Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer Weekends

Our warm summer days turned into hot summer days with temp into 100 degrees! It was even that hot on the coast on Friday, Aug 19, at Astoria, Garibaldi, Pacific City and Seaside 98! Inland it was hot so people thought they'd escape to the beach. Oh my, hotels were calling other towns to see if there was any vacancies at other beach towns? No! Megan wondered how much ice cream was sold at the Tillamook Cheese factory yesterday? I'm thankful for air conditioning in buildings and cars and our houses. Thankful for a/c at memorial service at a church we were at today. So I can't complain. Much!  :0}
Last evening I was going through some older photo files in search of older photos to share, but I didn't find what I was looking for. I did come across photos of Toketee Falls that I took Aug 2010. Phil and I had been in southern Oregon where we visited Crater Lake. On our journey home we stopped at a few waterfalls along the way. I really like this photo on a warm day, where it's 94 degrees today, not quite so hot as predicted. I'd looked through Crater Lake photos...oh looked so cool, but it's 91 degrees there at 3:30 PM. I remember the day we were there it was quite warm and hiking up to Sun Notch and photographing Phantom ship. 

This is a summer weekend  summary in photos. I'm working on this in the cool and drinking my cool tea that I made into my own tea achino...not unlike a frappicino, but my tea, then sweetener, then milk to my liking and an ice cube! And a cookie since it's snack time (Sat afternoon,Aug 20th).

My friend Jill and I in Keizer where we celebrated her late May birthday in Aug at Applebees. It's been so busy around that time we just found a date that would work.

Bridal shower for Briana on a Sunday afternoon, late, June.

Group activity. Making a bride's dress out of toilet paper. I made the bows and Megan W. is the model.

The "brides" and their dresses. Middle girl's dress came apart. But someone said it was for the reception afterwards. That created a ripple of laughter throughout the room! The bride to the far left got most votes!
Briana showing off a lovely quilt made by one of the ladies of our church. Dinah does a great job on all her quilts!
Briana relaxing finally and opening a gift. She's getting married this weekend and we are attending the wedding. I'm helping at the wedding with the photo booth for guests. That will be fun!
********************Zoo Time*****************

We went to the Oregon Zoo early August. Phil's company picnic was there so we enjoyed hours of walking and fun and sweat as the day was very warm. Thankful for shade and food near the end of the afternoon. We had free tickets to the zoo all day and free elephant ear tickets for each of us. We used two out of three. Megan and I can never eat a whole one. I ate some from Phil's ear. So yummy. It's fried bread dough then dipped in sugar and cinnamon. It's done in the shape of an elephant's ear. Like Indian fry bread.
Lovely flowers and giraffes.
Fruit bats feeding time.
Justin and family were there as well. He works with same company Phil does. A perk when it comes to party times. Lydia (3 mo) was looking at her mom, Erin's, plate and was fussing. "Why can't I have some?" Melody is such a sweetheart and a good big sister.
Aunt Megan and Owen, eating his hamburger.
"Look grandma" Owen said to me! I tried to get him to take a selfie with me but wouldn't. Then he did this and he's just a cutie pie.

Outside the picnic area were lovely dahlias.
Melody was disappointed the carousel wasn't working.

Cheetah  compound. We did see lions but they were out for only a short time after 2:30. I got lost cuz I didn't know where Phil and Megan went so I missed the penguins. I'd turned around to see something and they were gone. Good thing for texting on cell phone and then I found them! Sigh! Only one polar bear for now as his brother died a month ago. Went to the live bird show which was interesting. A couple birds flew right over our heads, just a couple inches above! Our hats remained intact and clean!
Macaw from the bird show. Sponsored by PGE.

