Monday, February 18, 2019

Life's Busi-Ness!

     The weekend's been busy. Taught 4 children in bible class 2nd service at church. ⛪
     Lunch in Wilsonville with Phil. Stopped in at Frys to exchange a part for Phil's computer he's been upgrading.
     Office Depot had a printer we wanted as older one is done. This is an inktank and has 3 colors and one black. Costs much less for ink with tanks than cartridges. Too many items needed replaced this year. At least it's not real expensive but dollars add up quick.
     Last week I celebrated another birthday on the 14th. It was a good day even though I worked 6 hours. Here's my cupcake I was given at work. Came in a 6pk from a store bakery. Jerry brings in donuts on Thurs each week and cupcakes for my bday! Deb got heart shaped cookies on was her bday too! Almost twins--- few years apart.
     Right now the kitchen's clean. I'm steeping tea for me to sip soon. Iced tea for Tues.
     Pulling out knitting needles and yarn. Knitting a few rows on prayer shawl.
     Reading Leviticus in chronological bible now. Not one of my favorites but it's good to read thru it. Thankful we don't have sacrifice animals for our sins any more. Jesus paid the price for whole world by dying on the cross for our sins. He came to set the captive free.
     I must go but will write more another time. So much to do. So little time. Thankful to find time to do what needs done! Have a good week and hope all you are doing well in life!!!💙

    "For God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." John 3:17

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Christmas Fun 2018

 December has come and gone but the memories of fun with family and friends still linger. Mid Dec we went to eat at Red Robin in Wilsonville. Phil's birthday was coming up soon so we went to get his free birthday burger after church. I liked this display of cassette tapes on a wall there. Afterwards we went shopping a bit til we met up with the rest of the family at Sharis restaurant.
 We met up with Justin, Erin, and our adorable grandchildren for dessert! Megan arrived later as she was helping with an incident that wasn't!

 Owen and grandpa Phil and Melody....
 Owen and grandma....
 Owen "eating" his rocky road pie...mine was a coconut cream pie. Oh so delicious! 
 Pie, ice cream, soft drinks, hot tea, french fries so Melody could stick them in her cream pie! And Megan finally arrived and she got hot tea for sure...she was so chilly! Thankful she was able to help out a bit with her friends, high school friends from church and school......finally found their friend who hung himself in the park the night before!~!!!! Oh man!!! How sad!
 Sky was so pretty when we went to leave!
 On Tues I met up with my friend at Dennys for our Christmas dinner!

BFF Tamara and Becky.
 Our fiber optic Christmas tree. Reflection on the rose photo!
 Christmas morning was cinnamon rolls, I bought and froze when I was at shopping at a Christmas baazar! So delicious. A tradition we have had for years. Yummy!
 After opening gifts, this is the mess by my feet.  No mess from grandchildren so I decided to photograph my mess!
 An M&M mug that came with 6 little pkgs of candy inside the green box! Mug on right had my hot tea in it for lunch. Megan went to work at noon at Safeway then off at 5. Store was closed then,
 My gift I got from my friend Mama's Mercantile who lives many miles across the sea!!! I like her harris tweed items! Can't wait to make the beewax candles!! Bugs Bunny is helping display the items I got! 
 On a walk after we got the turkey in the oven, I stopped to take photo of our neighbor's yard. These styles of decor are popular now. 
 Phil's cutting up the turkey, stuffing already in the pan....why I don't make gravy is unknown! I forget til it's too late! I need to get better at that....make a list!!! Good grief,,,,,,hahaha!
 Christmas dinner!
 We have watched this movie every year til this year as our old tv wouldn't let the vhs player work. How annoying! But Megan thought it would be a fun idea to take a photo of it and Christmas Spririt essential oil that we have, from Young Living! 
 Later Megan and I watched "Call the Midwife" Christmas movie on tv. 
 One of our neighbors grow many plants in spring and summer and make wreaths. Here's some on the side of the house! So pretty! I like the one with the purple balls on it! Maybe this year I'll get one for our house. They make bigger ones as well!
 Cute items on the mirror shelf by the tree! I kept the fall birds on there as they are so cute!
 The first Sat of Jan. Phil and I went to see a movie....."Mary Poppins Returns". I stopped and got a photo of rear of this pickup! I love these words. I sent them to my girlfriend, Beth, who's healing from cancer! Good encouragement!
 Afterwards we went to Slicks Big Time BBQ to use a gift card! Phil got ribs, which are his favorite. 
Mine was brisket....All the food was good! All the meat is cooked on Traeger bbq grills.
It was fun to be out together on a weekend, especially a Sat. He usually works all of them in Dec. 
Over this past weekend we were to get some snow. We had a minor covering on Sat. a.m. but then it was gone. It got cold but nothing happened. Sunday and Monday it was cold, windy and raining hard. Monday afternoon I didn't feel good, my stomach hurt. By the time I left work, I was sooooo....cooooolllllldddddd!!!! Had a blanket on my lap at dinner! Stayed home from work on Tues, as I had no energy and my stomach bothered me some but I did get better. Went to work today. A bit tired but did well! Went through the car wash after work as my car was dirty! Rain all week and warmer, mid 40s, not freezing nights. Dentist appt on Friday to get my temp crown done and then a few weeks later all that finally done! I think I need another tooth fixed as well. Will see what he says at this appt. Sigh! 
Take care my friends. Be safe, as I know there's alot of snow and ice still around since it's still winter here in the USA and Canada.  God bless you all!
{----Happy Valentine's Day----}
"People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."
1 Samuel 16:7

