Friday, October 21, 2016

Work day and a bit of fun

 My work week isn't too different than usual. Except that on Tues a.m. while washing my hair, unfortunately I managed to get a generous portion of shampoo on my hair and into my left eye. My eye teared up while showering and I wondered if there were bubbles coming out of my eye? It hurt bad enough, even after I used eye wash solution! Never mind! Wearing contact lenses wasn't happening today. Here I am at home after work...showing off my new glasses, that I rarely wear out anywhere except at home. Also a new shirt with purple butterflies. I'd been warm all day and once I stepped outside, it was chilly and cool in the house, thus the brown sweater I'm wearing! It's one of my favorites! By late afternoon, my eyes were ok which was good and didn't have any trouble Wed.
 Early Wed shift, my co-worker RJ whose son works at Panera, brought in bagels from Panera. How could I pass it up? I had a blueberry bagel and cream cheese! Sweet!
 A little tour around the store to show you we have 4 pairs of ladies Slogger boots in size 7, for $14.99 each pair.  Way too small for me. A deal for someone who could wear them though! Trash bags for your leaves, trowels and other little hand tools, tarps. We've sold a lot of tarps lately, especially when the storm was coming!
 Moss out for your lawn, sidewalk....
 Break time arrived. Eating the bagel soon...well, half of it. Ate the rest on Thursday. It was so good!
My new vest that I was happy to wear since it was colder than I wished it was that day! 42 degrees at 8 a.m.!!!! Fog for most of the day which made it! The hand is a sticky note that Carrie had put on other vests for people who weren't working that day. I wanted a hand too! Shows ya that I'll give you a hand when you come in to our store!
 Here are a few fun things for Christmas time. I shot these after work. These stick on a window and the green one has a battery in it that makes it light up. I might get some for my grandchildren.
 Battery operated tea lights. Good for winter time!
 I decided to head for Bauman Farms after work before going home. I enjoy it so much.
 Camillia already?
 Chinese lantern that I adore! Haven't bought one yet but still have seeds to grow them.

 I really like this cookie jar. But once I found out the price, it wasn't an option at all! $45!
 Owls. My mom would have loved something from this selection. The two brown ones are a salt and pepper set. Almost bought it.
 These plates are pretty and affordable. I may get one of them...$ time. I like the white horse the best!

 I purchased my goodies and headed to the car. I spent too much time here. Again. What's new? It's just refreshing! But I needed to make dinner and head to Bible study!

 These raindrop photos are taken through my windshield!
 Heading home, I was guided out happily by a smiling hay bale!
 Thank goodness the minion didn't hitch hike a ride home in my car. Isn't it adorable? These people are so creative in their hay bales. I never know what to expect! I used to take my kids out every year for photos. Good memories! I'd love to go out into the field more and get hay bale and pumpkin photos soon. Might happen if there's time. I seem to be quite busy these next few weeks...but that's nothing new!
 Here's the pansies I bought to brighten up my grey days. Leaves are falling all over the lawn. This afternoon I pulled out the few plants from garage and outdoors again now that the storm has passed. I was able to sweep out water from garage. We always get a little "lake" when it rains hard. We've had quite the rain this week but today was nice out with huge clouds. Rained a bit before dinner. We are all warm in our home. Hope you are as well. Happy weekend, my friends! Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Schedule Full

 I chose to photograph stations of creativity at MV Express at church this morning. An interim where the children have places to interact with other children between service and class. Adults supervise and interact with the children. Here's two girls working on Jenga.
 Rebuilding the Jenga after it fell.
 Lincoln logs.
 Coloring pictures.
 Coloring a scripture verse.
 Pictures done by a lady at church. I like this clock, especially since I've been to Kensington Station in London years ago. We taught the same lesson as last week but to a different age group. We have one more Sunday to teach this month.

 This afternoon Phil and I went on a walk. First walk for me for in 6 days. I'm thankful to be feeling better. Leaves are so pretty on the ground. They were everywhere. We had to watch where we walked with all the tree trash, as I call it. Not much damage. Thank goodness!
 Two roses on my bush out front.