I had a photo matted and framed at Affordable Framing in Salem. I finally got it wrapped and gave it as a wedding gift. It's Haystack Rock and the Pacific Ocean at Pacific City, at sunset. I took it in March when Megan and I were over there, day after a storm. I printed this photo out on my Canon Pro10 printer at home. That's the cheap part of the gift. Although it's just fine as I like to give nice gifts that will be enjoyed for years. That's one gift that won't be duplicated!!!!   *******Now I"m off to get other things done on this quite hot summer day in August where it's 93 degrees and high clouds. No rain in sight til next Thurs. Take care and happy weekend to all of you!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday Newsletter

     An unexpected power outage late afternoon meant dinner out at Panera. I got off work, stopped at a store to recycle pop cans and shop. Thought of stopping one more store. Decided against it. I was thinking of getting milk and ice cream. Glad I didn't. Why? Traffic lights close to home were out. I pulled up to our driveway but garage door wouldn't open! No power at home. No air conditioning. I found a few things to do then Phil came home. I'd called Panera to see if they were open. Yes. They had electricity and I was the 3rd person to call about the same thing. Megan met up with us there after she got off work from the library. I took my cell phone charger with me to power up in case I needed to use it. Reported time for power to be back was 9 p.m.  Sometimes it can be longer.

     Apparently a tree was down somewhere and an equipment failure that caused the outage. Before we left for home, I checked the PGE website. Put in zipcode. No outages listed! Hurrah! The power's back on! Temp in house was 73 degrees which isn't too bad. I'm not sure how long it was off. Maybe a couple hours before I got home. We went on a walk then dishes and laundry.  Life back to as much as normal as it can be.

     Megan and I enjoyed a free concert in the library park last evening.  Hit Machine band was really good. Megan heard them last year. So she stayed after work and saved me a place to sit my lawn chair. She bought me two tacos and I bought us ice cream.  We had a good time together and saw a few people we knew.

     We're still waiting for washing machine parts to arrive.  It still works but needs fixed. Parts werr $200 on Amazon. Hopefully it'll be here this week. Phil can fix it. Thank goodness for a husband who knows how to fix things!! And correctly!! Thankful for internet and YouTube ! Gotta love technology at times. We have come a long way from my growing up years in the. last century!! Tee!Hee!!
        I will be getting a couple more coworkers soon. AM is doing great and he's helped out the register a few times. He's a hard worker with a good sense of humour. So I'm sure I'll be training another cashier too as boss is planning to hire another lady to work 3 of the days I'm working.   All that for me and then Megan's work has been all around crazy. So crazy it's way too hard to explain. So just prayers for peace in all the "mess" .  Yes she's still working. She's waiting for something much  better to come along. I feel her pain.

Cheetahs at the Zoo. 

     On a happy note, we had a fun Sat at the Oregon Zoo. Phil's work picnic and tickets for all day at zoo. Dinner late afternoon. We saw our grandchildren too. Megan went with us. Hot day out. I was exhausted by the time we left. Good thing Phil drove home. A/C in car felt sooo good!! It's headed to hotter temps next couple days. As in near 100 degrees. Picnic on Sunday but under trees. Memorial Sat for my co-worker's mom. I'm trying to figure out what to make for their potluck.
     It's time to make some tea and sweep the floor and get laundry into dryer. Another day is nearly gone. With a full moon to boot in the cloudless starry night sky. Hugs and blessings wherever you are!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Weary Wednesday.

It's getting later than I want it to be. Needs are still there for housework before bed. Laundry from last evening's load yearns to be folded. I've spent too much time in this recliner looking at my in camera photos. I went outside tonight and worked on moon photos. A couple seemed to turn out ok. Half moon looked nice. We watched as an airplane flew above it!  On our walk this evening, Phil and I stopped by neighbors who we wave at on our walk. The lady asked us one evening to stop in for a chat once in awhile. Wanda and Wayne, her husband have been married 65 years. So this evening we stopped in. It was time for ice cream so we enjoyed that while talking and playing with Molly, their Scottie dog. Fun little visit.