Friday, February 8, 2019

Cool Week in many Ways

We've had a chilly week that brought an inch of snow on Monday morning. I took a quick trek outside to get a few lenten rose hellebores are so pretty in this weather. 

A chicken foot branch from our tree by the garage! I showed this photo to my pedicurist today and she laughed after I asked her if she could polish those toes! HAHA! We're waiting to see what happens this weekend and into the week.  Snow level down to sea level and up to where we are too. Megan and I were planning to attend IF:Gathering tomorrow but it's been postponed as many are coming from further miles where there could be snow. So it's going to happen early in March. Sigh...that's what happens in Oregon...snow in the forecast....cancellations everywhere!
On Thursday, I (personally) sold 548 pounds of ice/snow melt and two snow shovels at hardware store. I heard it was busy today as well.
Thursday I went to a prayer shawl ministry meeting at church late afternoon. We were given information how it works and saw shawls that were already crocheted. Knit or crochet prayers shawls and to pray for those in need in our community and beyond. To provide tangible evidence of our prayers for them as they wrap up in their prayer shawl. 
Here's some yarn that Jan had to give away. I already have some Lion Brand yarn I'm going to use to knit a shawl. I made one years ago for a lady who had cancer and that's one thing I blessed her with, even though I didn't know her. I'd been in a group called Chemo Angels who sent cards and items to help them through their cancer treatments.  
We'll meet once a  month and share, and crochet/knit then pray over shawls 
that are given out to people. May send one to someone I know after I make it!

I enjoy going to the salon where I get my pedicure done. This heart wreath is so pretty! I did get polish on my toe nails, even though it was chilly outdoors today. I need to wear sandals for an hour to make sure polish is set. It went ok. Put sox and shoes on after lunch and walked to health food store to get my free birthday gift from them. Celestial Seasonings chamoille tea was my choice. It's fun to get freebies near my birthday, which is next week!

 I popped into Bimart before getting groceries to get a few things. Pretty flowers already! Pansies work best for me, not primroses. Slugs like to eat them!!! I'm glad I got groceries when I did as I knew there would be people shopping after work for food since there's a snowstorm on it's way, It was busy at Safeway where Megan works. I may well do some baking since I'm home all day Sat. 

 Google photos popped a photo to me this a.m. Snow Feb 8, 2014----5 years ago! 
We'll see how much we get this year!

 And here's another one as well!

Enjoy your weekend! 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Another Challenge

Another 52 photo challenge is happening this year. I'm back with the first group I joined with on Facebook in 2017, based in England. Last year is was with a different group, which had a lot more people. But it was fun too. Both years I did every single challenge. Sometimes it's a challenge just to do it. But it keeps me taking photos on my Canon digital camera and cell phone camera.

Week 1: Self Portrait. I took it after eating at a frozen yogurt place. Yummy!

