared off and sold. I still enjoy looking at sheep and cows, horses, you name it! 

Union boycott/strike was taken care of last week, and hopefully votes will be NO for a strike. Certain areas have issues with pay scales, due to gender, which is part of the problem. I'm glad I can shop at Fred Meyer again. Thankful Megan still has a job. Some groceries chains have the same unions. Some people Megan work with are in a different union....never figured that all out yet. But it's ok! I understand how people want more money in their pay checks. People need to realize that raised wages equals higher cost of food, etc.......ok I'm gonna get off my soap box now...
enjoy the rest of your week!

"I pray that God, who gives hope, will bless you with happiness and peace." 
Romans 15:13

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Chilly but Fun Weekend

    It's been a busy few days. I stayed home Fri and made some applesauce from gravenstein apples I got from a friend last week.

 I soaked the whole apples, before cutting, in Thieves Fruit and Veggie soak.  It's a good way to get rid of sprays and whatever else on the item. Let it soak  in a sink or big glass bowl for 1 to 2 minutes. Then rinse. 2 oz of the soak to one gallon of water. It seems to make the fruits and veggies taste better .....different a good way.  Nothing toxic.
 I used the Foley food mill to mill off the skins. Added a bit of sugar to taste. I remember when my children were young and they squabbled over who got to help mill the applesauce. Good memories!!🍎 🍎
  On Sat morning I went to the flock and fiber fest in Canby. Met up with my son and family. They'd been there since it opened so they left after a short visit with me. Erin's still having some issues of tiredness and so forth with her 4th pregnancy.
    I enjoyed looking at the animals and lots of yarn.....walked away from a tent finally as "NO don't buy that yarn even if you like the color. " I told myself! I've got enough yarn to keep me stitching for a while!
I bought this cute pattern holder with sheep on it.  Sheep 🐑 🐑 won over the purple color I liked. Its a memory of sheep we had on the farm I grew up on. Not bbaaaaaadddd!!!!  🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑  just going to the fest makes me get excited about knitting.....finish my project.
  Megan and I went to watch Downton Abbey movie 🎥 this afternoon. It was very good. I rarely saw any of the series but it was good to watch anyway. The actors and actresses were ones who played in the series.  I felt like I was back in England again! It would be interesting to live in that time period.
  I'll be back soon with more words and photos to share in my little spot in the world. 🌎!
   Autumn is here to stay and tree leaves are rapidly changing color now. It's the coldest weather we've had here in OR since 71 years ago! 50 degrees at 10 a.m. 59 degrees later in the afternoon. Low 40s at night.
   Have a blessed week!
"Why are you cast down, oh my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him, my salvation and my God." Psalm 42:11

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Flowers and Fun Times

It's been a ☔ week so far but not as bad as predicted. Lots of breeze today. Still enjoying the sunflowers in the area. Some by our neighbor's driveway, one by my rose bush. Another neighbor has some too. Megan thinks it's the birds dropping seeds. Who knows? 
 Megan and I went to chicks nite out at Baumans a couple weeks ago. There's my pumpkin cookies to the far left. Entry 21! More after that. No...didn't win. Even my friend, Jewel,from church didn't win. Her baked goods are great. Oh well...ya never know. Leftovers were eaten by the crowd of women still there on a warm night!
 Pumpkin time is here again.
 Nice bushy flowers!
 Rooster and hens.
 Greenhouse we were in...waiting for dinner. Baked potato bar. And delicious pumpkin dessert and drink $10.
 Haybales. I always enjoy seeing these every year. Notice the clouds beind them? Didn't rain but there were lightning strikes and rain in other places. Humid. Warm inside the store at Baumans.

 Once we got home, the sun was setting and stood outside to watch the colors change. Purple clouds! ☁ ☁ something I've not seen before.
       Following morning I had my monthly pedicure. Choices...I picked the blue one. Best worst day ever.....color name. Its a nice color.
 Flowers outside the salon shop.
     Jesus Calling book given to me by a customer at work! Surprised for sure and I enjoy reading it. A short daily devtional!
 Sunday after lunch at Red Robin we really liked this bush in front of our car when we left restaurant. May get one like that for area we just got cleared.

 Fall plants in front of a garden center I stopped in to find a plant for a retirement party. One we wanted was way too expensive. Didn't buy a thing!
 New fall rugs at work on Monday
 Nice flower baskets. I wouldn't mind having one. But don't really need it. Saving pennies
    Display by register! Halloween already...Arg! Fall is upon us!!!
 New bowls, tea kettles and canisters. Designed in UK. So pretty. Newly set up...Oh wow... So nice.
 Megan and I stopped in at Walgreens after dinner. She needed to get something Bimart didn't have in stock. We always go thru seasonal aisle. MnMs..
That MnM face looked me after I'd gone to bed. Nearly asleep and heard rain pouring down very hard. Think it even woke Phil up as he'd quit snoring. Zzzzz...finally let up after several minutes. Looked out this a.m. and everything seemed to be ok. Not sure if any flower pots fell over cuz I didn't want to open the door. Another day of rain ☔ then dry weather Thurs.
    A few unions are looking like strikes are going to happen. Praying it doesn't happen.  It'll affect Megan's job as well as other people, as well as shoppers at grocery stores.
    Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping in and leaving comments!
    ·········      **********    .........
     "And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Acts 2:21


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Words on Wednesday...already?

