Thursday, June 6, 2019

Life Celebrations

 Life has many things that make us happy and sad. I have been getting gifts ready for a friend's birthday and a baby shower. Then there's graduation parties coming up. While I was eating breakfast Sat I  thought of  things I still needed to do. Purple bag done for baby shower I went to at church Sat. Plain bag has a few gifts that need wrapped. Multi sack has bday goodies for my BFF Tamara's bday gift later this month.
 Gifts at the shower.
 What's left of food since I got there late. Had a conference call with my quad pod group with Young Living at 9 a.m. that got me there later but fine as its all food and talking for a while anyway. Love being with my Christian sisters.
 Cute owls table decor friend Tina made. Mint between paper. Yum!
 Cindy showing a cute outfit for baby girl that's coming. Joining 5 brothers. A surprise for them.

 A game we played.
 Trail mix goodie we got to take home.

 Late afternoon Phil and I went to a celebration of life for my friend Gary. He was owner of hardware store for years where I work. His son Mike has been owner since the 80s. I knew Gary for 13 years when he'd come in and visit. Enjoyed talking him thru the years.
 Yummy dinner. Cake pops in an old tool box. Box was made in a tin shop!
 Candles on tables. There were 4 of us from GW that went. Mike and his wife were happy to see us.
 These are 6 big cookies I made to go with grad gifts. I made a double batch after I got home from baby shower. The rest are normal size for us.
Sunday I worked on my schedule for June in an online "Create Academy". Working on growing my Young Living team. Sharing why I use their products and help.......long story's worth it. Best essential oils a company could have to support health and well being. 3 month academy. A bit time consuming for me but ok. Meeting new people is fun. On June 5 I've been a member of  Young Living for one year. .....and. ......Fourteen years ago , June 5, was my 1st day at hardware store.  My how time has gone by and so many things accomplished...learning....loving on people....Do The Do It Best store.....and throughout my days wherever I go!! 
Take care my friends!!!! Enjoy your life where you are!!

"And the Lord answered me:
Write the vision: make it plain upon the tablets, so he may run who reads it. 
For still the vision awaits it's time; it hastens to the end-it will not lie. 
If it seem slow, wait for it; it will surely come, it will not delay." Habakkuk 2:2-3

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Midweek Activities

The work day is over. I was resting on my recliner after work. Off went my shoes and socks. Last Friday I had a pedicure. New color Frolic in Fairy Dust! I like it a lot!!
Here I am...ripping out four rows of shawl I'm making. Another stitch awry....again.  I got it all back to where I was. Then dinner .....

in the kitchen where I'm weighing the spaghetti. MnMs that Phil bought from Costco and butter. I need the MnMs for my granddaughters birthday cake I'm making Fri. Family get together on Sat.
Phil and I went on a walk after he did the dishes that needed washed by hand. Cloudy but nice evening. Chirping birds. 🐦   A few blocks away my left ankle started to hurt. So I told Phil to go on. I walked back home okay. 👞.
I took a couple photos of flowers in my neighborhood. Megan drove by me 🚗 and asked if I needed a ride home, since she saw me limping! I was a few houses away 🏠 . I looked and saw a perigan falcon flying to a tree where they have a nest. Sun on the bottom wings was orange. So pretty! I thought I heard it raining while in living room but wasn't sure, before Phil came back. A bit later I was in bedroom and noticed wet pants laying over the bed. A drenched shirt 👕 by laundry basket. Oh dear!! Out goes everything from the pockets and I hung pants over shower. Good thing there's a pr of clean pants for Thurs. 
   Tomorrow is a vacation day from work for me. I'd thought about going to the coast but decided to stay home. I've got a list of things I need to do. Clean out fridge and wipe the shelves off. Declutter a few areas.  I have been out and about so much on my days off that I don't always have time to do what I need to do. Sometimes I just am tired. But it's gonna work as I really need to clear up clutter in a few areas. Gone forever is the plan!
  Enjoy the rest of your week! I appreciate your kind and encouraging comments.

   "The scriptures says "Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame." Romans 10:11

  "A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul."  Dwight L. Moody


Saturday, May 18, 2019

Busy ....Knitting and ....

