Thursday, May 25, 2017

Patterns: Week 20 Photo Challenge

There are so many patterns to choose from in this world. Nature or manmade. I chose my blooming rhododendron in our front lawn. The weather's been warm and the blooms are so pretty. Can you see the pattern in the flowers and blooms that are just starting to appear? It's in full bloom now all over the bush. Most lovely in the morning and evening light.


My lovely peony finally opened up it's first bloom of this season . I took photo right before I went on our walk with Phil after dinner. I'm hoping to repot it for next year after it blooms. I've got a few plants that need to have bigger pots as well. I hope to do a few this weekend!
The evening light on the heritage birch tree in the side lawn. Pretty in the evening of a semi warm day...about 75 degrees F.  Each day it's now into the 80s through the weekend, with no rain in sight. I'm happy the sun has decided to stay for awhile. Work has been busy these last few days and by evening my feet are done being on demand! My ankles protested while we walked this evening but it was a beautiful walk with no need for a coat, although Phil had his sweatshirt on for his first lap. I brought it in with me while he walked another lap by himself.  No big plans for weekend, as we stay home instead of travelling the highways and byways. I work on Monday. Meeting with the other part of our family finally part of the weekend for food and park time and watching the grands play around on swings is fun. So glad they are feeling better.

  Megan has a job interview on Friday. Another possible job in the offing but she needs to get in touch of HR lady again. Megan's last day working RFID tagging at county libraries was today. A bit scary but I know God has something in mind for her, job wise. I'd be grateful if you'd pray for her.

  Last week I did go to the dermatologist and found that I have eczema on my legs. It is getting better since the weather has changed for the better. That is an answer to prayer.

  Oh and am meeting two girlfriends for lunch. Laura is feeling better and she requested that we get together soon for lunch. The last one was cancelled in Feb near our birthdays.  I'm excited to see her and Beth again! My buddies from the early days!

Have a good weekend and appreciate all the readers I have that recently started reading my blog. Comments are fun to read and appreciated  Do stop in, don't be shy. Let me know you've been here! 
God bless you and keep you!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Life Lately with Pondering Thoughts

 Friday was my out and about day. Primarily to pick up my  rodeo horse and sunset photos I had matted and framed. So pretty now hanging in my living room. Phil hung Sat evening after dinner. He was weary from mowing the lawn that had not been mowed for two weeks due to the rain. Now the sun has returned for several days. We are enjoying it. Well....people are now complaining about 92 degrees. Glad I am indoors. Air conditioner working. It's cooler later this week.
Weekend was busy with cleaning house instead of being with Justin and family. Most of them have colds. So next weekend will hopefully find them all better. On Sunday we had friends over after church. It's our Home2Home group. There are 7 of us. We have a fun time together. The host prepares the main dish, which was, what I call, chili-getti. I had already cooked hamburger, 2 jars of Trader Joes marinara sauce and one can of black beans, with spices, in the crockpot. It was so good and we ate it over spaghetti. Phil decided we needed 2 lbs of spaghetti where I think it should have been 1.5 lbs. There was a lot of spaghetti left over! So we gave the younger couple, with children, some of it to take home. Rest of it we're eating for lunches.  One person brings bread and another a salad. For some reason there were two people who brought bread and then there were homemade pies. As a fun time together, we wrote out what one of the bucket lists items we wanted to do before we died on a slip of paper. Put them in a bowl, then we each drew one and told how we'd help that person. Funny and interesting!

Today was a quite warm (93+ degrees) and the air conditioner at work wasn't working enough to keep it cool in the store. I'm thankful for a fan by one of the registers where I spent most of my time. My boss bought all of us beverages from the coolers, our choice! Lots of work on a hot day! Sweet! I chose strawberry lemonade. I had a chance to drink some of it. Got busy and then I realized it was sweeter than I expected. But still drank some of it. Here is sits by this delicious candy I tossed into my lunch box this a.m. to eat with my blueberries...oh I forgot to take a cookie..that's why. So good as I found it on a reduced price rack in a store...let's try it! I like it! Close to date expiration...still good.

The lid of the drink it adorable! That's me right now, chilling in our house where a/c is working! I'm not yet....but will be soon washing dishes...just got a load of laundry going. Less sweatshirts right now so less of a load.