 Tonight I baked the bit of cookie dough I took out of the freezer. I call them Chipumoat Cookies. They are different than original recipe because it has chocolate chips instead of raisins and I used vitality oils instead of regular seasoning....cinnamon and nutmeg. And Einkorn flour....oils and flour from Young Living.  Why did I bake them tonight? I am entering them into a pumpkin cooking contest tomorrow evening at Bauman Farms. Chicks Night Out. It's a fun event to attend, delicious food and percentages off purchases from the farm store. I'll share the recipe later.  I made the cookies a couple weekends ago and saved a bit for tonight to bake. Not an easy thing to do ....mixing and baking cookies once off work.

 Nice flowers by the register yesterday. I didn't work on Monday, at the hardware store. But I did work at home, including sweeping and mopping the kitchen and dining room, and vacuuming. 
Weather's cooling a bit and tomorrow it's supposed to rain, which we need. 
Yesterday I got a text message from our son, Justin....FYI! then up popped a photo of a sonogram!!! Erin is pregnant with their 4th child!!! OH wooowww!! Wasn't expecting that at all! So happy for them after all the moving they've done recently and settling into their apartment....2 bedroom, 2 bath has twists, turns and surprises and thankful the Lord is with them and all of us in all times!!  Tired grandma....loving my life, busy or not! Hope you do as well!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Focus

 The week's nearly over and a few things done but more need done. Like keeping life at home organized and my mind in tune with the Lord daily. The butterfly shone bright for a while the other night then quit shining. It's like my life at times. Good ideas and I start working on organization of my office space. Then it goes awry. But still keep at it til it's done. (The butterfly solar light was brought to hardware store as it didn't work well. I was allowed to take it home. Still nice without the light.)
 Yesterday after work I dropped off some Young Living Thieves products at an elementary school close to where I live. Principal wanted them as the foaming hand soap in toxin free and good for adults and children to use when they are out in the garden box area. I was able to see the garden area since I was talking with the principal. He's done an amazing job out there. Each grade has a box to take care of. Part of school. I donated the items as they'd been asking for donations at hardware store where I work. Long story short ....he was grateful and it was nice meet him.
 Some plants were starters while others were started from seeds. Definitely tell where the carrots and onions are coming up. Tomatoes. Peppers.

 Side of building painted hands by children. Sunflower painted by someone. Thankful for an interesting class for young children and the mind of the principal to take on this work!
Photo by Becky Lowmaster © 2019
 View from my car windshield when I parked to get fruit and veggies from Bauman Farms 🚜 this afternoon after getting a few groceries. Music 🎶 on Klove blesses my heart then to see this view just made my day!! Thank you Lord for the beauty you have placed here on 🌎 for all of us to see and acknowledge you as the creator of heaven and earth!
Bought a flat of peaches. Will cut them up when they become more ripe and put in freezer. Next week is end of peach season. I have many things to do and not enough time to can. Maybe I should dehydrate some too?! Still have my dehydrator. Not used it in awhile. Also bought a big Walla Walla onion, tomatoes and lettuce and purple cabbage. Local grown food is great to eat!
  We have no internet since yesterday afternoon so our Roku tv is not connected. Sigh! Not able to be on my laptop for internet usage. Its a bit annoying but it will come back eventually. Our modem most likely needs replaced. Unplugged it twice. Didn't work. Just followed directions. Take it over tomorrow to get it replaced at wave store. I asked them today about it. Technology good until its not working.        Annoying....but life moves on and it will work out ok. There was life without the internet years ago!
  Enjoy your weekend and take care! Any plans besides staying home?

"The Lord God of Jacob blesses everyone who trusts Him and friends on Him. " Psalm 146:5

"Hidden in the hollow of His blessed hand, never for can follow."....Frances R. Havergal

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Summer Satur-day

 A busy Sat and thankfully it wasn't too warm. Phil and I went to his work picnic at Oaks Park. Delicious food and fun. Rides and miniature golf were fun. Seeing the grandchildren was the best part of my day. (Justin works at the same company) Phil, Melody and Owen rode on a big roller coaster. Here they are in line. First time the grandchildren were on one. Owen was just 2" taller than the minimum size to be able to ride it.
 Lovely Willamette river. Close enough to see up the river into Portland. Glad we weren't downtown as there was a riot going on. Thanfully it wasn't wild and crazy, according to reports.
 Lovely hydrangea bush on our way out from the park.
Granddaughter hiding behind a toy.

Bumper cars at Oaks park. 
 We were there 4 hours. Came home after we had an early dinner. Then left after we changed clothes. Went to a play in Newberg.
"And I, If I be Lifted Up"(The Gospel of John) ...My friend from years past played Jesus. It blessed my heart. It was great to see Kevin again and meet his wife. I'm friends with her on facebook.

  •    More photos to share later.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by in blogworld to read my blog. 🌷❤🌎