Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Smoky Selfie

Two weeks ago  we experienced some smoke in the air down here. We are an hour out of Columbia River Gorge where the fire was raging. I could feel my lungs get tight with smoke. At work we had N95 masks that work well with those type conditions. I bought four as I didn't know how long the smoke would stay around and if anybody else needed one. Megan came and got me from work on Tues Sept 5. Same week my car was not to be driven. {My car is ok, no problem with starter but got some maintenance done while in the shop.}So we went for a bit of dinner then stopped at outlet mall. Here we are in front of Eddie Bauer store!

I wore my Multnomah Falls shirt in honor of the beautiful place on earth I adore so much. The gorge are has been changed and won't be able to get there til next year, more than likely. I-84 East bound closed from Troutdale to Hoodriver. For now. Much clean up to do! One lane open west bound, from what I remember hearing. I'm thankful my friend Teresa K. and family are ok. They are closer to the events than we are. Scary times. But God is amongst us.
 We found some clothes on a good sale. I wanted to use my $10 off coupon. A sweater and a long sleeved shirt for me and Megan found a nice top on clearance rack.
   The next two days were still smoky. By Friday it got better. There was actually blue sky with nice clouds and the sun. So different than smoke high in sky and moon becomes red. Tues evening reminded us of the sky before the eclipse happened. Other people agreed with that statement. Saturday was first I was able to wear contact lenses again. 11 days but it's just all right.

Moon photo taken Aug 28th when there was much smoke in the air. Moon looked red at times.  And now, as of this writing...Tues, we had 3/4th of an inch of rain today, as of 5 PM.  Lots of it today with thunder and lightning and wind. Chilly evenings with snow at Timberline and Santiam pass. I pulled out my orange warm coat from closet to use after work tonight. I needed it. Heat's been on here at home. 

      Here's a link with a neat photo I wanted you all to see of fire fighters so diligently working to save Multnomah falls lodge and surrounding area! So thankful for them. Many were able to go home the other day because of the rain. 

Last but not least, here's a big flower pot I bought out at Baumans when we went to Chicks Nite Out, the same week as above activities. I always liked this pattern and it was 60% off original price. $30! I can't wait to plant the Chinese lantern plant in it! It's huge and I now it will look pretty in it! Take care and God bless you!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Outing

After being sequestered in my house yesterday, doing some decluttering and enjoying the quiet house, I enjoyed being out and about today. After 1st service at church, which really was a blessed one, Phil and I drove to Mt Angel to enjoy some of the festivities of the Oktoberfest. I took a selfie on my new LG phone of the Oktoberfest centerpiece that's close to the Glockenspiel, which will be shown later, since it's all on my Canon camera.  We first spent time at the Cruz'n Car Show. Then Phil and I parted company to find our own style of food but chose a meeting spot once we procured our lunch. I had a chicken bacon ranch wrap that was heated in a panini press, which I really enjoyed. I only ate half of it and the rest is for my work lunch. Had my own bottle of water...$2.00 water $2.50 for soda? Ain't happening! My lunch was $7 but it was good! Phil got his sausage that he likes at the Mt. Angel Sausage restaurant..a couple blocks down from the meeting spot but it's all good. Then we looked for pie and found yummy marionberry pie and ice cream, which he got and I had him get me a marionberry scone. He listened to a brass band while I went vendor hopping to see what I could find. I bought one thing. Then it started to rain!!! No complaining here! My leg was bothering me so it was time to head to meeting spot....he was under an overhang, which is fine! Walked to the car and glad I took my raincoat. I needed it and glad to finally get much needed rain!

On our way to the car was this lovely house with beautiful flowers out front. Chair in the driveway means Don't Park Here!

Once we got home and got a bit settled, I heated up water for tea to drink with my marionberry scone I'd bought early. It had been on this plate under foil for an  hour and made it home ok. I was disappointed in myself for not taking a bag with me. I didn't want to put it in my camera bag. Already risked putting my leftover chicken wrap in there! Of course I had to have some ice cream with the scone as well!  I did save Megan a small portion of it...she enjoyed it too!

