Friday, November 17, 2017

Fri-Day and Me

Good morning!  November's chilly and rainy and windy here in our part of Oregon. Three out of four days of work have been busy this week. Megan's on her second day of work at Subway. Aced her food handlers test. Works in the prep area right now. She'll be making sandwiches soon. It's hair cut day for me. My bangs are way too long. I trim them a couple times. Third time I go and get it all trimmed. At least this time I'm not losing lots of 💇 hair . Dry weather and keeping up conditioners helped a lot. Whew...thought I was going bald for awhile earlier this year!
  Today I'm putting out my new kitchen rug I bought the other week. My other one is falling apart.
  Thanksgiving items will be gathered today. Again we got holiday meal coupon from work. It's redeemed at a local grocery store. We enjoy it every year. Take care and God's blessings to one and all!  I'll be back with you soon with more stories and photos!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Reflection: Week 37 Photo Challenge

 We went to a wedding in August near Wilamina. While waiting for the ceremony to start, I shot a photo of my newly purchased sunglasses with a reflection in them. Goes well with the skirt I wore that day. I was happy to find a pair of  purple sunglasses finally that would look good on me! Trust me, I don't wear it on my knee! {HA!}

 While we were going to our seats, I decided to have a look around the area at the venue. A nice canoe by the river. Yes, the newlyweds had a photo taken in it later. Water level was low as you can tell. It was a hot, dry summer. Opposite of our cold winter.
 Lovely begonias in the shade!
 A restful spot that's so inviting!
 The bride, Quanah, and her dad at the beginning of the ceremony.
 While we were waiting to leave our seats, a grasshopper flew onto Megan's purse!
 Everyone signed their names on the leaves of the trees. I really like this idea. A nice piece to remember their wedding day, hanging on a wall in their home.
 A boutonniere in a shot gun shell casing! 
 I'm eating a cheeseball with crab meat in it. It was so good!
 Lovely hydrangeas!
 Jars with babies' breath in them lined the way to the altar. The chairs were moved for the reception.

 The newlyweds, Quanah and Wesley with the maid of honor, a friend of many years and best man is Wesley's brother. I wasn't able to get all the attendants together but it's ok! 
When I went to the car to grab my jeans, before heading home, I saw the newlywed car being decorated! It wasn't too bad! 

I am trying to stay caught up on my photo challenge. I'm almost a month behind! I hope you are enjoying the challenge photos!

I'm feeling better, my throat is still bothering me but will keep gargling and sleeping well. My throat didn't hurt as much teaching Sunday school today as last week. Sang too loud earlier I'm thinking! I did stay home on Thursday and didn't do very much. Megan did get the job at Subway and she's going to get trained sometime this week. Thanks so much for your comments and prayers. 
I can't believe Thanksgiving is so close.....little over a week away! We're getting together with family on the weekend!
Have a great week!

"Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the 
purpose of the Lord that will be established." 
Proverbs 19:21

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Self Portrait: Week 36 Photo Challenge

 While Phil and I were at the Fest of Sail in Coos Bay-North Bend, in June, I found a good window to do a self portrait for the photo challenge. As I was readying the shot, my husband appeared behind me.....oh well, what's a photographer without her tripod carrier? He really is and scouter of photo ops while I'm shooting photos! I love it! The window is on the Mill Casino where the event was hosted with the bay behind us.

 My favorite tall ship of the fest is the Lady Washington. This was on Friday and we weren't able to board the ship until Sat. Just looking back on these photos brings back the good time we had! 
 We always enjoy ice cream on get-a-ways so I had a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone....nothing more chocolate-y than that for me there! Sigh! But it was good Umpqua ice cream so it was fine. It's made in Oregon, close to Roseburg, where the Umpqua river flows!
 Here's a few photos I took on Saturday while we were on board this ship. Grays Harbor is out of Washington state.