 Week 2: Cold! I took this photo of Phil while we were waiting on our food at Red Robin! 
 Week 3: Vehicles! An old car sitting off road and by a house. 
I see it often and knew that was what I wanted to photograph for the challenge. It was near sunset and close to another spot for more photos!
 Week 4: Toys! I was shopping in a store and saw a variety of toys on shelves.
Week 5: Starry Starry Night! A glittery star, from our tree, between two parts of a paint night that Phil and I did a few years ago! It's on our wall in living room through the winter.
We were able to split the painting in half, use close to same colors to make it look as one. Instructor helped us with that. A birthday gift (paint night) from me to Phil.

Even though there was snow showers, there were only drops for us here in our town. Chillier when I got home than when I left for work! I did sell 2 bags of rock salt today though as who knows if it will get icy later this week. ****Just ordered tickets to a rodeo for July! Get them now or the good seats will be gone!  Figuring out where we will go this spring on a getaway here in OR. It's right around the corner! *****Phil and I are teaching Bible class at church this month during second service. Younger children, instead of the boys as they are too overwhelming for us.*****Meeting with prayer shawl ministry group on Thurs afternoon. I may very well knit a shawl as well. A bit each day will get me there...haven't figured out all my ideas of crafts this year. Know for sure a quilt for my grandaughter is in the works. A bit a week will get it done. ***Off I go to get the dishes done. Let Phil use my lap top as his computer quit working. Ordered parts to make a new one.  A few other things need replaced as well! Have a blessed week, my friends!
"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19

Friday, January 25, 2019

End of the Week

 Another Friday and it was good to stay in bed a bit later than I'd planned but felt good just lying there, even if I was on my phone. Even listened to the radio playing Christian music. A good thing to wake up to. A late breakfast of oatmeal and raisins is always good. Later Megan made grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. I only had the cheese on my bread and hot tea..need my caffiene!!! Later I went out to get a pkg mailed at the post office. Megan went with me on the sunny but cool a small town. I like to drive through the country, away from alot of traffic. Other stop I'd planned on was at this fun place I've not been at in awhile, Garden Gallery! So many nice things and I shopped for a few birthday items and used a $5 coupon I got in my email. Megan likes going there as well.  We had a fun time together.
 Megan's testing out a rocker chair for outdoors. She liked it but a bit pricey, even though it's made by the owner! I could have bought more items but have spent enough this month already!!!
 Once we got home, I worked a bit ......pulling out a couple rose bushes from garage to the outdoors. Mild weather and no wind. I saw that my Lenten rose hellebores bloomed!  A bit early but so pretty! Cut back the other ones and hopefully they will come back better this year. 
A bit of house work done, then dinner that Megan helped me with.
Phil and I went to T-mobile store after dinner to get him a flip phone. Our house phones are not working well and it was time to get rid of them. 

While  we were waiting for the account to get settled, we looked around a bit. I found this phone cover....I tipped it upside down to see the waterfall! I liked the sparkliness of it. It's for an iphone that I don't have nor want! My LG phone is just fine! 

Megan's got a few hours of work this next week and sometimes she gets called in because somebody doesn't come in. She applied for another job, as fire inspector and made it through the first round. She had to send answers to questions via email. From there, she'll wait to see what happens next....late Feb. Prayers appreciated for a job she's been seeking. Thankful she has a job and a house to live in. God is faithful and we wait on His timing...every aspect of our lives.
Have a blessed weekend!