The wrinkled and wet program from the Oktoberfest.

A nice zippered pouch I bought that will fit my LG phone perfectly! Now I can have a place to keep ID in it as well while out walking or a short time across town. I bought it from a lady who's business name is Potential Bag Lady. I liked her products and found a wallet I liked but not the color I liked. Oh well! This cost a total of $7. It's lined inside as well.

While I was watching 3 shows of "The Good Karma Hospital" on Acorn TV (British) on through Roku, after resting for one show, I went through the magazines on top of table by couch. I found more than should have been there. Some from 2014 even! Oh goodness me! Most are going away, recycle! Declutter again! I need to keep up with this work! I really like the series on Acorn and looking forward to the next one 2018. Of course there was one character in it that made me sad as she had a cancerous brain tumor. She was from the states and wanted to stay there, in India, instead of going back home. Her husband didn't like the idea but she had her way. They rented a house on the beach. I'd do the same thing. She was in the story all 6 shows. At the end she died which brought me to tears. Made me think of my good friend, Laura, who succumbed to the same way. I liked how they showed her leave. It was adorable. Nope---I won't ruin it for you! 
Later this evening I baked chocolate chip cookies I mixed up and placed in fridge. Yum and now i need to get them put away and clean last bit of kitchen, head for bed. I realized today one of the shoulder straps on my camera bag is coming loose. I need to stitch back in and maybe put some Gorilla glue on it to keep it from happening again! It's only a year old!   
We did get a good amount of rain this evening. I hear the Columbia River Gorge got much needed rain there as well! Hopefully landslides won't happen! That's the downside of having forest fires there on the hillside with all those trees that have been burned! Praying for safety!

"Oh the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways of past finding out! 
For who has known the mind of the Lord?
or who has become His counselor"
Or who has first given to Him 
And it shall be repaid to Him?
For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen."
Romans 11:33-36

Happy week my friends! Thanks so much for you prayers and sweet comments. Hello to the latest blog and Google followers. All readers are allowed to leave comments, no matter where you live on this earth! Take care and enjoy the last days of summer, here in our hemisphere!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sad Days

I've been absent from blog writing. Last week was taxing because of my allergies. This week I've been saddened at the death of my friend Laura. She died Monday morning. I found out while getting ready for work. I wound going in half hour late. I had to get some tears out and prayer going to help me grasp this situation. I knew it was coming. But it still hurts when it finally happens. My other friend, Beth, is in France right now. She flies home the day of our friend's memorial service. Change trip plans? Maybe. I have a friend, Sandy, that's  going down with me.
     Five hours into this morning I woke from a weird dream. Tried to figure it out and wound up crying for a bit in the bathroom. Once done I crawled back into the coziness of my blankets. Wishing to warm up I also stayed awake as it is early shift for me. It's worse to go back to sleep for half hour than stay awake. I slowly put covers away from me  so as not to wake Phil. House was chilly and only 51 degrees outdoors. My day's beginning with sorrow in my heart. But then there's all the good memories from the Long Beach Washington t-shirt I chose from my closet. Our big 60th birthday girl getaway two years ago. Beth, Laura, Sandy and me travelling together to Sandy's house on the beach in WA. Other thoughts linger too. Thankful that Beth and I were able to visit Laura last month. It was a good visit together. We suspected it would be last one. I'm so thankful to God to have these friends in my life for so many years. We figured we were 5 years old and were in VBS together at a church in town. Same school all our years. Birthday partys  Sleepovers. Beth and I were in choir in high school. We like to sing. Kept in touch once we graduated. Birthday cards. Christmas cards. Letters written back and forth to Laura while she was overseas as a missionary Dr for years. So many good memories keep her alive in my heart. Thankful Laura suggested we get together in May. We had a nice lunch together. I never posted that event.
   Thanks so much for your prayers for Laura. I know her mom and sister need prayer. Karen, her sister, died last Sept from cancer. Now Laura's died.
  Thankful that Megan's going to rfid  tag books again for a few months. She still needs a full time job.
  I'll be back soon when I'm more awake and less stressed. I need to finish addressing our anniversary invitations. Mail them tomorrow. A good portion were already given out. Have a blessed rest of your week.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Out and About Days