Workday was busy to say the least. Many customers all at once this a.m. and DD willingly helped me at the register. It's not one of his favorite things to do.  I helped train a new coworker on the register. Between helping him and working with other customers and trying to find and put away little screwdriver bits at register, I just got a headache!! I think it was stress related. After my last break I decided there was too much going on. So I focused on register and
customer service work. The bits can wait. Dinner and a walk helped me better. Now I just need a good night sleep and feel better my last work day of the week.
Then to top it all off we're working on plans for our anniversary getaway in October. Thought about a trip to Tacoma but we both decided against anything in big cities. Driving and parking and getting lost woes out weigh the less congested places and smaller towns. Thinking of places close to waterfalls that I'd like to photograph. Eat. Museum. Movie. Ice cream. Time together. Wherever it is will be fun.  
Happy tomorrows, my friends.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Heart of a Warrior

 This past week was my "wear purple everywhere" I went just because I felt like it. And I could. And I did. I wore this shirt one day at work and it inspired me to write about being a warrior for God. I've still been working through my Armor of God Bible study. The same day I wore this shirt, a customer wore a t-shirt with a bat on it. As in a fruit bat or vampire bat, more than likely, due to the quote on the t-shirt. It read (to this effect, but forgot the last bit): "I know I'm not cute nor handsome, but you can act like I'm good looking and ........If not I will eat your soul." Oh that's quite a statement! Interestingly enough that I said,  "that saying is a bit frightening. But nobody can really eat your soul unless you let them. Armor up, stand firm, believe in God." This man lightened up and shook his head in agreement. Later on I realized it went with my shirt as a heart of a warrior. Not only was I in the military, at one time, but I'm a soldier in God's Army, even though I was in the Air Force. It still works! Have the heart and mind set of what God wants our mind to be set on. Not on auto pilot but really engaged in our life walk. Knowing what we believe. 
Honor God with our lives and giving Him praise and worship through out our days.
Courage to stand up for what we believe. 
Dedication to love others and put ourselves out there to help in many ways. Have a heart for what breaks Jesus' heart.

"And I say to you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have no more than they can do." Luke 12:4

"And do not fear those who kill the body but unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy body and soul in hell." Matthew 10:28

Jesus was talking with the twelve disciples before He sent them out on their journeys to teach people. He sent them out with commands and told of persecutions that were about to happen on their journeys. After He spoke this verse, above, He also told them how much He cared for them. It is written for all of us who came afterwards. 

We are all in this race of life together. The very same day of the t-shirt incident, I was driving home from work.  In my town USA we have a single lane that goes into two lanes, each way. It leads to the over pass in the direction I was going.  Most of the time there's traffic that speeds by me. Guess what? I'm right behind the vehicles that sped in front of me. To get where?  We want to get there faster and don't take time to see the life right in front of us, beside us. Do we look behind to see if there is someone lagging that needs encouragement? Honor the person beside you with lifting them up in spirit and prayer if need be. Start a conversation.  Jesus cares for all of us and wants us to spread His love around in our daily living situations. He's all about life changes for the better!

 We have a final destination that is guaranteed.  Let's take other people with us to heaven.

 "Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things that you have. For He Himself has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." So we may boldly say: "The Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?"  Hebrews 13:5-6

Hello to 2 new Google followers!   Have a blessed week my friends!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Rodeo Horses

 I picked a couple photos I'd taken at the St. Paul Rodeo to share with you! As I was going through the vast amount of rodeo photographs that I took while attending on July 3, I came across a photo that stopped me from moving on to the next one. Almost like a painting of four horses running with the sun to their side. No saddles. No ropes. "We are free! We are done with our event so let's run around til the cowboys shew us out of the arena",{which they did}. I always enjoy their beauty! 

This photo was taken with calf roping team. I changed it to black and white, for fun. Made it look better than the color version.  I took so many photos and had a handful that looked good this year. Still working on more photos from holiday weekend and what I took over this past weekend at a wedding with my new zoom lens. Those photos are still in camera, on the card, til I get the chance to haul them out to my computer. 

