Sunday, March 18, 2018

House Project

 The wait is over to get our house remodeled on the outside. I was disheartened when I looked at these photos of our house. It's falling apart on the outside. What will happen if we don't get it fixed soon, when I walked around it a few times last year? We jumped on the bandwagon last month and are now having professionals re-side our house. The wood above the windows were placed there after a woodpecker decided to peck 3 holes, almost 4, this summer. Phil put the boards up to keep him away. He met his demise at another house. Phil put some spray foam in holes to keep it from getting worse, less drafts. 
 One side of the house had a seam coming apart. Phil put flex seal tape over the seam. It's wide and it helped keep a room much warmer. We've lived in this manufactured home since it moved here, brand new, 1989. Little did we know how bad it would get. Louisiana Pacific siding wasn't good for many people, including us. 
 The siding installers came on Friday morning. They started tearing off the old siding that was soft and bulging. The insulation is fine. 
 Once old siding was off, sheets of plywood were nailed on. 
 I was happy to find out there was no mold, mildew or dry rot! Amazing! Thank you Lord! More work would need done which may add to the cost. This is what the house looked like before I left late Friday a.m. I had a podiatrist appt to go to. 
So off I went as I'd left 45 minutes later than I'd wished. I had to stop at Trader Joes to get some groceries before the appt. Did a quick shop then ate 3/4 of my turkey wrap in my car. Good thing the podiatrist office was extremely close to TJ.  I was able to get my callous core removed from my left foot. No pain and Dr Y did an excellent job in a matter of 5 min......not too long. I only winced once! Foot feels much better. He showed me what came out.....all callous hard.....goodness! Will go back when it hurts again. Apparently it's nothing uncommon and sometimes people get it fixed every month. Will see how long mine takes before my foot starts talking to me!! I'm thankful my pedicurist, Krissy, referred me. She used to work for him.

 I had a little down time, once I got home. I didn't do any more shopping as I didn't want to caught  up with the afternoon rush of traffic on the freeway.  I rode with Megan to the Comedy Sportz event at Grace Chapel, where she attends, later afternoon.  We'd bought 3 tickets earlier from her friend, Susie. Money will help her two boys go to day camp this summer. Phil met up with us after work. We had a fun time! There were snacks and drinks to buy, raffle tickets and silent auction going on as well. I didn't buy anything but a couple homemade berry bars for Phil and I.  All the proceeds go to help the camp attendees as well. I looked at the silent auction but didn't have the money to bid on what I wanted. Not since we are getting our house fixed! Save my money to help us out, for now!

 Here's the team of people near the end of the program. They did a great job of making us laugh! Each one had a number on their back....just like a sports team player would have. It's a group out of Portland. The mc, not shown, was called the referee. He was funny too. He asked audience for suggestions and input them within the scenes. 
 After the show was over, Phil and I went to eat dinner at Noodles restaurant. I had a Chicken Alfredo dish. The Korean meatballs were a sharing item, that he got for free. He takes an online survey about  his visit and he picked the meatballs. The garlic cheese bread was not available. I don't think the meatballs and me agreed. ARG! My stomach has been so peculiar lately but I'm keeping it happy as I can! Megan went to visit a friend after the show. 

When we got home on Friday, our house was wrapped in a yellow moisture barrier. On Sat morning the crew arrived again and worked on the trim around the windows. 

The trim is rustic grain and the primed siding will be rustic cedar. The siding will go up tomorrow, I'm thinking. The installers didn't stay long as I'd expected. There was a thunderstorm brewing, so they finished up a few spots and left. It got quite chilly as well. We were outside when it happened. One guy said he didn't like thunder. I told him I was more scared of the lightning!  I wouldn't blame them one bit. 
I just checked the back side of our house after our walk. There's some siding up already on the lower half. Nice!  We had a good walk and I've been walking a bit faster, attempting to lose some weight. 