Just some random thoughts to share on my day out last Friday...where I saw 6 cars, total, pulled over on the side of the road. Overheated. Not enough oil. Not prepared for the heat on the lovely day where nice clouds floated around making this grandma happy. Two other incidents along the way. How well do we prepare ourselves for what is coming up? Hot weather? Cold weather? Heavy traffic? Maintenance on our cars and houses? Food prep? Keeping up with cleaning the house? I'm just as bad as any one else. Sometimes I'd rather sit at my computer and read blog posts. Write blogs posts. I should be doing something in my "real tangible world" in my house, outside, in the community. I put off cleaning items around here til the day before company comes. Do I have my heart prepared for my life in present tense and beyond? What's most important for me? You? We get busy and things are set aside for another time to take care of. When calendar starts filling up, is there a "no" given so we can have a stay at home weekend? I'm trying to do that once a month. Find time to read, knit, quilt, walk, exercise, and rest to keep ourselves from getting stressed out. So many demands on time just gets dizzying to me. I choose to say no even though there's fun things to do all around. Only so many hours in a day. Choose wisely.

"And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee, for thou, Lord, has not forsaken them that seek thee." Psalm 9:10


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day Week

What a fun and busy weekend it was for us. Saturday afternoon we went to see "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" in Wilsonville. Our drive was longer than expected due to a car accident just south of Boone Bridge. Three lanes down to two lanes to get passed the wreck. Then it was back to speed. We didn't have far to go. Got to theatre in time. Sat for 20 minutes thru movie trailers which most weren't any we would want to watch. There's two movies we'll probably see. This one was good but a bit more violent and graphic wise...not sure I like that.  That's what happens whens there's so much that can be added in computer generated imagery.
   Then we ate at Red Robin afterwards. Waited 15 min in foyer. Talking. Then talking more while waiting for food. Busy evening there with many birthdays celebrated. Mother's day. Prom. Megan gave me a nice basket. I enjoy baskets and keep myself from buying more. A gift? I'll take it!

Mid afternoon on Sunday I decided to head across town and buy a few items on sale at Bimart since it was last day of sale. Phil went with me since I told him I wanted to go to LimeBerry for frozen yogurt. A treat for me. Yummy!! Layered bottom with strawberry chocolate swirl. Then milk chocolate on top. ...and then I added toppings. So delicious!!! Then we came home and went on a much needed walk. Weather was nice but still wore our jackets.

 Mother's Day bulletin at church.

Friday evening Megan and I attended the worship service which included communion. By the time it was over my voice was a bit rough but felt so blessed by God.
   Tonight I found another skirt while picking up a few items at Bimart. A usual stop for me on Tuesday beings it's lucky number day. Nope. I didn't win anything. Megan called and we decided to meet at Panera for dinner. Yummy and had a good visit before heading home. Looked thru closet for tops to go with skirt. Also decided one older skirt could go.  Right into Megan's hand as she's always liked it and has tops to wear with it. Yeah!!
    Weather's back to rain and wind. Chilly to wear a jacket in the evening. Maybe a few warmer days this week. But we're all thinking it won't warm up til July!! That's the common joke that's going around. Glad I didn't plant tomatoes this year.
       I'm on the last bit of my hot tea. Need to get lunch together for early morning shift. Tidy up. Cuddle into cozy bed. Hope you're week is going well and you've found happiness in your life's moments.

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you.  You will seek me and find me; when you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you, says the Lord." Jeremiah 29:11-14

Friday, May 12, 2017

Nature:Week 19 Photo Challenge

When wind meets flowers and pine trees, nature creates a montage alongside the walk.


     Just yesterday I had a day to myself at home. I pulled out my quilt magazine to figure out what I'm going to do with my flannel fabric I showed awhile back. I think it will work. I studied the pattern and other pages of the magazine to figure how to cut small triangles into units. Later in the evening, I pulled out my fabric and decided this pattern isn't going to work with my fabric I've stashed away. Sigh! But I've realized I can use it with a variation of pattern. Making a big 8 inch square using 2 triangle pieces of fabric, sewn together. As long as it measures 8 inches, I'm ok! So I'm going to do that this weekend, starting with one square and see how it works before I cut too much! It was good to have peace and quiet to read the magazine, work in my planner and add more things to my calendar on the wall.
     One of those events includes a lunch date with my girlfriends Laura and Beth. I called Laura and she's doing better than before, eating and more energy. She also said we should get together for lunch. So I called Beth afterwards and we got it all set. So thankful for Laura's health improving through her cancer phase. Our earlier lunch was cancelled due to her health issues.
    I've also been perusing a print out from the Belong Tour Living Room on Facebook. I am attending the Belong Tour, that's coming to Portland, in Sept. There are activities to do with friends that are going as well. I'm hoping to get together with a few people and do this study. This event is in twelve cities in USA. If you're interested, check out the link.

