Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Our 40th Anniversary

Crazy busy in life last week! But it was a fun filled week with some stress. I'm glad I kept mostly sane. Phil and I started our anniversary celebration by going out for lunch on our actual wedding anniversary Oct 8 after church. We enjoyed our meal La Provence in Lake Oswego. I'd been to one up in Portland with my friends in May. I knew then I wanted Phil to enjoy a meal there too. It was delicious!

These flowers are so pretty in spite of them not being real. The gel looks so much like water!

I brought leftovers home so I could enjoy it at work on Monday. Leftover hot tea sipped thru afternoon. We splurged and bought a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate ganuche and hazelnuts!! $5.25 for small piece. A whole round of it was $35. Truly didn't want to spend as our meal for dessert,too! Sigh! We split it that evening with our light dinner.

 I only worked 2 days last week. Took Wed-Thurs off as vacation days to get ready for the celebration on Sat.  On Wed a.m. I had a blood draw and waited 57 minutes before I was called to counter and then the draw. I was hungry after that so went to cafe and bought a cinnamon roll. I'd not had any breakfast and that looked so good. I sat and ate and read on my cell phone for awhile. Why I didn't get hot tea is a mystery. I needed the caffeine,.....wait. Lunch time was coming so I'd have some there. Now I wished I'd just come home afterwards. By the time I got to Salem, I was tired...but got what I needed and did a bit of's my day off!

On Thurs I baked 4 rounds of cranberry scones. They were from a mix I'd bought when we were in at Cranberry Sweets and More in Bandon this June.

 Two loaves of pumpkin banana bread with walnuts. I found this recipe from Pioneer Woman's website. Oh so delicious!

 Friday morning I picked up my bakery items at Panera. I'd seen a cinnamon raisin swirl bread on Tuesday when I was there for dinner after work with Megan and my friend Tamara. I ordered one Thurs evening to pick up on Fri. After that was a trek to Baumans where I got a loaf of pumpkin chip (chocolate) bread and 1.5 dozen of cheddar bacon and chive scones. Then I grabbed a lemon pound cake as well. I never know how many people are actually going to show. Nor do I know their appetites.  Better more than not enough.
 My cart of tastiness and nice looking pumpkins on my way to the car. Good idea to get there by 10:30 a.m. as the place was popular due to the pumpkin fest activities. Three buses turned onto the road as I was headed there as well.
 The minion hay bale thru my windshield.
Megan is stirring up apple cider cheese ball mix with cream cheese on Fri evening. I made a sunrise peach one as well. They tasted better Sat as they'd sat overnight. I liked the peach one better. It was put onto crackers by the guests. I wish now I would have got a non-fruit flavor. Oh well. 

Now that the party is over, I am still tired...and need to get a few things re-organized! It took Phil and I awhile to get through all the cards. Opened some after we got home from dinner with Megan, Kerri and Ranor. He paid for our meals! Sweet! I got an autumn flower arrangement, a rose bush and many lovely cards. We were blessed with family and friends that came by to celebrate with us. I was happy that Beth and Sandy were able to make it. My girlfriends from school. Closest ones I have now. 

Here are a few photos I took early on before the celebration started. Chocolate cupcakes!

The finished product! Hanging in the hallway so guests could see it when they came
in the front door. 

The lovely autumn floral arrangement brought by one of Phil's co-workers. I know him too and was so surprised as well~exciting times! My friend, Tamara, who has been in the floral business for years, took them from me when I handed them to her in the kitchen...."Here florist friend, could you put these in a vase for me please?" And she did! I am thankful for her and for Megan's help as well! I was happy to see my adorable and fun grandchildren and their parents!

Our dinner at Red Robin! I'd eaten quite a bit that afternoon and decided fish would be a good idea! Hamburger just seemed too filling to me.
It was a good time with Kerri and Ranor as they come down from Yelm, WA. Long drive and time to talk about many things. We've seen alot of each other this year. We didn't get a birthday outing like we did in the past few years. I think we need to get one planned for 2018....February will be here before we know it! Oh wait....there's Thanksgiving and Christmas before that! I've got work to do for sure! I've got a few things for Christmas and I need to print out photos for my calendars again. And Christmas cards. I'm tired right now so I don't even want to think about all that! My foot is tired and so is my mind. So it's off to dream land soon. One more day of work this week. Dr appt Friday and think maybe I'll try to get a pedicure. A bit of tlc can help it along.
I'll be back with more photos of the celebration soon! All in my camera that's out of sight right now. Hope your week has been blessed and the weather enjoyable. Will be back in a few days!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My WeekThus Far