I hope your enjoying your almost spring weather. Looking forward to warmer, stable weather. I'm definitely enjoying  flowers that are appearing. Take care and have a blessed week! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Negative Space: Week 8 Fun Photo Challenge

 Last week was an interesting week. Negative Space in a photo.....mine was thought out, used a photo I'd taken at a baby shower the other week. The space I saw here was negative and it draws your eye to the red raspberries and mint in the water below the ice. 


Last evening I went out to the garage. I'd realized my purse was too light so decided to go seek my wallet that was most likely on the seat of my car. I'd taken it out when I stopped at Red Robin to pick up my burger I'd ordered to go. Yep! It was there! I had put one of my daffodil plants by the wall that a.m. as it had fallen over. Here's what I saw when I was going to the garage! Snail!  Goodness, you're not going to eat my daffodils! I moved them away then salted the snail. It may be nice looking but not going to eat my flowers. No, I didn't eat it either! ARG!

Today was busy. Supplies delivered to our house this a.m. for our siding work. Phil marked the driveway with duct tape. The men from ABC Supply Co. did a nice job. I watched them a bit but not long. I had to eat my breakfast. They were done by time I'd eaten and had lunch put together. .  Dumpster later this afternoon.   An answer to a question.....We could have had siding with color on it but we didn't like the colors they had so we chose to go with primed siding. It is actually cheaper. We going to paint it close to the color (green) we have.  I think. We've not gotten that far yet. That's down the road a few months!

Work was busy but good. A former NBA player, Anthony Harvey, was in our store, purchasing items for a project. I sent  him to the right aisle location and someone helped him out.  He nearly left because he couldn't find what he needed. I found out who he was when I rang up his order! Fun and nice man!    After dinner, Phil and I went on a walk. Afterwards we did a bit of moving of plants and Phil moved numbers from our house to garage. That way the workers wouldn't have to take them off. Will need to replace them since they aren't too good there now....crazy nails got bent! I realized a bit ago I need to move some of my Precious Moments pieces off the outside wall that's on a shelf and a few photos and clock. Not sure where they will be working tomorrow. Didn't think about it Sunday as I was busy and tired after we got home from church and eating out. ARG! At least I remembered to do it before it's too late. Don't want items broken then there's tears and clean up! Sigh!  With that written, I'm done here. Have a good week and hope all is well with you! 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

InstantPot Lasagna

It's instant pot meal #2 for me a week ago Saturday. I decided to make lasagna in my new 7 inch springform pan. (One of two items from Amazon I'd ordered with bday money!) I had my scullery maid help me as there was alot to prep. I used boil free lasagna noodles, which sounded like plastic when they were broken into pieces. The hamburger was cooked in the saute mode in the instant pot. Nothing was indicated about adding onions, which I thought about cooking with the meat. I added dried garlic to the meat, added seasonings into the sauce that I added to the meal. 

Here's the pot while I'm waiting for the natural release to take place. Again, I had to do a bit of figuring out the way to set up the pressure cooking part. The recipe told what to do but her pot is different than mine. I figured it out. Still learning. Since I have a stainless steel pot on the inside, I use non-stick spray so it won't stick in the pan. Makes it easier to clean.
A bit fuzzy photo but it looks so good and tasted delicious. We had enough for left overs too. 

As usual the week has been busy: work, shopping Tues evening at Safeway to get meat on sale. I should have got it on Friday but I didn't as it was a not feel good day. Reading a book for a closed group study. "The Soldier Who Killed A King" by David Kitz. Reading two nights then answer questions from the study guide the next two days, share it online Facebook. It's been an interesting story about a Roman centurion who was there at the cross when Jesus died. This story is the week leading up to Jesus' crucifixion, death and living again. Check it out! More on that later, when I finish and do a book review. I'm reading mine on my Kindle as I needed it quick.     
Thursday was a windy day. I had my hair down when I went to work and it was blowing all over the place when I got out of the car and headed to the store.  On Friday, I met up with my former co-worker, Carrie, for lunch at Panda Express, in Canby. She works at a store there and we met and had a good time together, even though it was short. We have made plans to meet up early April for a plant show.  She showed me her engagement ring! Not sure when the wedding is going to happen. Still in the works! Here's my iced tea and an onion holder. A chocolate cupcake is within. 