Today I was out and about. Had a mammogram, which wasn't too bad, then paid a couple bills. Went to Costco then ate a yummy lunch at Subway. They had free cookies today so I got my next to best favorite cookie...double chocolate chip cookie. They used to have the MnMs cookies but those are few and far between now.  Stopped at the outlet mall before going home. Had a $5 off reward to use at Columbia sportswear store. So I grabbed 6 items to try and 3 came home with me, including the cozy top I'm wearing in the photo. Good deals and then my veteran's discount and coupon made it all cheaper. And I'm ready for sun and coolness....hopefully sun soon. One top is long sleeved and omni shield which will help protect my arms from the sun. I now have 3 that I like and fit me well. When I first started buying omnishield shirts, I made a mistake of buying one with buttons all the way down. Well, that one last a year and isn't fitting well now. I'm one of those women who would rather have pull over or only a few buttons. Gap-osis is no fun! Interesting how clothing looks nice on the hanger but fitting and looks are different...that's why trying on is good! I liked a sweater but not the neckline! It all works out and so does coming home and getting a few things done, like another load of laundry that's always needing washed. With the sheets, it's not folding but putting them back on the bed. And then it's time to get a few things ready for dinner on this interesting day of wind and rain and clouds and humidity! Take care and have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Green: Week 18 Photo Challenge

While we were out and about over a week ago, we spied this "elephant" after we ate at Camp 18 Restaurant. Same place I found the shoes for last week's challenge. We'd gone downstairs to see more logging memorabilia. We were near a window, looking at items when I spied a peculiar being across the creek. It took a few moments to figure out what it was.  It appears to be parts of a tree, with moss and ferns on it...notice the tusks?  Interesting subject indeed!

The past few days have been lovely, weather-wise. Even though we had a bit of a storm Thursday with rain and a few thunder and lightning we didn't get hit like other towns/cities around. My sis who lives in WA and had nearly a 3 hour drive home from work, usually taking 45 min to drive. Power outages, trees down, limbs scattered everywhere. Oh my! Storm clouds here looked dark and heavy. Saturday was so nice for our drive to Woodland, WA for Megan and I. We visited Hulda Klager's Lilac Gardens. It was so refreshing to see the gardens and tour the house. Good to wear short sleeved shirts, even though I did take my sweater with me. Just in case. It was a bit windy. I was happy to have a low key day today. Besides church and walking out for dinner and a bit of an extra block, this evening, I didn't do much. Folded laundry while watching a movie "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" on tv...sci fi type but good with some humor.  {Based on The Mysterious Island, by Jules Verne.} I think I'm ready for another week of work, which is only 3 days as I'm taking a day of vacation Thurs. Staying home and working on a quilt now that I have some hard plastic to make a few templates from. I've got to get it started or I'll never get it made. Have a blessed week my friends, where'er you are around the world. Your kind comments are read and appreciated!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Last Week in Photos

 Hello my friends. It's time to do a bit of catching up on my photo memories from last week. My lilacs came alive and now are blooming. I'm enjoying the deep, rich purple color. We plan on seeing Hulda Klager lilac garden in Woodland WA this weekend. We missed last year even though it was on calendar. Watching 2 grandchildren pre-empted us going.

 A co-worker brought in leftover Easter eggs so I snagged one at lunch time.
 Later on Wed after work I stopped at credit union. Across the lawn were two fire trucks. They had been at a fire in town. Smaller tender was filling up with water, most likely. It's from a tiny town. A pole barn caught fire behind Al's garden center and Les Schwab. Good thing it was called in quickly!
We've had trouble with a pesky woodpecker. So much so that I purchased a scarecrow owl from the hardware store. Phil put it up on a pvc pipe on our garage. Then he moved it to the house, in attempt to keep the pesky woody woodpecker away. We've not seen it in a while...found out it's no longer around. But this great horned owl did help for awhile. Woodpecker was messing with our neighbors as well.
Our door step with my rabbits and tulip opened in the sun!
Hellebore....Lenten Rose.
Ranuluacas that Megan bought as they were so pretty. She likes to buy a new flower every year to remember her grandma Francis by. She loved flowers.
My mess of flowers right now. I need to get them looking better, in pots and arranged nicely.
Chinese lantern plant is amazing. I thought all the old parts would be gone. But here I see a seed pod within? I really like it. Once I got back from our trip to the coast, there were alot more leaves. I am happy it's growing well. It should with all the rain we've had lately. Then some sun but not enough that we'd like to have this time of year. Alot of people are pessimistic about our Oregon weather this year. But it could be a  lot worse!
A solar butterfly that I got on sale that will be outside soon. I can go with my bird I bought in memory of my mom 3 years ago. This one can be for my dad, since it's green and blue,  some of the colors he usually wore.
Last Wednesday I took this photo of eggs that Vicki still had out from Easter. The light shining through the window just made them so pretty. I took a quick shot before Bible study started.
Last Thurs Phil and I headed for Seaside. Our stopping point for lunch was Camp 18 Restaurant. It's on Hwy 26, in Elsie, about 18 miles to Seaside. Food was so good.  Many choices narrowed down to one BBQ shredded pork sandwich with potato salad and iced tea. I took half of it with us in a carry out container as I was so full. Phil had fish and chips, which was tasty as well.
Close to our table was an elk. Thank goodness he wasn't alive nor hungry.
Evening came in Seaside and I captured this on my cell phone while taking photos on my Canon T3. I wanted my friends on Facebook to see how nice the coast looked. We'd had too much rain that week and weren't sure of what the latter part of the week was going to be like.
On Saturday afternoon, I had a few errands to run in town. The last one was to get my dirty car washed. I went to a different car wash, a few miles into another smaller town. Touchless Car Wash. I had a $4 off coupon to use from the tulip festival booklet that was given out when I was at the festival the other week. Interesting soap, etc colors onto my windshield. Loved how my car looked, better than before. Better than when I go to other car wash. It seemed to leave water spots on my car in places when this didn't. Also windshield much cleaner as well....or maybe a figment of my imagination? Car was dirty before our trip...and then the weekend before a livestock truck sloshed my car with yucky water on half the car! EEUUOO!!!  😾