 Some knots that I really like. It reminds me of lace.
 The bow of the ship from the dock and one closer up.
A closer view of the figure head, on the dock once we were able to be on the ship, we weren't on the sail as it was too expensive but looking through it was a great time and we learned a few things!
We walked on the beach before we came home.  I was excited to find sea glass on the beach. Some people buy it the store! This was free!
It always is hard to come home when I've been away at the coast. One of these years I hope to spend a week there, in one place...or two! Why not? Need to save some dollars to do that!


Our week's been chilly and wet! I've now slept twice under all my blankets as it's been chilly at night even with the heat on! But it's good! Warm and dry is a good thing!  My early day of work was hard to start since I didn't want to wake up. Hopefully tonight's sleep will be better and my sore throat goes away so I can meet up with my friend, JoAnne, on my vacation day from work. I've had a bit of trouble with it for a few days and today was worse. Gargled with salt water and will do again. Not sure if I want to try vinegar with honey and water....gargle or drink? Something a customer told me about!   Our 2018 calendars are being given out at work already. It's amazing how the time flies by! Some people wanted to know if the calendars were 2017 and that's why they are free?
HAHAHA!!!! 😖
Then some people I told I'd sell it to them for a penny if they ask if calendar is free. That got a laugh!
Megan finds out tomorrow if she does indeed get the job at Subway! More likely than not she will since the manager liked her and was checking references today! Prayers appreciated!
I'm enjoying the quiet house, well, the washer is running though, but no talking. Phil's working on his speech for Toastmasters tomorrow. He's also trying to figure out a way to update his computer without spending alot of money. So old that none of the video cards in stores will work on his computer. Sigh! Doubtful any lap tops have the capacity to run the games he plays. Will see what he finds out!  Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed rest of your week!

"The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise Him." Psalm 28:7

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

 It's a chilly night and I'm under a cozy blanket. I just came in from being outdoors taking trash and yard debris bins to the sidewalk out front. Phil had cut up limbs from our heritage birch tree he'd trimmed back a week before our party. So debris bin was full from the weekend's chopping. I watched the last of Portland Trailblazers vs LA Lakers game. Blazers won!!!
  A week's update in photos:  Phil and I were given these cups at Sunday school for our work we've done.
 Fifth Sunday is a fun time with the children. 20 minute stations for games, art and snacks. We were in charge of the snacks. Square pretzels were handed out in Ziploc bags. Chocolate frosting spread on pretzels so M&Ms would adhere to it! Here's some creations.

 The table has prizes for the children who earned points. Points given for attendance, recitation of memory verse, bringing a Bible and class participation.
 After it was all over I headed to the restroom, that's downstairs, before coming home. Here's a bunch of balls in the way. So colorful and reminds me of M&Ms!
 It felt good to be home. Leaves all over our lawn.  I love these pansies I got at Al's garden center. It was a cool day then. So different than the couple days prior when it was beautiful outside.
    Skeletal remains of my Chinese Lantern plant. Still hanging on through the weather. I've got some indoors that are nearly dried. I can't wait to see how big it gets next year when I transplant it.
 I wore my "glow in the dark" solar eclipse t-shirt to work on Halloween. I took a selfie photo of it without light on so you can see it. My new phone does better selfies than the old one.
My co-worker Carrie brought these leftovers to work. She'd made them for her grandchildren's party. So yummy. Of course I had a chocolate cupcake in the back. It was delicious to eat with caffeinated iced tea on my first break of the day. Wed is my early day. We still have leftover candy in the office. I need to stay away from that. Manager threw me an Almond Joy candy he knows I like. It doesn't help when someone else brings donuts too! Oh look...1/3 piece of one....I should have just walked away!  We were at Bible study this evening. Many good treats as well. Carol makes delicious tea..Rooibos from South Africa! I love it! We have interesting discussion and laughter. So good to be together. If I wasn't so tired I'd stay longer afterwards, as a few others do. But work day is busy and the sit down is good with friends. Special time for sure.
  Rain and wind is here with cooler temp. Snow on the mountain passes.  It was chilly this afternoon when I took my purchases to car and got my coat. I knew it would be colder when work was over.
  Days ahead are busy and trips to town to shop and return items I should have left at the store. Always something to do. I'm thankful I'm able to be out and about. Mobile and breathing. Money to buy things we need. Want is an option. That's why I'm returning a few items. Better for our checking account as well. Overbuying is a habit I don't like. Impulse. I need to stop and think it all through before I purchase.... pairs of sox that were to be a good deal. A purse I kind of like.  Canned meat I don't like any more. How did that get into my cart? Life is interesting. Life moves on like the clock tick ticking tocking upon the wall in my living room. It shows me lateness of the day. Tiredness leads me to believe my bed awaits with cozy pillow and blankets.   Enjoy your weekend and hopefully I'll be smart enough to get an extra hour of sleep since daylight savings time ends this weekend. 
   I'm sorry a few of my readers couldn't see my colorful leaves. It was a Google photo and I didn't realize some people couldn't see it. I put a different one on the post and it's visible now!
"I will listen to what God the Lord says; He promises peace to His people, His faithful servants." Psalm 85:8