Once we parted ways, I drove to Fred Meyer to get some groceries. I found out Ree's latest issue of her magazine was out. So I checked out the rack and there it was! It's good to have my cell phone with me and check out a few things. Here's my cupcake I ate as my snack after shopping and the rest of my tea. 
I was ready to drive off and my cell phone rang. I answered it, knowing the number. Miss J was calling to let me know that we were approved to have our house re-sided! It's actually going to start later this week. We'd thought it was going to happen in April but apparently there was an opening. Exciting! We are getting James Hardy siding put on. Exterior of the house is dire need of help. So thankful I answered the knock on the door a couple Sat ago. The following Wed we talked with the expert and decided to get it done. We'd done some research on the company and sounds all good. Super nice man we talked with. Got a good deal as well! We figured out which style of siding we wanted and it will already be primed. Cheaper that way. Then we get our painter out here later to paint our house! 
I spent some time outside yesterday cutting my rosebush back. It's been needing it anyway, supposed to cut back in mid Feb but it was too cold and stormy then. It's close to the house and we're not removing it either. Been in the ground for 26 years! I had to get another bypass pruner as the one I had wouldn't handle a few of big 2 inch branches. Phil already replaced one blade on my smaller one and I didn't want it broken again. So I headed to the hardware store where I work, incognito with a brimmed hat I wore outdoors. RJ helped me find a nice Fiskars bypass pruner and it was on sale.....better than my discount. While there I checked out prices of 5 gallon pails of  exterior paint. I don't have time to do that on a work day unless I want to do it on my lunch break. NOT!
The weather's been nice this weekend and tomorrow is warm as well. Glad it's going to be nice for the workers too.   I'm feeling much better these days. Just tired from the time change, waking a bit early, then back to sleep. Headed to bed early to make up for it tonight. One time of the year I don't like! Oh wellllll..........! Have a blessed week my friends and back with you a few days! 

"I will call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praise: so shall I be saved from mine enemies."
Psalm 18:3

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Spring Colour: Week 7 Fun Photo Challenge

I waited for some different spring colour to appear in my patio. Many people put up hellebores. Much to my surprise, I found a different way to share! Snow laden Lenten Rose Hellebores! It came upon us 11:45 p.m., just when I was ready to head to bed for the night. I looked outdoors through my mini blinds and saw the snow accumulating on the side walk. So thankful I had a fleece vest on and clogs, out I went into the chilly night. But it was a good deal! I knew it wouldn't be that pretty in the morning!

Then there's more snow on the patio
and snow on the leafless heritage birch tree.
Next morning was a day off work for me. Little snow left. I went and had a pedicure and did a bit of shopping. Late afternoon Megan and I headed over to Subway and got a turkey wrap to go. We were going to eat it once we got to our destination.
We drove to Salem to hear Jennie Allen speak at the Freedom Tour 2018 that she was leading. (she's the far left lady on stage...hard to get photos of her.) We couldn't get in til 6:15 so we ate our food in the car. We got there in time to get a close place to park....last spot or so in the parking lot, adjacent from the church.  No food or drink inside the sanctuary. We were blessed with the worship music and the message Jennie shared with us. A young woman who has really been into the word and writing and started IF:Gathering.  We met up with some women from the church I attend, which was nice. Sell out crowd of 1200 women! 

I bought Jennie's Nothing To Prove book, that went with the Bible study I was in the summer, Proven. I'd read a good portion of the book that I borrowed from Cindy but needed to return it. I also bought a cd of Christy Nockles.  I enjoy her music.  To the right is a gold bracelet, made in India. It's out of the bag it's sitting on. I signed up to give monetary help IJM remove people from slavery in many areas of the world. 43,000 people enslaved, more than the population of California! Catalog from Noonday Collection. Jewelry, purses and scarves made by women in other countries to help them prosper and help out their living condition, feed and clothe their family and education as well. Amazing idea. I am having a trunk show in April. Affordable items too! 

