Thursday, December 8, 2016

Santa Pin and Cold Work Week

 It was a fun but chilly week here in Oregon. Monday and Tues were vacation days from work. When I came back to work on Wed, I found that my commemorative USAF Santa pin had arrived. Mike G carves Santas and his wife Joni, paints them. Last year they started making pins as well, out of leftover carved wood. I asked to have one made like this one, since it was 40 years ago I went into the Air Force. I put it on these candy canes to take the photo. I love it! Both Mike and Joni are co-workers.  Monday was chilly, wet and windy. I stayed home and worked on various tasks. Watched episodes of a show I'm trying to get through on Roku. I like watching "Where the Heart Is" on Acorn TV. They're all British shows. I have 2 more shows to watch in season 3. May watch something else for awhile then go back to it. Tuesday was warmer and dry with sunshine. I was out with girlfriends for a portion of the day. That will be for another post of fun photos at an antique store we visited. Stay tuned!

We have "A Christmas Story" (movie 1983) leg lamps at work. It's been the hit. Many people know the movie. We've not sold any of the lamps yet but hopefully soon! We also have the Red Ryder gun!! I'll have to see that again. Megan and I watched "Home Alone" on Sunday evening after the grandchildren were gone.

On Wednesday, I wasn't sure of the weather but it was lovely going across town for my early morning shift. The roofs were frosted and Megan's car had frozen and it took awhile to warm up as she headed south. Good that the interstate wasn't too icy. I enjoyed the sun coming up over the mountains in the southeast. So pretty in the cool of the morning. Chilly at work as we found out the furnace didn't work well. Thank goodness I had gloves and wore them most of the day. Today was cold too and we wound up getting lovely snowflakes for quite awhile today. I layered myself different this morning with a long sleeved shirt underneath a zip down sweater that had some wool in it. Kept me warmer and still wore gloves but a different set with a bit better fingertips to handle money. It was much slower than yesterday. But people were still buying snow melt, faucet covers and foundation covers. Furnace will be fixed tomorrow since a part was ordered.
We had our power glitch at work right before we left. Not all of  it went out then it tried to come back up but nope....ain't gonna happen. There was one more customer in the store who was going to buy a heater. Not sure how that worked out as I left. There were some traffic lights off in town on my way home. Sparodic outages in town about the same It was like brown outs. WEIRD!!
 I was so thankful to get home and get into our warm house. It actually hurt to come inside. Such a contrast of temperature where it's 33 degrees (that feels like 24) vs 68 degrees inside. My feet were so cold from the chilly car.  I took the garbage out before I settled in for a warm dinner with crock pot taco soup and homemade biscuits, which Megan made. I plopped the soup in before I went to work. 
  I stopped long enough outside to take a photo of my snow laden Chinese lantern plant. It's so pretty in the snow. Not sure it will last long, now that it's freezing. Very little snow here. More in the mountains though. Much was cancelled because of the storm coming in. Actually had some weather this time. 

This weekend my plan is to visit my friend Laura. She's done with her radiation/chemo treatment for a month. Headed home to live now. So will take her out for lunch. She doing well, feeling a bit weary though. She sounds pretty good while we talk. I appreciate your prayers for her. She's not sure how long the second treatment will take.  

Have a good evening and will back with you soon! 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pondering Words of my Week

     December has appeared on the calendar. Where has the time gone? Days swiftly move on as I am busy working and keeping up with life at home and community. Sometimes I feel I'm in a little sphere and don't go out into the world. Same stuff, different day. But I think its ok in my town. I met a older Russian lady in a store shopping on Friday morning. (She's been my hardware store this week.) When she saw me, she brightened up with a smile and greeted me in Russian and Spanish. I replied in a Spanish phrase I knew. She laughed and replied in Russian and walked away happy. Apparently I made her day!  Why am I sharing this?  I feel at times all I have done in the few miles I go throughout my days is rarely different.  The world is out there and I'm in a small quadrant. But it matters what I do wherever I go. Even to shop like last Sat where there was a poinsettia display near the door. Where I purchased a Christmas towel for my kitchen. Work with children at church.

     I trot into another day near the weekend that ends with a painful foot Thursday night after work. I had stopped in at a ladies' event at Coastal Farm. Stood in line to get freebie bag but I was past the 100th lady...oh well. Got a snack. Found Bernadette and we talked a bit while looking at clothes. I was able to find a few things to buy that were % off. Best buy was a silver cross necklace for mere dollars due to clearance. Met a few other people I knew and store manager was helpful while I was looking at a collection of jams and jarred veggies. Pickled beets. Garlic. Jerky. Interesting display and conversation. Always people who are going to talk with me or just ignore me even if in close proximity. Left into the chilly evening where someone decides not to take shopping cart back but leave it in front of my car. I slowly reversed and it didn't move. Good. Later my foot hurt while out for a walk with Phil. I made halfway down the street then pain just made me turn back home. Finally had to get off the sofa and take 2 advil to relieve painful left foot. Thankful for physical therapy appt Friday. Therapist examined the foot a bit and got it feeling better. She was so kind in some of my session. Holding my hands so I wouldn't fall in balance exercise. Even though she gets paid to help me, in return she brightened my life.
     Now that Christmas time is near, it was time to bring out the mugs we have for now. The one to the far right is Megan's and the rest are mine. The Spode Christmas tree mug, in the middle, was from some years ago that came home with me from an outlet store near the ocean. Even though I'm not able to get the dishes, I wind up with one piece to enjoy.

