Sunday, May 20, 2018

Beach day trip & Girlfriend lunch

 A few weeks ago I took a day-cation day from work. Even though I slept in later than planned, I went anyway. I get so tired at times that I just sleep when it's my day off!  It's not a far drive from here so it worked out for me.  A view of beach at Gleneden Beach out of Lincoln City. A foggy day while inland it was to be in the high 80 degree F range again. It was hot the day prior at the beach...87 degrees! April?

After walking to this inlet stream, which I didn't cross over, I went back a ways and stood and watched the waves come in. Somehow it just draws me into a quiet my life, no customers, no phone calls, no timer, just peace. Draws me into talking with God. The ocean is such an interesting piece of His creation. I feel close in many aspects. 

I stood, watched, photographed.
Stood-talked to God-love how the waves curl-so blue as it curls before crashing over into water.
I'm here by the Pacific Ocean-praying & thanking God-for jobs, for my family, those who need help physically--Beth, Jeremy, Jesse, friends in Nicaragua.

Sea of Galilee so much warmer than here, Jesus, but you are here, too! Beside me, watching the waves. So beautiful, even in the foggy conditions. Spots of moisture on my face and camera's lens. 
Waves and storms have happened in my life. 
But you've been there. sending rescue when we were down.. 
So thankful for your help in those times. 
I still feel you in the day to day tasks...just need to remember to call you into my mind.....

 Leaving the beach. Hard to do....I love to watch the waves, the seagulls flying. 
I need to more wave........A beautiful complete long wave of blue/green with white foam rises up and crashes down into the water below! So perfect, Jesus, thank you!! I raise my arms and face in joy....feeling the mist of the fog touch my a kiss...? a hug? 

I'm glad I picked this beach to walk on. 

A struggle to get back up. The sand was so deep and nothing to grasp on hand, no rails.
But I made it! One lesson learned.....stop and put camera in bag before leaning down....keep sand from the lens!!

 Chocolate coffee almond fudge ice cream at Snack Attack. Then shopped at my fav Capt Gulls and gifts store...found a few gift items  cards. 
Walked across the street to D River wayside...much easier to get up and down there. They've added steps now. But it's usually full, like it was when I drove by earlier. I like how this hotel has a lighthouse painted on it's side now. Something new. Can you see the windows?

I felt hungry but wasn't sure where to eat......hamburger? This restaurant is nice, been to one in Seaside a few times. Interesting that I wound up sitting at a table next to Curt, who comes into my hardware store!! He and his girlfriend had been at the casino. We had a nice chat while I waited for my meal. 
I had cheese and shrimp omelet with english muffins. It was almost too much. Ate most of it. I felt much better once I got out my car and felt more energized. I got weary from the uphill battle to get to beach parking lot. Grandma just gets tired but had a good drive home...into the heat. Thankful for air conditioning in my car!

Two days later I went to see my girlfriend, Beth. She lives in Vancouver, WA. I got to see her renovated house after the kitchen fire a week after Easter 2017 happened. They were finally able to move back in few weeks before I got there. She has started chemo for her cancer.......not what she needs now or any time for that matter. I'd seen her a few weeks before when we went to a memorial service in our hometown,,,,,for her cousin...who died from the same cancer Beth has. Karen fought it for 7 years while she taught in school and lived on a farm with family!  So sad but just enjoy being with Beth again and seeing her lovely house and her kitchen cupboards are so pretty! I love the colorful mugs  and dishes in her cupboards.
A quilt she won in an auction! 

We ate lunch together at Bleu Door Bakery, just blocks away from her house. Bob, her husband, drove us there. Hard to park and then you have to pay as well!

Our delicious lunch. More veggies than I'd expected but I ate most of it. It was free for both of us as she had gift cards given to her from friends! 
BFF Beth and Becky-----from girlhood.

I popped into Urban Eccentric store for a look around. Not alot of time as Bob was coming....give me 10 minutes. Nice shirt, but doubt it would fit me.

Homemade dress on mannequin....notice the lace skirt? So pretty! I recognized some of the clothes in there...oh goodness...I'm telling my age!!! 

I spotted a couple hats and tried them on. One of them came home with me. Can you guess which one?! It was a good day out, even though it rained a bit. Spent time at Beth and Bob's house after lunch til the heavy rainstorm quit. Glad it was a good drive home. Thankful for a few getaways that week. Then two weeks later, we went to Spokane. That's another story for another time. This story writer thanks all my readers for coming in for a visit. For comments you leave and welcome to a new follower! Have a blessed week!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

 Flowers are so pretty right now so I brought my new Rock n Roll rose inside. First rose from the small rose bush I bought at Costco a few weeks ago. Hopefully the stems with become thicker. It's in a vase with a gerbena daisy.  Grandmom needs flowers too...don't we all? I'm excited to see the rhodies blooming when we came home Friday evening from our Spokane trip. That's when I saw this rose blooming too. Now I'm waiting for my peonies to open. Lilacs nearly gone.