Out and about on Friday I went to Michael's craft store to purchase items on my shopping list. It was fun to have Megan along with me. I perused the boxes in the aisle as we walked towards the marker/crayola section. There's Paris and more Paris and others and then I found this one! It went into my cart. It has Westminster Abbey in London on it! So pretty! I've seen it in real life and even been inside. This will be  part of our anniversary party...put small gifts and cards in it. Always find a use for it afterward!

Crayola Color Wonder kits are for my youngest granddaughter Lydia. Her older siblings liked these so at the request her mom, I checked and found some, at Michael's.  Markers are only for the specific paper within and doesn't mark on anything else! We also found Fimo modeling clay-5 pks {to add to their home school supplies} and some cupcake liners for our celebration. Red with white polka dots and there's white with red polka dots in the middle of the 75 pk. That will work. 

Fall is upon us and so is hallowe'en. We found these wiggle eyes to give the older two grandkids. I'm sure they'll like those! It's not glitter!

I headed across town early Sat. afternoon. My first stop was at Les Schwab to check my car's battery. I'd been having issues at start up a few times during the week. The test revealed the starter is needing replacement, which they don't do. Battery and alternator is fine.  This week we'll contact our Ford dealership for repair work, since it's close to us and their work is good! After 10 minutes of the check, I went to the hardware store to check out some chalked paint. It's hard to shop when I am working. I found colors that will work for a 40 sign for our -----------! 🍰  While there, a couple co-workers said there was an extra cashier needed at the register! Nope, I'm not working today! I know they were joking!

One other stop to buy fresh fruit was Bauman Farms and Garden. I go there once a week to restock our fruit and veggies. After I put my purchase into the trunk of my car and headed for the car door, I spied something on the ground by the fence. It's so cute I had to pick it up. Turning it over revealed it was a treat that I could take home! "If you found me, I am yours. Spreading a little sunshine, one rock at a time. Hope this brought a smile to your face, and joy to your heart. Please share where you found me and where you're from"  (Facebook) Gladstonehappyrocksrock. 
Yes, it brought a smile to my face and I did go onto FB and posted and got a reply from the lady who left it there. She'd gone there earlier that afternoon too to get corn and peaches. So it was a short time it was there! Sweet surprise! I'm needing a lift of spirit right now.
I realized I forgot tomatoes so I went back into the store at Baumans to get them. After I paid for them and a lamb stick, like jerky, I saw someone with an ice cream cone! I walked over and bought a coffee almond fudge ice cream cone! It was so hot outside and inside the store was a bit cooler. So I stood close to where the scarves were and ate it before it melted. Would have been worse outside. It got up to 99 degrees! Oh the a/c in my car and later my house felt so good!
The delicious purchase included peach pound cake, fresh sweet corn (6), gala apples (8), peaches (6) and tomatoes (2),  gold potatoes (6-not pictured), Savannah Sunrise (peach) cheeseball and dessert mix (1) for our ----------, and apricot syrup (1) for waffles.    It was a low key day and I didn't do much but should have done more. It doesn't help that Phil was watching NCIS when I got home. So I watched 1.5 shows with him. Then Megan and I proceeded to make a mess in the kitchen while we made dinner...salad, corn on the cob and homemade biscuits. Delicious! I'm so thankful for my scullery maid! {it's a joke between us!}   After dinner it was still warm out and a bit later, cooler,  but there's so much smoke in the air from the Eagle Crest fire and Abiqua forest fire that the smoke just hit my eyes within minutes being outdoors. I'd worn my contact lenses earlier but could no longer wear them. My eyes itched and so I've succumbed to wearing glasses til this smoke disappears! 