 The side lawn. These are what fell from our tree.
 Bird bath is full of leaves.
 What's left of the tomatoes in the back of our house.
 I loaded up remainder of clothes I pulled out of my closet and drawers in the white bag. Other bags had clothes that belonged to my mom. I took them all with me to the ladies' clothes swap at church this evening. Since it was dinner time, I headed to Safeway to grab some sandwiches. Bought 2 sub sandwiches and had lady at deli cut it up for me. My girlfriends need food. Often people bring sweets but I like something more than that. Good idea! Most of it got eaten. Sent the rest home with a friend who had a baby recently.
 Clothes galore! Alot of ladies took bags full of clothes home with them. I nearly got more but really didn't need another sweater that I kind of liked.

 What was left over went to a charity here in town.
I decided these shirts would be mine. Long sleeve one actually belonged to my friend Jill. And the bicycle shirt is short sleeved.  And Jill got one just like this one. She said there were two in the pile. We'll have to wear it at church picnic next year! We like some of the same clothes I have realized.
  Long day. Had to go back to Safeway to shop for groceries. Came home and watched Alaska:The Final Frontier with Megan. Blankets on laps to keep us warm and hot tea and cocoa. Ready to tie things up and get some sleep. Work week begins.
   I got my calendar made yesterday on Shutterfly without problems. The wind wasn't too bad and was thankful for that. But it was cold all day ..about 58. It rained yesterday and today. Our neighbors came home tonight. The tree got cut up and it's moved onto the lawn. There are people without power in places. The northern coast of Oregon got the brunt of the storm. Glad it's mostly over.  It pays to be ready for a storm and emergencies. I lit two candles at dinner last night. I like candles in the fall and the house smells nice. Have a good week my friends.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Storm Watch

 The day dawned bright although there was alot of rain yesterday. By the time I got out of my dentist appointment this afternoon around 2:30 the full fluffy clouds were still hanging around. There were many more of them on my way there. But I had no time to get photos of them. The winds were jerking the car from the south as I was driving and did so on my way home. There was some rain today but nothing like yesterday's rain. Last night there was quite the wind. My friend, Tamara, texted me this a.m. to see how we made it through the night? They were pelted with walnuts from their big tree! That's noisy and almost dangerous!  And speaking of almost....I was at a light here in town, on way home from dentist. A tree above me.....thunk! on the side of my car? Did a limb just hit my car door? I saw a bit of black on window. Once I got out at the hardware store, to get my check, I checked passenger side. Nope, no dent. Just a big black glob of goop, or more like bird poop! I cleaned it off once I got home before it dried! Icky! That was the extent of my day out as I didn't feel great too begin the day with nor Thurs. mid afternoon either. I'm thinking I've got a bit of virus that's going around. I didn't even want to get a few groceries today, although I needed to. Tomorrow afternoon the winds are supposed to kick up to 30 mph with wind gusts from 60-80 mph! Thankful we don't live on the coast. Strong winds there and 2 tornadoes touched down, one in Manzinita and one in Oceanside. Wow!
 This was the scene this afternoon when I went out to my car to leave for dentist.! It had to have happened between 7:20 a.m. and when daughter got up for work. No cars were damaged, I checked. I took these photos when I got home later. My daughter called our neighbor on his cell phone and they are gone. That's why there wasn't anything done. I sent him these photos. He was going to cut it down this coming Monday. Well, Mother Nature helped him with that!
 Here's the tree trunk and looks like it gave up the ghost in the root system. It'll probably be easier to cut up this way. Good fire wood!

Just waiting out the storm, what will really happen, Charlie Brown? There's predictions from the start of 150 mph winds to just waiting to see what transpires is another thing. It's not been that bad. Since last week's power outage, I bought more batteries. Will stay put tomorrow afternoon, indoors, in our house. Working on photos to make a free Shutterfly calendar by Sunday. Hopefully I'll get it done before electricity fails. Take care my friends, wherever you are. God bless you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What a Weekend!