"The Lord is my strength and my song;
He has given me victory."
Psalm 118:14

Sunday, January 20, 2019

My Busy Weekends

Good evening, my friends!  I'm blogging while my printer is printing photos for the last two calendars I need to put together. Done this week and will have another item checked of my to do list!  Megan and I popped outside a few times since the lunar eclipse/blood moon was going on. Too foggy/cloudy to take any good photos. At one point there was a shadow to the right of the moon! Quite the sight! 
   Catching up on my last few weekends, I stopped in to see my dau-in-love, Erin, and my adorable grandchildren last Friday. We had a good time. I wanted to give Erin her birthday gift as her birthday was that weekend. Owen just turned 8 years old a few days prior. When Lydia, on the left, found out I was leaving, her face became sad. Both her and her sister, Melody, have beautiful long hair. Owen gets the curly hair! Interesting!!! Prior to visiting them, I'd had a pedicure, had lunch, got a hair cut then went to post office! Had to move my hair appt to that week as this week I had my root canal done on day hair appt was. Sigh!!!
That eveing after I grabbed Subway sandwich and cookies, and shopped at Costco, I picked Phil up from work. We drove up to Tigard Christian Church then we ate our dinner in the car. Stood in line a bit, even though doors, they said, were to be open at 6:30. We went around the corner and there was a line. Then someone came behind me and tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Sharon, from church. There were 4 other people as well that we knew, and sat behind us. We were all there to hear Comedian Nazereth Rizallah! It was great to finally see him. Last year we'd got tickets to go see him, but the event was cancelled. Glad we got to see him this time, even though he hadn't been feeling well earlier! I was able to meet him and he was happy to see me, "my facebook friend." he said!

Saturday we went to church for Pastor Lyle's memorial service. We got there early as Phil was asked to help with parking. He's the one with the hat on his back. 

My friend, Jill, playing the piano prior to the service. It was a really good service. Good memories of a man we loved. We'd known Lyle for years and he and Vera were married for 66 years, 3 children, many grandchildren. He was a man who was a pastor for years also a passion to save people's souls. I miss him alot but so thankful for the promise of heaven because Jesus loves us so much!!
After the service was over, there was food downstairs and up in the coffee shop. So many people to serve. There's a lot of chocolate desserts as it was one thing Lyle enjoyed was chocolate. I brought some too! My friend, Linda, is helping in the kitchen. The kitchen ladies were great! 
People volunteered to bring food. The baked macaroni and cheese was delicious. So were a few salads. I ate too much!!! We had a good time visiting with a few many to see while there, 
After we got home, we rested a bit then went and exchanged our new tv as the first one we bought was broken when Phil turned it on! Bummer! Second one is just fine. We were able to plug it in at the store to make sure it was ok! We are enjoying it as our other one was slowly going downhill.

This past Friday, Megan drove me to my endotontist for my root canal. I wasn't feeling great, as my head was a bit clogged by a cold and a bit tired. 
Appt went ok and hope my tooth stays well for many years.  
A few weeks from now I'll get a crown on it and a new bridge ......oh so much dental stuff!!!!After we were done, we stopped a couple places, including Burgerville! I wanted a chocolate hazelnut yogurt shake as they are seasonal so I thought I deserved it after making it through appt for my teeth!!! Why not? I bought both of us shakes and chocolate chunk cookies for a snack. YUM! I need to pay the driver somehow!!

Later that evening I watched one of my shows on tv. Cozy blanket on my lap.
We'd made dinner in the oven and afterwards I put a frozen, unbaked cherry pie in the oven. We ate some last night with whipped cream! It is so good!!! It was nice to have Megan help me these past couple evenings with dinner...too much especially Friday evening.

After eating at Dennys this afternnoon, where we visited with friends, longer than expected, Phil and I went to Salem. I needed to fill my gas tank up and get groceries. I really didn't want to go by myself, a bit tired, a bit achy, not much....though. The day had been chilly and cloudy. Dark this a.m. when it should have been lighter ....that's January in Oregon. Once we got out of Trader Joes, the clouds were parting which looked good! I took a few photos on the way home. 

I loved how the clouds were right over the foothills, most likely snowing, per weather report.
By the time we got home and a few things put away, it got cloudy as we went on a walk. But it was still light out and no rain!!!

I usually don't buy myself  flowers, but I felt like it today.......even though it wasn't on the list, said Phil!!!! No thanks to feeling a bit down from root canal, but thankful it's not painful like the last time. I'm using some Young Living essential oils to help relieve the pain and a bit of ibuprofen. Not as much as the dentist said to take. 600 mg every 6 hours for 2 days would make me sick for sure! My blogger friend, Teresa K. has bought flowers recently and posted them on her blog!!! I need to liven up my dining room too with these pretty gerbena daisies!!!
The photos are finished and so am I. Have a blessed week my friends and thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. 
{Anonymous commentors need to stop leaving messages without a way to get back to you! I appreciate your comments, though, except for ones I think are spam?!?Sorry!!}
Take care!!!
"May He grant your heart's desires and make all your plans succeed." Psalm 20:4