Friday, October 27, 2017

Black and White: Week 35 Photo Challenge

 In August we were at a young lady's wedding. I chose to change their wedding cake into a black and white photo for the challenge. It was a delicious cake. Tasted better in color!  :'} A friend from their church made the cake. Much of the food was made by friends and family. Although I offered, I didn't need to bring anything! It's just fine by me!
 Besides the cake, there were homemade pies as well. I like the wood that
was used throughout the reception.

 Prime rib being placed on a table to be cut then served. Ray, the man in the middle, is the bride's step dad. So thankful my friend Teresa has a good man in her life. 
Quanah and Wesley, the newlyweds arrive after their photo session!

These were delicious! There was fresh crab within. Quanah's sister-in-law caught a bunch off the Oregon coast a few days before. Now we were eating the fruits of her labor! YUM!

I left Megan in charge of my camera so I could go change into jeans before we left for home. It was getting chilly. Both of us were glad we brought heavy sweaters with us. Yep...she made me laugh when I saw this picture!

 I liked this set up of a washing station after using the porta potty. You can't see them but they are behind this wall! It was a lovely place to have a wedding. We were glad the weather co-operated. Warm earlier but cooler later.  I'll leave it there and will show more another challenge week. Have a good weekend!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Colorful Sunday

On a walk this afternoon with Phil we found lots of colorful leaves on the ground and on trees. Beautiful day out, compared to yesterday! It was raining and windy on Sat afternoon. Megan and I'd been in the Garden Gallery to look around. So many good things but only bought one item. Most likely a Christmas gift. But we stayed inside while the storm lasted. Megan was glad she wore her boots. My shoes are leather and waterproof, but still avoided the puddles. This evening I ordered some address labels and Christmas cards from Shutterfly....some things were free, which is a good thing. Phil and I finished our last day of teaching this month at church. Next week we will help with the fun get together the children will have since it's the 5th Sunday. It's various stations to do crafts and make some edibles too.  Work week starts and looking forward to dry weather most of the week. Phil took last Friday off so we could get a document notarized after we ate lunch. I went to dr appt earlier, got my flu shot and my lab results were good. Now I need to get my hot tea, make some iced tea to go with my work lunch. Eat a cookie from the batch that was baked this afternoon! Then get some meat to defrost for tomorrow's crock pot chili!  Welcome to my latest follower! Have a blessed week!

"You are my hiding place, you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance." Psalm 32:7

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Our 40th Anniversary

Crazy busy in life last week! But it was a fun filled week with some stress. I'm glad I kept mostly sane. Phil and I started our anniversary celebration by going out for lunch on our actual wedding anniversary Oct 8 after church. We enjoyed our meal La Provence in Lake Oswego. I'd been to one up in Portland with my friends in May. I knew then I wanted Phil to enjoy a meal there too. It was delicious!

These flowers are so pretty in spite of them not being real. The gel looks so much like water!