This evening when we got to Bible study the rhododendrons were blooming in the driveway. A lovely color and there were more in the back as well, when I stepped out on the balcony. Paul and Vicki have a lovely house and I enjoy going there. I get so enthused about other people's houses then I come to mine and wish it was a bit better. But it's ok, as it's ours and I'm thankful for what I have.  There will be improvements over time.  As one can say, it's a first world problem! We're richer than many other people in our world so I can need to be grateful for what God has given us. 

I'm thankful for a warmer day that started out with a bit of fog on my way to work this morning. Sun overcame the fog and it got quite warm in the store as a/c didn't run all the time. At present time it's 72 degrees F, was 80 earlier. Tomorrow 83 and chance of thunderstorms, and rain on Friday with 58 as high?! Interesting but weekend looks nice and in 60s and a good time to be out. 
Continued prayers for daughter as she's still looking for work. And our granddaughter Lydia turned one years old today! Check out the link for photos, if you wish. We weren't there when the party happened, but we will be with them later in the month to celebrate hers and her big sis, Melody's 9th birthday! My how time flies when we're having fun!

Now this tired grandma needs to fold laundry, finish making tea for my lunch tomorrow and head for bed before midnight! 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Shoes:Week 17 Photo Challenge

There's always shoes around our house, especially the living room where Megan and I put some of our shoes. More hers than mine. That would be one shoe pile to photograph if I didn't find anything else interesting. Phil and I went to the coast on Thurs. The stopping point for lunch was 
Camp 18 Restaurant. The food was delicious and so was the venue of logging items around the room. More lumber machines outdoors. The loggers' boots typically are called calk or cork boots. Leather with nail soled boots worn by lumberjacks in timber producing regions of the Pacific Northwest and Canada. They are worn for traction in the woods and each logger received one pair per year from the company. It is also worn in timber rafting. I liked the photo of the loggers with their boots on as well. 

 Phil and I seem to get away in April nearly every year. This year we went to Seaside, where we spent one night. I was hoping for two nights but I decided not to push any further. It can irritate him and then he'd be unhappy which would make me unhappy. Which we experienced a wee bit on Friday as plans went awry. But it all came out ok in the end. Even though we were tired by the time we got home, we expanded our knowledge a bit on Lewis and Clark at Fort Clatsop. Went to Fort Stevens as well. There were batteries which housed big guns, WWII and Civil War. Close to the coast and Columbia River. None were ever fired but didn't know what would happen with Japan setting off WWII with Pearl Harbor. The weather was cool on Thurs, a bit warmer on Friday and by that afternoon there was sunshine. We enjoyed a walk on the beach before eating dinner and driving home. I've got many photos to bore share with you. This afternoon after getting a few groceries, I got my car washed. It was dirty before we went on our trip. A big muddy livestock truck sloshed water all over the front and driver's side last Sat. Oh goodness!! Bird pooped on my car on our trip. Then there's sand. I tried out Touchless Car Wash where I drove car through and sat. Machine went back and forth over my car. I liked how my windshield looks compared to Purdy's Car Wash. Will see. This one is a bit more expensive but I had a $4 off coupon to use so it made it same price at the other place. I still have more laundry to do...a coat and a couple new sweatshirts and make cookies tomorrow. No rest for the weary but I do find it eventually!
Take care and have an enjoyable weekend!