I had a short work  week. I worked early shift on Monday as my co-worker had a short trip to PA. A family member died suddenly. Sigh. Oh but I enjoyed my drive to work. Chilly night makes for moisture on the my daughter's car window, dew on grass, fog hovering over a creek. Children wearing coats on their walk to various school. Today's work was busier than Monday. Interesting late day with helping a brother with his sister and her school project. Their mom finally came to help and gave the girl money to buy two things. I told her to take a photo when she finished then show it to me. I encouraged both bro and sis to be patient with each other. Bro needs to realize it's not his project but he can give her tips. I gave them both an Andes mint at end of their visit.
  It was a chilly day with rain.  Yummy dinner with Megan and friend Tamara at Panera. Autumn squash soup with half sandwich. Now enjoying a rest off my feet. Watching a show on Roku. I need to check my list of food I want to make for our celebration. Making some while buying some others. A friend is making four dozen cupcakes. I never know how much people will eat. Then there's people who don't RSVP. What do I do about that? Not coming I suppose.
    I did a couple projects last evening. Still need to pick up stickers I didn't buy the other day. Pick them up while doing  errands in a.m.  Home and get more things done. I'm using 2 vacation days off.  Always something to do before people arrive.
     While going through my shelves under curio cabinet, I came across a picture of my friend Debra and me with king Henry Viii. Oh sweet. And sadness came as I remembered she wouldn't be here. She came for our 25th anniversary celebration. Nor will Laura be here. Both are gone now to a better place. I'll cherish their friendship always. I'm thankful God brought them into my life. Thankful for my friends and family I have that's still here. And thankful for my readers too.  Oh goodness. It's late. Must go but til next time be blessed!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Architecture: Week 34 Photo Challenge

Phil and I were at the coast again. This time we were on our way home from Coos Bay/North Bend where we saw the Fest of Sail. We stopped in at Florence for lunch at Clawson's Wheelhouse. It was delicious!  Then was directed to Heceta Beach, just north a bit. We walked around and wore off our lunch!  Found some fun sand castles and therefore it became part of the 52 week challenge! The road home from there was quite curvy. We got into Eugene and meandered through, hoping to find a place for ice cream. Not had any that trip. After stopping at Tuesday Morning store for a potty stop, near a mall and a bit of shopping we found a spot.

Phil found Dickie Yo's Frozen Treats a block away. He surveyed the area while I shopped, looking for a few fun things. So we bought our favorites and enjoyed a spot of coolness to enjoy our rest from the drive.  My frozen yogurt is on the left...of course with coconut on top!

My balloon art rabbit with some of my stuffed rabbits, enjoying the comfy couch together at home. It feels good to be home after a long trip like we had. But it was a good getaway to the coast. Again!  I am trying to catch up with my 52 Week Photo Challenge here on my blog. I hope you're enjoying them as much as I do figuring out what to photograph! Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Night Time: Week 33 Photo Challenge

Outlet mall on Sunday night, with a few vehicles across the road inn the parking lot. Mall closed at 
7 PM. As I was getting this photo, along with other ones, security man drove into the overflow/RV parking lot where we were parked.  We talked a few minutes. Yes, I'm heading out. I knew the lot needed locked soon. So he drove off to parking lot across the way and did some work. Phil was my security man in the car! He listened to the radio....or maybe read a book. Glad he was there for me!  Off came the camera from the tripod, which Phil downsized quickly. Off we went to our house. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Seeds of Hope

 September turns old after Saturday's over. Flowers are slowly going away. I seem to stay busy but it's a good alternative in my life right now.
 The heat of the week had passed from three warm days now to clouds and some rain. Out my front door I peeked at my plants that were being rained on. The Chinese lantern pods needed picked so I can dry them.
 My handful of autumn-ness has now been brought into my house. The rest is left to the weather. Little seed pods will drop new starts of life. I will enjoy them again next year in their new flower pot. I'm thinking about moving them over soon.
Life 40 years ago was different but good for us. A new start together when we got married early October. Our seeds of love have grown through the years. Some weeds appeared that gave small problems. But we worked through those times. Our marriage is strong and God has been merciful throughout our life together. Blessed our family with two children, a daughter-in-love and three adorable grandchildren. Even though our daughter lives with us, we make life work. We had expected an empty nest but rough spots in life happen. Nobody plans to get hurt then get sent home from Navy boot camp. Eleven years ago late October, her dream fell apart. Came home hurting. Sad. But glad to be alive...that's how we felt. Seeds perseverance and strength for each day appeared. Life moved on. Rebuilt her life with seeds of hope and God's mercy that's new every morning.  Love prevails in our hearts for each other. Life is Good!
    I continue to work on projects for our celebration. Late Sunday Phil and I worked on our 40 sign. I drew it out. He cut it out. Now it needs painted tomorrow. In the garage as there's leaves falling. Maybe raindrops too. I bought extra cans of spray paint just in case while at work.  Good thing...they were the last ones there!! Orders for more will be in. Looking forward to our celebration and enjoying the budding friendships of our friends. Planted seeds through the years that's made life better.