Our week has been cooler so far than last week, which was close to and into the 90 degree F. range. Sunday was in the 70s and nice day for an outdoor wedding {late afternoon.}. By the time we left to come home, it was getting chilly and thankful I wore pants instead of a skirt I'd thought about wearing.
So far this week I've eaten pretty good food. We had pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches offered at the wedding dinner. Tonight I stopped by a local church that was hosting a National Night Out with a meal.  Which was free and close to where I work. Thanks to Ullyeses for posting it on facebook! I  got some delicious tacos on flour taco shells. Delicious! Talked to the policeman and mayor that came and got a hug from our fire chief, as we know the family well. Had a good visit with Erin R. and the foreign exchange student that's staying with her family, for a week.  Erin brought her to Bible study last evening. So I decided to talk with M. and show her some photos from my phone. She really enjoyed seeing them. Gave her a quick see of flowers here from the spring, my family and ocean and a lighthouse. Fun time with a sweet 15 yr old girl from another country.  Came home and had some ice cream. Now it's time to make some hot tea for me, fix iced tea for my work lunch tomorrow and fold laundry! Some Bible study time as well.  Closing out my day, my friends. So thanks visiting and have a blessed rest of your week! 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Weekend Flowers

 Flowers are abundant these days in Oregon. A couple Sundays ago, we were present at friends 40th anniversary celebration. We were also celebrating Sue's 60th birthday. Interesting combination. Dale and Sue were also married in the park that the celebration was held at. Nice weather. It was good to be at a shelter as well. I love these sweet peas.

 Every table had a couple jars with something on them. It appears they are collectors items for them. In Dale's accounting office there are little jars of sand of places they have been as well. Apparently all around the world. I have a glass milk bottle from the Ipswich Co-op. Milk was delivered to your door step. I've kept flowers in it on occasion.

Last Sat, the day after we got back from our coastal trip, I shot this lovely blue satin hibiscus in my flower bed. With the warmer weather, the blooms really came on and still coming on! This was right after the plant was watered. 
Flowers in a vase at Trader Joes today. (Cell phone photo.)

I didn't see any flowers today to photograph with my camera.  But did try out my new camera lens I bought for a great deal. Tomorrow I'm going to use it at a wedding we are attending. I'm sure there will be flowers there! I've tried it out here at home and the store where I bought it at. Tried out the display one as well. My new "toy" and need to use it! Now!
Happy weekend my friends and thank you so much for visiting!!!

"He anointed us, set His seal of ownership on us, and put His Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come." 2 Corinthians 1:22

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Coastal Getaway


On Thursday afternoon, Phil and I were on board Gracie K, a 45' boat with Yaquina Bay Charters. Here's a short video I took on my cell phone to share with friends on Facebook. We had a good time, in spite of the seasick part that hit both of us. Bleah!! Well, I probably would have been ok except for visiting the "head" as nature called to go or wet my pants? Oh dear. I tried so hard to be brave and calm, which I was. Oh's all good and don't regret one bit about going!  It was so pretty out there and we saw 5 to 6 whales!  More photos coming. Promise! I just wanted to you to see where I've been. We left Wed about 5:30 after I got off work. Ate dinner at Otis Cafe. Spent two nights in Newport at the Comfort Inn. Our home away from home. This place is so quiet! Breakfast is delicious even though I have get out of pjs and into clothes to get it. Sigh!  Got home before sunset yesterday. We were both tired and still recovering.

A side note about video: I took for my coworker whose mother is in her last days of life. I asked Carrie what she wanted from the coast? A video of the ocean for her Madre. She got her request. I posted it on Facebook for her.  Please pray for her and the family in these hard days ahead. I've given a shoulder to cry on at work. It's not easy losing your mom. Been there. Done that.
(update:Carrie's mother died this morning)
Yaquina Head Lighthouse from the boat ride.
Bay water sloshing!

Sunset at Boiler Bay on Wednesday evening. 
Cell phone photos by not copy please. Thank you!

Happy weekend my friends! Enjoy! Now the laundry commences!