Megan brought home a cake for me Sat night from work. Safeway bakery closed down orders on Thursday as there were many cakes to make and two cake bakers, none on weekends. Oreo cake was delicious! The flowers are actually rings that she picked out for me. She said that was all she could afford this year (ring wise)!!!
We all had a slice after dinner as she'd been at bakery all day and wanted a bite. Why not? It was so good. She was gone most of Sunday. Came home after church and lunch as we were leaving for Panera. She was gone by the time we came back as she drove to attend a memorial service of Eric A. A man we knew for years, he'd been a youth pastor at a church we attended. He officiated Justin and Erin's wedding in our living room 2006. Well known and loved man in the community as he worked with youth in schools as well. Wish it wasn't so far...but we had just returned from vacation so it wouldn't work for us. Good memories of a man who loved people and shone the light of Jesus. He will be missed!
There's a loving table at church between services so we grabbed a snack before 2nd service. We wanted to sleep in....still on vacation. I got this lovely Mom cookie. It was made and decorated by someone from church. O so pretty and delicious sugar cookie underneath. Almost too pretty to eat!

Pastor Jesse preached. It's been 4 weeks since he did. He's looking much better now. So thankful he's feeling better and thanks for your prayers on his behalf.
My leftovers from Panera. Cinnamon pecan swirl and iced tea. And a bag of chips, use for lunch this week. Still have a bit left from gift card we were given from leaders of our children's ministry last month. Sweet! They surprise us every once in awhile. I need to surprise them once in awhile too....they work hard to make it all work out for teachers and the families with children!

Mother's day morning I found a package wrapped and sitting at my spot at the table. Opening it up I found this DVD collection that Megan found at a local rental movie store we frequent. Tim sells alot of dvds and videos as well. This is one of them! Sweet! My girl knows what I like!  :.}
I enjoy Judi Dench as an actress. I watched her when we were in England in the late 1970s. Still adore her acting career and am looking forward watching these DVDS.  I wish I could watch one tonight! 

    I'll leave you with a video that was shown at church before the sermon! I watched a bunch of others on youtube and most brought me to tears!   Hope you all had a nice mother's day....and to all who are not mother's I hope it was a good and blessed day for you as well! Have a blessed week ahead!  

Mother's day video

Vacation photo/posts coming soon...promise!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Back Home

 We returned home last night from our road trip to Spokane. Even though it's a 6 hr drive it took us longer. Food stop. Gas stop. Potty stop. Photo stop. But was fun getaway since Monday. We visited my blogger friend Betsy and her husband Dennis.
   Today there's a basket of clothes to be laundered. Clean off table in dining room. Went thru mail last nite that Megan brought in each day. Recycled the junk mail which were mostly political flyers. Sorry...we already voted so don't need to read it. Then I pulled up a letter with my name in my friend's handwriting from NM. I was happy to get a snail mail letter amongst junk and bills. I still write letters and send cards.
   Think I'll bake cookies today. Menu plan and maybe grocery shop. Will see.
Railroad clock tower built in 1901 on riverfront in Spokane. Built next to train depot that no longer exists .
  I fell asleep fast last night and slept well. Hard to rise from coziness. I best get a few things done before lunch.
  Happy and blessed Mother's Day weekend to my USA friends. Happy and blessed weekend to the rest of my friendly readers.
  Hugs from grandma Becky!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Plants and Relaxation

 Spring has finally arrived and excited to finally get a day when it's not raining to get my pedicure! Still warm enough to wear my sandals. Time to get some color on toe nails! I'm at home in afternoon when I took this photo.
 Earlier I did a bit of shopping again at garden center. I returned a hanging basket (no plants.) So I shopped for a few more plants.  A few more pots at home than I remembered. 
 I went outside in that evening to look at lilac bush. Got some evening sky and can you see the angel on top the bush? Such a surprise to find that configuration!  I sent a copy of it to my friend who's battling cancer. She really liked it.
 Pansies with iris blades in front of them. Can't wait til they bloom.
 Saturday afternoon I went outside and spent a few more hours than expected. I cut back the evergreen blackberries that invade our space. I made a mess. Glad to have a yard debris bin to put them in. Curbside recycled later.
 I transferred my chinese lantern plant into pot I bought last fall. It's gotten big this spring. Can't wait for the lanterns to grown. Red gerbena daisy and dark purple ivy geraniums. My back hurt at times so I enjoyed setting on the step and listened to the birds sing. Stayed out of the way of getting mowed over as well! ;.}
 Tomato plants in a bucket. I brought out from garage where I kept them warm. Watered them once then forgot them! I think they will come around now. Still outdoors. Another coleus. I can winter them over indoors. Phil mowed the lawn once he got back from tire center to check out his car. It's fine for now, which is a good thing!
Rock and Roll rose starting to bloom! My other roses are growing since I cut them way back. Soon they will have roses too.

This was a fun Sweet n Low pak at Dennys the other Sunday when we ate out.

 Megan was a tour guide on Sunday at church. They have a different bldg to meet in til their bldg they are attempting to buy is renovated. They needed a temp spot so they are meeting in a school. Since she was helping with the children and show the parents where class rooms were, this would be her guide hat. Kids and parents alike liked it! She taped them on since super glue didn't work.

My rhody bush is starting to bloom. 


Right now I'm not sitting at my desk but somewhere else. Enjoying some down time. 
Back with you soon!

"But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in Him, not having my own righteousness, which is from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which is from God by faith; that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering, being conformed to His death, if, by any means, I may attain resurrection from the dead." Philippians 3:7-11