  "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith. " Galatians 6:7-10

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

High Up: Week 32 Photo Challenge

Megan and I visited Woodland,WA in May. My capture for this theme is the carriage building and windmill at the Hulda Klager lilac farm. Lovely view with nice clouds to keep us warm and dry! No rain and some sunshine!

Here's a few highlights of our trip. We stopped at Burgerville for lunch. While we were eating, Megan wanted to know what was on the other side of the street? Where she was sitting, all she could see was blue sky from this mural. After lunch we decided to walk across the wide street to check it out! I never feel comfortable walking across four lanes of traffic. I rarely need to most days. 

High up clock in front of the blue mural sky. It does look like real sky! I can see why she was confused!
After lunch we drove over to these lovely lilac gardens. I'm glad we were finally able to go. Last year we'd planned to go but we wound up watching our older 2 grandchildren. Their baby sister was thinking about being born...nope.. just wait a few days more! But it's finally the time for us but then we missed Jane Kirkpatrick...she was out of country, til a couple weeks later. She wrote a book about Hulda. 
Very good book. Very good visit that afternoon.

Our view of the house and front garden...yellow lilacs! Some of the work in front was done by her daughters.

Each year during open house there is a different decor theme. This time it was Christmas! 
Photo of Hulda in her later years. She resembles my grandmother.
The kitchen was a nice walk through. Nice cabinets and dinnerware, and quilt on table makes it look so cozy! I just wanted to sit down and relax after the hour drive north.

The lovely purple quilt that was the raffle prize. I bought 5 tickets. But I didn't win! Oh well..whoever won it surely enjoyed it!
Megan enjoying the fragrance of a light pink lilac! Below is a white lilac.

Becky by her favorite lilac that she wound up buying a small version of.
Now that's just part of the tour and I must leave you there. More to come! Weekend was busy and I didn't feel well. On top of that I had to be at my friend's memorial service. It's been a bit easier but I still find things that brings tears to my eyes and a bit of sadness.....but I move on and remember our good times. Had a good time with Beth and Bob. She was tired as she'd flown in from France  to PDX at 9:30 PM then home across to WA and then down to get me the next day. Sigh....I'll share all that next post. Have a good rest of your week. We are enjoying a bit of warmer weather for next two days then some rain coming on Friday. God bless!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Smoky Selfie

Two weeks ago  we experienced some smoke in the air down here. We are an hour out of Columbia River Gorge where the fire was raging. I could feel my lungs get tight with smoke. At work we had N95 masks that work well with those type conditions. I bought four as I didn't know how long the smoke would stay around and if anybody else needed one. Megan came and got me from work on Tues Sept 5. Same week my car was not to be driven. {My car is ok, no problem with starter but got some maintenance done while in the shop.}So we went for a bit of dinner then stopped at outlet mall. Here we are in front of Eddie Bauer store!

I wore my Multnomah Falls shirt in honor of the beautiful place on earth I adore so much. The gorge are has been changed and won't be able to get there til next year, more than likely. I-84 East bound closed from Troutdale to Hoodriver. For now. Much clean up to do! One lane open west bound, from what I remember hearing. I'm thankful my friend Teresa K. and family are ok. They are closer to the events than we are. Scary times. But God is amongst us.
 We found some clothes on a good sale. I wanted to use my $10 off coupon. A sweater and a long sleeved shirt for me and Megan found a nice top on clearance rack.
   The next two days were still smoky. By Friday it got better. There was actually blue sky with nice clouds and the sun. So different than smoke high in sky and moon becomes red. Tues evening reminded us of the sky before the eclipse happened. Other people agreed with that statement. Saturday was first I was able to wear contact lenses again. 11 days but it's just all right.

Moon photo taken Aug 28th when there was much smoke in the air. Moon looked red at times.  And now, as of this writing...Tues, we had 3/4th of an inch of rain today, as of 5 PM.  Lots of it today with thunder and lightning and wind. Chilly evenings with snow at Timberline and Santiam pass. I pulled out my orange warm coat from closet to use after work tonight. I needed it. Heat's been on here at home. 

      Here's a link with a neat photo I wanted you all to see of fire fighters so diligently working to save Multnomah falls lodge and surrounding area! So thankful for them. Many were able to go home the other day because of the rain. 

Last but not least, here's a big flower pot I bought out at Baumans when we went to Chicks Nite Out, the same week as above activities. I always liked this pattern and it was 60% off original price. $30! I can't wait to plant the Chinese lantern plant in it! It's huge and I now it will look pretty in it! Take care and God bless you!