      Saturday is here. We've got grandchildren with us. Our day was busy. I'm finishing up a few things, like this blog post while grandpa and Owen are working on 1000 pc puzzle. Melody and Megan are coloring pages from a color magazine while listening to Christmas music.  Earlier we were at the Salem Riverfront Carousel, which the children enjoyed. They go home tomorrow. Baby Lydia is with mom and dad. She's teething so I'm praying she doesn't completely ruin their 10th anniversary weekend.  My foot is better, now that I am wearing an arch support again.
      God bless you all in this busy season where I hope you share the joy with people you meet! Remember, Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

    Weather is chilly and there's a threat of snow. It's getting cold enough at night but I'm not going to hold my breath til it all comes. Valley floor where we are is 500 ft level. Day temps reach 51 to 49 and lower at night. Not freezing yet.

Monday, November 28, 2016

A Shutterfly Christmas Card

I couldn't decide which card I liked. So ordered 30 of the top one. 10 of the bottom one. Latter ones were free. Just yesterday I ordered 10 for postage. Those ones will be for Megan. Still a good deal for 60 cents each. Another photo on the back. We were eating at Menchies Yogurt Shoppe the weekend prior to hallowe'en. The grandchildren had been trick or treating at a Sat. market earlier that day. 
Score some cards for yourself at  I've used this service for a few years. Quality cards. I just need to make a Christmas letter to go with long distance mailings. It seems like every year I think this will be the last year of photo cards. This year there was a new grandbaby and our daughter graduated from university. So one must share the good news in pictures.
Enjoy the Christmas season!!

Click on Card with envelope as a way to look at card and design your own.
Please keep in mind, these are my photos and I would greatly appreciate it if nobody would copy it from my page. All rights reserved. Thank you!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Carol of the Bells Medley

Today I was out shopping. Before I left my car to get groceries, I heard a lovely rendition of this song. I went online this evening and found this beautiful version with just instruments and lovely photography. So here, for your viewing pleasure and some lovely Christmas music to start off the season!! Enjoy!!
Click the link below....


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Veterans' Day 2016

 A few Fridays ago we celebrated Veterans' Day, Nov 11. It was my day off and the plans we'd made changed. No thanks to protestors is Portland. But we persevered and went with the alternate route of our day. Megan and I were supposed to go to the Trail Blazer game at the Moda center.  We watched and read what was happening in downtown Portland and the interstate of Wed and Thurs and decided it wasn't worth the risk of going! One never knows what to expect when these protests happen. One night there was a riot and looting and destruction of property.
 Megan and I went to Applebees in Lake Oswego for lunch where we ate free as we were veterans. Phil opted to stay home and get work done on a speech in a quiet house. My plan was to be at home most of the day til mid afternoon before we headed to game. Didn't happen neither did a few other things. Sigh!
 As usual, their food was delicious. Megan had a steak meal while I had was SO good! Notice Megan's ring? It's her graduation ring we got her as a gift. She picked it out.
 I'd asked for applesauce instead of broccoli that day. Look what I got? Applesauce MRE!!! We were both given a $5 gift card to use another time. Sweet!
 I had Megan take a photo of me by the decorated board before we left. I love this scarf. It wasn't the design I was looking for but it works!
  Megan has a fetish for plaid and our colors matched. She liked my scarf but nope, you can't have it! Get your own! (Fred Meyer)

 Afterwards we did a bit of shopping on the way home. We stopped at Trader Joes. It's that time of year when I search for all the goodies I like and found the European Cookies again and they came home. So much to choose from but I know I need to be good with my food choices.

 Stopped at Costco to get my gas tank filled. Then decided to go in and pick up a few items on coupon I needed before the month runs out and I don't get back in there.
 Phil and I went to Red Robin for dinner for our veterans meal. We got free Tavern Burgers and they were delicious!
 Before we left, we each were given a thank you note, signed by people who worked at Red Robin
 Once we returned home, Megan and I watched the Trail Blazers on tv. It's the game we were supposed to go to. It was against Sacramento Kings and Blazers won in overtime!!!
 On Sunday afternoon, we met up with our son and family for a late lunch at Pine Tree Chinese restaurant. It was good but not sure I'd eat the sweet and sour shrimp again. I wasn't too enamoured with the taste. Owen sat across from me. He ate mostly his rice with salt and pepper and drank tea, which had caffeine. It may have not been the best choice but he liked it. He didn't like the rest of the meal his dad, Justin, had picked out for him and Melody. She ate hers all up! She's sitting next to her dad.