Possible rain coming Wed and Thurs a.m. I hope it enough to squelch fires but not enough to flood. In my perspective, I can live with smoky skies better than flood waters. We continue to pray for people in TX and LA and our fire fighters as they work away at containing the numerous fires here in our state and WA and Montana, to name a few! 
Have a good week and enjoy some time off this Labor Day week, with family and good food! Stay cool and God bless you all!

"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up." James 4:10

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Water: Week 31 Photo Challenge

The ocean is one of my favorite waters in the world. I shot this photo after my daughter and I had been with my sister for lunch, in Lincoln City, first week of July. Both a motorized surf boarder, right, and a kite boarder, are in this scene. It was fun to watch them in the water. Bright summer afternoon but I took photos anyway. Using a ISO of 100 and sunny as white balance helped. When I'm out and about, I take photos when I can, no matter time of day.

Here are the kite boarders kite above the ocean. They look so small but they are big when they are going into the water. 

Kite boarder who came out to regroup after going down in the water. We saw the board on the waves a couple times then up came his head! Good! He got all the lines untangled and back into the water he went. We talked to him a few minutes. He said it takes kite flying to a whole new level. A big boy toy for sure! 

Lovin' the wave action! So I took a few more photos as the tide was coming in when we were there, then out a bit before we left. I've seen kite boarding on the Columbia River, out of Hood River but never on the ocean. Now I have! It was hard for us to leave as it was so fun to watch them have fun!

Megan enjoying the beach! We both wore Seaside sweatshirts I'd bought in April. It was cool on the beach and felt cozy wearing them. Off we went to eat ice cream and purchased our eclipse tshirts in the store next door! We enjoyed our day out at the coast! Trip #3 for me.

This evening I found out my girlfriend, Laura, is on hospice. Her sister said they were keeping her comfortable as her health is declining. I'm thankful Beth and I were able to visit her 2 weeks ago. Good memories live on....our last fun outing was in May. Hard to fathom life without my friend.  

Smokey skies remain. Temps have been warm, cooler today but warmer weather headed into the Labor day weekend. Was hoping to bbq but hi 90s isn't a good time to be outdoors with all the yucky air that's around the vicinity. Prayers for fire fighters around the area and those in TX with all the flooding.  Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your comments and being one of my readers! God bless you all! 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Total-ity Awesome Eclipse in Oregon

 Solar Eclipse day Aug 21 here in our town was full of viewers of this amazing event! I woke early to start the day with a shower before Phil got up for his shower. I first checked out the sky from the front window! Hurrah, the sun was shining and no clouds! So I got ready and so did Megan. Ate breakfast, got into the car and headed to the city park we'd chosen since it was an advertised spot in the city! On our way across the freeway, we turned and saw many cars....some in fields, a lady sitting in a field with her camera. Around the next curve, the street was lined with cars on both sides, which is a no-no! Oh my goodness! We got at the park at 8:30 and it was packed with people, cars and no spots for us were left! Sigh! Way too many people to be around though so we drove out and up the street, figuring out what to do next. Left turn, I drove a bit ....wait..there's another park I pulled into and there were 5 cars there! So I parked and we unloaded our gear and found a spot on the grass by the skate park.  Parking lot filled up quickly! Made it just in time!  I'm sharing my few that are the best.  Partial phase of the eclipse started at 9:05 a.m. and totality started at 10:18 a.m. and lasted
1 minute and 16 seconds.   99.4% totality approx. It didn't get totally dark but it was interesting anyway.

People in front of us viewing the eclipse.

This photo is quite interesting. Moon covering the sun. This looks like an egg yolk!  I had a filter on my 300mm zoom lens. Once totality hit, I couldn't see a thing through it. So off came the filter for a few quick shots.