     Rhododendrons in front lawn are so pretty! I'm enjoying the beauty of spring. Even had a thunderstorm pass over us late afternoon.  Wind. Rain. Thunder. Lightning. Two of my potted plants fell over. Set one back by the door. Waited til storm passed before I set up the other one.
 Thursday at work I checked this item to see if it would helps restore wood above siding. Scrap it. Clean it. Paint and seal it. It can be tinted as well. Hopefully more brochures become available so I can bring one home. Summer is coming and exterior house work needs done on garage. Eventually garage needs a new roof. Thankfully house gets paid off by Sept, if I did my math correctly!
This afternoon I added another color to the prayer shawl I'm knitting. I like how it's turning out. Watching that I don't drop a stitch and keep tabs on stitching. Knit 2. Purl 2. Knit 2. Purl 2.....I did find a dropped stitch , where the purple yarn is. Oh dear me! I'm not pulling out all those rows! I'd never get this shawl finished. I figured a little trick with a few inches of yarn then through the stitch. Then tie it somehow or thread it thru shawl. Then....will see how it works out.

  Phil and I were busy today. I made a breakfast in bread for main dish for a brunch at our house at 11 a.m.  (eggs, flour, ham, 2 cheeses and milk and oregano and dehydrated onions). Vera/Elaine brought homemade cinnamon rolls and Pat/Timeo brought fruit salad and Mary/Christian brought juice. We had a good time together. Miss having Lyle with Vera. He died in Nov.  Its a get together with 4 couples, from church and we meet at different houses each month, once a month, for 4 months. We did it last year too. Good food and get know people better.
  Then we went to church for the car show that hosted by Juan from our church and car clubs. Interesting vehicles and got some nice photos on my camera. Was there a couple hours. Loud music but good 🎶. I'll share photos later.
    I'm on the recliner. Relaxing. Need to wash dishes again. Take out garbage. Head for bed soon.
  Please pray that the strike won't happen or be very long at Safeway and Fred Meyer. Megan and other employees aren't allowed to cross the picket line.  Meat cutters union are the ones voting to strike.  They make more money than others in the store. Why lose money when you're on strike because you want higher wages? Other employees suffer from losing their money because they aren't allowed to work. Just keep working. Ok! I'm off my soap box!!
  Have a good weekend!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Flowers, Apples and Essential Oils

 Quiet afternoon here after a good  morning. Here's some gerbena daisies I bought at Trader Joes Friday afternoon. For Me. In memory of my mom who I can't give flowers to as she's been gone for nearly 5 years. Still love her, in my heart. It's Mother's Day on Sunday May 12, in USA.
 After going to Trader Joes and eating a turkey wrap in the car, I went to my podiatrist to have him remove a few calluses on my left foot. I like this small fire truck that's on the windowsill of the room I was in. I was in and out quickly.  Dr does a very good job without pain shots, and my foot feels better. Toes and foot with calluses are no fun and now better to stand on than before!!
 This week I got my essential rewards box from Young Living. I bought a few things for a baby shower, including diaper wipes and Thieves laundry soap. Good for any person, non-toxic chemicals and is an amazing laundry soap.  Very concentrated and it takes 3-4 months for me use it up. Ningxia Red in 2 oz packets (30 in a box) is good to drink each day. Helps my energy level, makes my tummy happy.,,,,,,,Lip balm to go in graduation gifts. I got 3 freebies ...Thieves aromabright toothpaste, 15 ml Lavender and 15 ml Patcholi essential oils.  Genesis hand and body lotion is one of two favorite lotions. R.C, 5 ml helps with my allergies/asthma. Round black container is a makeup cleaner for brushes and then flat black round piece in front is a silicone pad to put cleaner on then wipe brushes on it. Will do that this evening. Good way to keep brushes clean and better for skin that way than just soap and water. 
 D. Gary Young book, written by Mary Young, his wife. I've been wanting to get this book and was able to get almost free. Won a $20 credit in March from March Madness that was going on in a FB  group from Young Living!!!  I actually won something else as well from signing a friend up for a premium starter kit (psk). Great book to learn more about Gary and the story of how he learned about oils and became a business that's grown throughout the world!!! I'm so excited to read it and see all the photos through the years!! Many farms in various states and countries!!