 Our weekend was eventful but good. I was hoping to post this late Sunday or Monday. But it didn't happen. You'll see why as you go! Our first stop was church on Saturday afternoon for a dear lady. Here's a flower arrangement by the door. Below is Helen and her four sons on front of the program. She was a sweet lady who was in our Israel Bible class on Sundays. She was always ready to read scripture when the time came, had some great comments, and a good friend. I didn't know her real well but well enough to miss her kindness she gave me and many other people. I'm missing her already!
 One of her scriptures that was shared included 1Peter 1:3-9 "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you, who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. ......."
 After the service, we headed over to the open house at the main fire station in town. Here the flag is flying from the ladder truck. Nice day out. No rides given on it any more. Years ago we were up in it and could almost see our house from there! The firemen come into the hardware store often, so I needed to come by and see them in their place of business. I'd walked through the front doors, instead of the back.....ooppss! Well, we'd got up to the window where a fireman was sitting. he looked at us, and I asked "Is it ok to go through this way.. ? You know me right?" He says (with a smile) "well you do look familiar!" It was good to see them and looked at some displays.

 Once we were done there, we headed over to the hardware store to get supplies for a project. Last month we had a new roof put on our house. We had the two skylights taken out and covered over. Now we are needing to cover up the space with insulation and a board below it. So we got that and some paint for the wood. We decided to get an off white.....but which one? So many choices so we chose to be Logical! Phil managed to get the trim in the car by putting the back seat down and pulled it through. I forgot til last evening when I was driving home that the seat was still down. I'd not driven my car since Saturday. Phil worked on painting one of the two big boards that afternoon. He wasn't able to do a second coat of paint on Sunday though.

 Come Saturday evening, we went to Red Robin for our actual anniversary dinner. We'd already planned to go there and look what appeared in the stack of mail? Megan had hidden her card to us in there! Inside was a gift card to eat there. So we used it! .

 Sunday morning we taught children's Bible class. This month is the Good Samaritan story, Luke 10:25-37. After the lesson we made rolls of bandaids, (which the dough represents); the oil blend spread, cinnamon and (brown) sugar represented the oil and wine put on the wound. Once baked we gave them each a dollop of grape jelly...another symbol of wine. Also stands for Jesus' blood that was spilt on the cross for our sins. 
 I made the bread dough myself as some of the children are allergic to some items in store bought dough so I made it myself. It turned out pretty good.
 Late Sunday afternoon, I was sitting at my lap top, working away, my light on since the day was dreary, wet and chilly. When all of a sudden the lights went off and immediately there was a loud pop! Oh dear! Nothing down the street. Well....turn everything off. Phil and I decided to go on a walk before it got dark. So we were out walking and we headed back around and yup! I thought that was a PGE bucket truck! We got closer and saw that a tree had fallen...a neighbor explained it to us...See the red X? There's the powerline the tree took down and it pop off the top part of the transformer. Oh dear me...that's gonna take some time to fix. Phil went over to one of the PGE men and said, jokingly "I have a wrench and screwdriver or two in my tool box at home if you need it!" The man laughed! Leave it to Phil!

 We decided to go to Panera Bread for dinner. Megan went with us. We ate there a couple months ago when the power went out on a work day. Here's my tuna salad sandwich and butternut squash soup, which is seasonal and one of my fav soups. Megan recharged her e reader and I recharged my cell phone while we were eating.
Once home, I lit 3 candles on the dining room table.  Phil and I played a game of cribbage, in which I won. As you can see, I had a cup of tea and some type of dessert. The power was off til 2:57 a.m. Monday! House temp was 67 degrees when I went to bed. It was getting chilly. I was happy to have warm bed to crawl into and didn't require an extra blanket. I knew where to get one if I needed to. It's all good. I need to stock up on a couple different batteries, especially the lantern, that isn't working now as it didn't have a battery in it. Sigh! We've been having small earthquakes, lately on the Oregon coast and some very close. Thankful they are small, but there is the threat of something bigger some day. I'm thankful for flashlights, candles and a house to keep us out of the rain, which was happening Sunday. I thought of the repairmen working in it that night and prayed for them for safety and well being. Thankful for electricity and that we don't lose it very often. To have it out 2x that close is unusual.  
It's time to head into the kitchen and fix some lunch for tomorrow and wash my hair. More rain on the way all week, is the story and I'm working two more days. Then off to dentist on Friday for a bit of work done. Nothing too major, thankfully! Sigh! Happy mid week, my friends, and thanks so much for your kind comments!