Totality time! And these photos don't do justice of seeing it with our eyes, without the solar glasses! It was amazingly beautiful. So much so it took my breath away! When is happened, there was silence everywhere, then everybody in the park started clapping and saying'''Yeah!""" Dogs barked in a house close to the park but two dogs behind us were calm. A big flock of birds flew by us prior to totality. Found out later that temp dropped 10 degrees during that time! You could definitely feel it, as a breeze came up as well. 
The Diamond Ring effect as the moon is sliding past the sun's face. So pretty!
One last quick photo before the filter goes back on the camera lens.
And the moon slips away and more sun appears!
And here's a hot air balloon sailing by! I've not seen this one around here. 
I had the man we visited with during the eclipse, take our photo! Totality awesome event! There were people from Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia that were near us. Good conversations!  Many people got up and left after the last part of eclipse happened. We stayed, got our gear packed up and headed to the car. Only found two pieces of plastic on the ground, which I picked up and gave to a city worker. They were on the back of their truck so one guy held out a bucket in which plastic was tossed.  We were able to get out onto the street but had a bit of wait to get to light. Lots of people coming from the other park. We stopped at KFC for lunch and watched all the traffic head to the freeway. Oh goodness....lots of traffic. Glad it wasn't too bad when I went east to go to work, after I came home for a bit and dropped Megan off.  99E was backed up and busy as people were trying to stay off I-5 northbound. From Salem to Wilsonville travel time was 2.5-3 hours...a usual half hour drive.  After that it wasn't too bad.  Tuesday was a bit better, with less wait time. Only 10 min back up. Not as many people came as expected...(per media hype.) People didn't totally wreck the places, that I know of. Good thing. Phil was able to see the eclipse where he worked. I hope you enjoyed all the photos! 
Today I went shopping with my friend, Jill. Then we went to Biscuits Cafe for her late birthday lunch. We'd never eaten there but heard it was good. I had a Florentine Benedict and Jill had a Chicken Cobb salad. Oh so delicious that I ate all mine and she took half of her's home. Big enough for 2 people to eat.  Megan's still looking for work and it's coming down to nitty gritty time of hardly any money. No unemployment either. Sigh! We'd appreciate your prayers.  
We're heading into another warm streak of weather. 98 degrees on Sunday! Bleah! 
Have a great weekend!

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork."
Psalm 19:1

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pre-Eclipse Photos

 Mid afternoon I tried out my solar filter on my camera. It took me awhile to figure out some settings to get the sun to look good. Here's my favorite three photos of my trial for tomorrow's solar eclipse event in our part of Oregon! The only thing you should see through you solar eclipse glasses and filters is the yellow sun! Our town has completely sold out of the glasses!

This photo shows clouds coming in. Fun to watch them overtake the sun. Right now the sky is clear. Tomorrow morning will be cool enough, I hope, when we get to our spot across town. Daytime high is 88 degrees with some cloudiness. Hopefully not too cloudy for the eclipse.  There hasn't been a huge surge of traffic like the media quoted there'd be. Good thing. My girlfriend, Beth, and I went down to see our friend, Laura, on Friday. Traffic wasn't bad...except for a back up as there was a 2 car wreck, on our way home. Other than that it was fine! Normal Friday summer afternoon traffic.  Laura has low platelet level so no chemo done for now. She was really tired when we left. Keep praying for her, please as it's not an easy fight her right now. Thanks so much for your friendship and kindness on this journey..and in life. What we do without our friends and God? 

 I am working on an essay to share when a few of us from Faith and Culture Writers Connection go visit the Oregon State Penitentiary later this week. They've been participating for 11 years now and I was able to go with them this year. Prayers for our good words to encourage their lives and protection as well. A step out in faith to me. It is an essay contest that is within the prison, and I think even prisoners give essays as well. Never done this before. So I will find out when I get there!  Have a blessed week, my friends! 

"His line shall endure for ever, his throne as long as the sun before me. Like the moon it shall be established for ever; the faithful witness in the sky." Psalm  89:36-37