 Bon Voyage kit I got last month, in a quick order.  Amazing how it was the last day of March and my friend JK decided to get the kit I'd told her about. Oils that helped her and her husband with pain and a few other things. (not a cure, but help lessen and feel better)! I was shocked and happy as well to help her and win something...others were able to win but I got it!!!  That what happens when I am working to grow my team and God answered my prayers!!! Thank you Lord!
My daughter Megan got a PSK that earlier in March. If you are interested in learning more about these oils and cleaning products, etc.,  click on Young Living link above. Ask me questions!

The bag is so pretty itself!!! I get to use it in July when I head to a conference with a night away!!
photo by Becky Lowmaster 2019
This afternoon, after church, Phil and I went to Dennys for lunch. I got the double chocolate banana breakfast. So good! It's mother's day so of course I want chocolate....again...had some at snack time between services at church. We sat further into the restaurant which was nice, as there was a tv on. Different sport playing so I asked the waiter who took us back if he could change the station so I could watch the Portland Trailblazers play against the Denver Nuggets....7th game. We don't have cable tv any more. Yes, he changed it. Watched first half. Then came home and listened til the end and Blazers won 100-96!!! Now they will play against the Golden State Warriors, this week. Both teams have a player with last name of Curry...they are brothers!! Interesting!!

We taught Sunday school again this week. About the Lord's Prayer, Matthew 6:5-13. We made munchie mouths from apples.

Apple represent Jesus, sliced apples represent the disciples, white cream cheese represents the holiness of God, marshmellows for our daily needs from the Lord. I chose colorful marshmellows as Jesus gives us good things in our lives, every day!! He helps us through the hard times as well.

Phil's our cutting juniper branches beside the garage. It brushes against my car as I leave and the beeper goes off while backing up!!! Annoying but I know something's there.  I'll be out pulling grass by other side of garage, so close to side walk. Get some of it done so Megan doesn't have to do all of it. Rain coming on Tues, which will be nice as it's been warm and no rain for awhile. Been watering my potted plants and while out water again and the other plants. Glad my plants are living after being put in garage over winter. Have a blessed week my friends!!!

Young Living Member # 15405739

***all photographs are mine. Thanks! do NOT use them without asking!!!***

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Lilacs and Cake

 It's May and lilacs are blooming. So pretty and love the fragrance. Not seen any butterflies by the bush though. Weather has been warm and dry so will water tomorrow after I get off work. 
 Even though Mother's Day isn't til Sunday I was given a cake early by Phil. Ads said Mother's Day is next week,  a week ago. Gave no dates. He didn't consult the calendar! Oh well, Yummmy anyway.
 We had some last night! Of course there's chocolate in it!!! But the rose was too hard for me to eat so it was into the trash. Not going to break a tooth on it for sure!!
 Last Thursday I was at the prayer shawl meeting at church. I worked on my shawl, even after I ripped a few rows out, due to a dropped stitch! Sigh! I am not sure why I 'm dropping stitches! Not the first time so better pay more attention when knitting!!!
Prayer shawls were prayed over before we left. So pretty. There have been quite a few given away to people who need them. One to a high school girl in our church, whose brother died from a stroke; a friend whose daughter is in another country and hard to be separated from her; a lady who had a baby that had problems but baby is doing fine now.  

The house is quiet even though Megan is listening to the Trailblazers vs Nuggets game on the radio. Blazers down by 18 points which isn't a good thing, in game 5! Sigh! We were hoping they would get through this round and go into the next round. Last Friday they were in over time...4 times and Blazers won! Will see!!!

Spring and warm weather equals fans and air conditioners in stock at our hardware store. People buying paint. Wasp and hornet killer. Ant bait. Busy couple days at work, which is a good thing.
I have been slacking on blogging, always something to do and I should stay caught up with my photos for you. Not many comments, except many anonymous comments I delete as most are spam. I do enjoy reading your comments and I like to go read your blog and comment.  I always thought that was how it worked but will wait and see what happens in the future. 
God bless and take care, my friends!!!