I brought leftovers home so I could enjoy it at work on Monday. Leftover hot tea sipped thru afternoon. We splurged and bought a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate ganuche and hazelnuts!! $5.25 for small piece. A whole round of it was $35. Truly didn't want to spend as our meal for dessert,too! Sigh! We split it that evening with our light dinner.

 I only worked 2 days last week. Took Wed-Thurs off as vacation days to get ready for the celebration on Sat.  On Wed a.m. I had a blood draw and waited 57 minutes before I was called to counter and then the draw. I was hungry after that so went to cafe and bought a cinnamon roll. I'd not had any breakfast and that looked so good. I sat and ate and read on my cell phone for awhile. Why I didn't get hot tea is a mystery. I needed the caffeine,.....wait. Lunch time was coming so I'd have some there. Now I wished I'd just come home afterwards. By the time I got to Salem, I was tired...but got what I needed and did a bit of's my day off!

On Thurs I baked 4 rounds of cranberry scones. They were from a mix I'd bought when we were in at Cranberry Sweets and More in Bandon this June.

 Two loaves of pumpkin banana bread with walnuts. I found this recipe from Pioneer Woman's website. Oh so delicious!

 Friday morning I picked up my bakery items at Panera. I'd seen a cinnamon raisin swirl bread on Tuesday when I was there for dinner after work with Megan and my friend Tamara. I ordered one Thurs evening to pick up on Fri. After that was a trek to Baumans where I got a loaf of pumpkin chip (chocolate) bread and 1.5 dozen of cheddar bacon and chive scones. Then I grabbed a lemon pound cake as well. I never know how many people are actually going to show. Nor do I know their appetites.  Better more than not enough.
 My cart of tastiness and nice looking pumpkins on my way to the car. Good idea to get there by 10:30 a.m. as the place was popular due to the pumpkin fest activities. Three buses turned onto the road as I was headed there as well.
 The minion hay bale thru my windshield.
Megan is stirring up apple cider cheese ball mix with cream cheese on Fri evening. I made a sunrise peach one as well. They tasted better Sat as they'd sat overnight. I liked the peach one better. It was put onto crackers by the guests. I wish now I would have got a non-fruit flavor. Oh well. 

Now that the party is over, I am still tired...and need to get a few things re-organized! It took Phil and I awhile to get through all the cards. Opened some after we got home from dinner with Megan, Kerri and Ranor. He paid for our meals! Sweet! I got an autumn flower arrangement, a rose bush and many lovely cards. We were blessed with family and friends that came by to celebrate with us. I was happy that Beth and Sandy were able to make it. My girlfriends from school. Closest ones I have now. 

Here are a few photos I took early on before the celebration started. Chocolate cupcakes!

The finished product! Hanging in the hallway so guests could see it when they came
in the front door. 

The lovely autumn floral arrangement brought by one of Phil's co-workers. I know him too and was so surprised as well~exciting times! My friend, Tamara, who has been in the floral business for years, took them from me when I handed them to her in the kitchen...."Here florist friend, could you put these in a vase for me please?" And she did! I am thankful for her and for Megan's help as well! I was happy to see my adorable and fun grandchildren and their parents!

Our dinner at Red Robin! I'd eaten quite a bit that afternoon and decided fish would be a good idea! Hamburger just seemed too filling to me.
It was a good time with Kerri and Ranor as they come down from Yelm, WA. Long drive and time to talk about many things. We've seen alot of each other this year. We didn't get a birthday outing like we did in the past few years. I think we need to get one planned for 2018....February will be here before we know it! Oh wait....there's Thanksgiving and Christmas before that! I've got work to do for sure! I've got a few things for Christmas and I need to print out photos for my calendars again. And Christmas cards. I'm tired right now so I don't even want to think about all that! My foot is tired and so is my mind. So it's off to dream land soon. One more day of work this week. Dr appt Friday and think maybe I'll try to get a pedicure. A bit of tlc can help it along.
I'll be back with more photos of the celebration soon! All in my camera that's out of sight right now. Hope your week has been blessed and the weather enjoyable. Will be back in a few days!