Baby Lydia, 6 months, was a bit fussy. Here she is with her mom, Erin. Afterwards we met up with them at Wilco as they needed chicken feed. It's also a hardware store, so I wanted to go in and see what it is like. There were Christmas trees out already. The undercover outdoor display wasn't finished yet but Erin found some fun chicken planters. Maybe for birthday as I got their gifts already. It was fun being with them again. A few weeks earlier we were at a yogurt shop close to their house as well. We've got another outing next month. To OMSI since we couldn't go that weekend,
again becuz of the protests! 
Thankful for being able to be safe away from all that nonsense and prayer for our police protection. 

I'm thankful to have served my country, starting 40 years ago in August. My how time has flown! Thankful to all the veterans as well. To those who have gone before me. Those who serve now. God bless our country as we go through another transition of president. It's not been the best of times. But we have more freedom than other countries. So thankful for that and God bless us all....this land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her,  Through the night with the light from above....From the mountains, to the prairies, from the ocean, white with foam....God Bless America, My Home SWEET HOME!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Days of Outings

 Thursday was a vacation day from work. I got my hair trimmed. Went into another town to buy Christmas stamps since my town's post office wouldn't get theirs til next week. Score 60 stamps! Too many choices. Now I'm waiting for our Christmas photo greeting cards to arrive next week. Went to Baumans and picked up a Marionberry pie for dessert at Phil's work Thanksgiving dinner that was on Friday. I also bought the horse plate I shared a few posts ago. So pretty!

      Friday dawned and I headed to the dentist again. This time just a cleaning. A different xray was done of whole mouth. Interesting technology these days. It tells alot. No cavities. So I just got cleaning done and made an appointment for 6 months out. I'm as happy as the metallic cowboy at McDonald's where I ate lunch.
   And Mt Hood was out with clouds all around it. No sun. It looked chilly with all that snow but we need it so. Chilly these days that maybe hit 50 degrees and nights into the 30s. I'm not complaining.
     I came home and did was some cleaning for 30 minutes. I timed myself so I'd not be late for physical therapy appt. My back and leg has bothered me and certain exercises are helping it all get better. Compressed discs (2) caused the problem. Thankful for ways to fix it without surgery. This is my 3rd visit.
 In the evening I went bowling with 6 co-workers. Tish came by and picked me up. Her boyfriend Wayne was driving her new car.  It was a good ride in Kia Sojourner. There was fun had by all. I'm not the best bowler but I did ok. Here's my feet on the left and Carrie's feet on the right. Black lights make everything change color. Fun! There were friends and or family that came too that made about 14 of us.
Tish, Wayne and I bowled 2 games. I didn't want to overdo my back and muscles. Wayne was tired from his early morning hours for work. So we headed home. I ate a leftover Marionberry pie slice with Rocky Road ice cream while Megan just had ice cream.
     Today I'm headed out to grocery story to get my meal deal for our thanksgiving dinner. We'll eat turkey and the ham will be for Christmas. I shove the turkey in fridge which is never fun cuz I have to move everything around. I'm glad the shelves can be moved. Also stopping at one more Christmas bazaar. I've really got most of my gifts but it's always good to see what they have. Maybe there'll be a car that is good for grandson.
    Have a pleasant weekend and I'll be back soon. Life is busy but I 'll be here for you!  God bless and thanks for stopping by.

     "Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God."  Hebrews 12:1-2

Monday, November 14, 2016

Boots in the Rain

The evening walk was refreshing, but wet as well! I was hoping the rain would subside for our walk. It did slow down but picked up a bit when it was walking time.  In the dark of late evening, where trees drip more on me than rain itself. My jeans became wet right below my coat line. It went down further, longer we walked. A shorter walk for me, as I was done, even though it was fun to walk in puddles cuz I could in my boots. Phil tipped his head a few times to let the rain fall from hat's brim. My coat dripped as I pulled it off indoors. Pulling boots off were easier than putting them on. Off went jeans now in the wash and hung coats inside shower curtain to drip off the raindrops in tub. Dry pants and warm, fuzzy boots feel so good. So does hot tea and cookies while doing dishes, laundry, going through bills in mail pile. Filing away to pay later as I file away my day's memories of work. Of getting life back to normal after a weekend of changed plans due to protests in Portland. Of talking kindness to customers, no matter who they are, in our hardware store. In my daily life, always.  All people matter.   Filing away photos to share with you in another post of my veterans' day. It's been a busy weekend with making 4 quarts of applesauce and freezing it on Saturday. Too tired to can it. Cooking up raw meat and make it into meals for later, making pizza and eating more than usual. I was so hungry that evening. So tired.  I need rest, for my body. I need rest for my soul, that's been weary. Praying for our country and for those policemen out in towns/cities who are protecting people and property. For peace to seep through the cracks of unrest. For a good night's rest for all and a better tomorrow. One day at a time.

"Only let your conduct be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I (Paul) come and see you or am absent, I may hear of your affairs, that you stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel, and not in any way terrified by your adversaries, which is to them a proof of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that from God. "  Philippines 1:27-28

"Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only from his own interests, but also for the interest of others." Philippians 2:1-4