"He will listen to the prayers of the destitute. He will not reject their pleas."
Psalm 102:17

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Busy Am I....She wrote

      It's springtime.  Hardware store has been full of customers for 2 days.
 Thankful for coworkers who help me at the register. I wish there was a 3rd register on extreme busy days. But it works out well as customers are patient. Someone came in expecting to buy their items and put it on their account that was non existent. They were sure it was at our store. They finally left and the line dwindled faster.
     This afternoon a regular customer brought in fresh asparagus from his farm. Here's my bundle that Tish got for me when she got bought her bundle.  I look forward to eating it Thursday at dinner. Years ago I remember eating canned bought. Fresh is better!
     My prayer shawl is getting longer finally. Sunday eve while knitting and watching Call the Midwife on PBS with Megan, I realized I'd messed up. Finally found a dropped stitch a few rows below. I need to find my crochet hook and get the stitch back onto the needle. This will not be the same pattern I'll use next time.  Change can be good in some ways.
     It's been a busy month so far. Friday and Saturday will be busy. Looks like May has less busy-ness....SO FAR. I'll go with Phil in p.m. Sat to his hear his humorous speech at toastmasters speech competition. He made it thru to international competition!  WOW!
   I'm off the recliner soon and getting things cleared up for an essential oils event tomorrow evening. Always something to do at home but grateful to have a house to live in and food and clothes and family to live with and love.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Rainy Days Away

          This was an interesting week, my friends. Phil and I took vacation days from work. Our plan worked but it rained most of the time we were gone. We stopped at Camp 18, off Hwy 26. Its close to Seaside. Very delicious food and restaurant cabin is a cozy and pleasant place eat a meal.
          Homemade clam chowder and cornbread with honey butter. I ate a third of the bread. Like a little loaf itself.
         Phil had a kielbasa breakfast platter .

          Still raining at Seaside. This blooming tree was pretty, even in the spring time chilly weather.
    Driving across Young bay to Astoria is the Astoria-Megler bridge ahead of the rain...☔! Rained when we went on a walk by the Columbia river....I have more photos for later....Stayed a night . Left late afternoon for the ☔ ⛵

      Mid afternoon on Friday we went out the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. No rain. Just clouds and sun. Many visitors. Lots of photos taken. I enjoyed seeing this Lil' Holland tractor. My youngest granddaughter would have liked that for sure. Nope...the grandkids weren't with us. Many adorable children with their parents were out and about enjoying the tulips.  One little girl came up to a tulip and asked her dad "what's that?"

We walked from the parking lot and past gift shop and Phil found a food vendor for his late lunch. A BBQ brisket sandwich with Texas spice bbq sauce. I snitched a bit of the meat. Yummy! 😋  Then we walked to the field instead of riding on one of passenger wagons. We were there 3 hours looking at the colorful flowers. Steam traction engines and an old Case tractor 🚜. Amazingly beautiful creation that God and the Iverson family has blessed our part of the world with. Wore boots since it's been raining for a week. 63 degrees F. Still wore a coat as it's farmland in the open air.  .......and today its back to cooler weather with a bit of ☔ . But I wasn't out in it much. A bit of grocery shopping. .....getting things done at home. Cooking up ground beef with onions, adding in a jar of marinara sauce and spices. Major portion for pizza for dinner. Remaining meat sauce will be used for another meal. Planning on knitting more rows on my prayer shawl for a friend tonight. Need to get it done soon as their premature baby is coming home next week! Amazing how well she's grown thru the months in the hospital.  The dad is a friend's son that live in eastern USA.
        I enjoy reading your comments. Not able to read any other language though.  I'm thankful for my readers around the world. God bless you and give you peace and protection.

       "Goodness and mercy shall follow        
    me all the days of my life,
               and I shall dwell in the
            house of the Lord forever."
             Psalm 23:6

      "Faith is extending an empty hand to God to receive His gift of grace." A.W. Pink