Today was a beautiful day to be out. By afternoon I took off my coat as the car was warm with the sun shining. I did a quick trip to Trader Joes then back into Wilsonville to eat lunch with Phil, a couple more stops then home. Now I'm a bit tired. Going to make lasagne in the instantpot. Hopefully it will work just fine!  Have a good weekend, my friends!

"In thee, O Lord, do I take refuge; let me never be put to shame. In thy righteousness deliver me and rescue me; incline thy ear to me, and save me!
Be thou to me a rock of refuge, a strong fortress, to save me, for thou are my rock and my fortress." Psalm 71:1-3

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Veterans Memorial Dedication Nov 2017

November started out as an interesting veteran event. I went down to Halsey where I grew up. I attended a veterans' memorial dedication. It is right by the city library. Here is the opening ceremony. The memorial is for the Central Linn area veterans who served after WWII. You don't have be dead to have your name engraved on the memorial. I'd heard about it early last year, through Sheri, who lives in the area.  Captain Mark Timmons, US Army, was the speaker. His speech was great and everyone enjoyed it. So many veterans and visitors on a chilly day, sitting in a blocked off  street. 

VFW from Brownsville who brought in the flags.
High flying flags on the chilly afternoon.
The link below has a newspaper story about the event. Early on was a video which no longer exists. 

The unveiling of the monument. Eldon, wearing brown hat and pants, is my cousin.
He was in the US Army. 

Up close I was able to finally find my name.. Can you spot it?  I know many of the names on memorial. 

And my brother's name. Michael Quimby

Most of the names.

Front of the memorial.
My friend, Sheri, took this photo of me. Posted it on Facebook too. I'm pointing to my name. 

Lovely red mini chrysanthemums, dusty miller and pansies with a flag by a bench. 

Here's my cousin, Leona and her son, Nat. They are holding an older framed photo of my grandfather, Ernest. He's by an airplane. This was in my uncle's house for years. Now it's mine.

Speaking of veterans, here's a photo of my grandfather, Ernest. He was in WWI. I got a lot of photos and a few newspapers from my cousin I'd met up with that day for lunch. I really like this photo of him. He served in France, with the American Expeditionary Forces. I learned a lot more about that time after reading and doing a bit of research on the computer. He received a purple heart. Not sure why but eventually I may be able to find out more. Apparently they had to carry their own paper work wherever they were stationed. That's why some papers aren't found as they get lost, etc. I have his enlistment paper somewhere. Not sure if he was married when he enlisted into the Army. 

After the ceremony and refreshments and conversations within the library, which was warmer than being outdoors, I visited Ewethful Fiber and Mill store. This building was built in the 1870's. Prior to being a hardware store, it served as a washing machine supplier and a mortuary. I don't think it was at the same time, though! The building also served as a dance hall in the upstairs loft and most Halsey long timers remember it as a hardware store. Prior to the mill, its last use was an auctioneer house. This building is one of the last standing historical buildings on what used to be Halsey's main street.

I enjoyed looking around the store. I wound up buying this sheep that's been crocheted over a tape measure! Not baaa-aaad!!  😄  

Nice quilts on a loom!!

It was time to head home after an interesting afternoon. Time to get warm again in my car! Thankful for a hat, warm coat and gloves to keep me warm. Hope you enjoyed the day with me! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Love and Affection:Week 6 of Fun Photo Challenge And a Bit More!

Love and Affection:on my valentine birthday last week! Ice cream cake and heart necklace are from my husband, Harris Tweed corsage from my friend is Scotland and glass heart from my sister. The begonia plant is one I bought and it's in memory of my mom who loved flowers.

The cake after we cut two pieces out of it eat after our dinner at Denny's for my birthday. We go there for a free grand slam on birthdays.

The weekend prior to my birthday was spent with my sister  in Washington. She lives there and I drove to Lacey on Friday, Feb 9. I had a late start as I'd not felt well the day before. Sat down and didn't do much that evening either. Didn't even go to Bible study. I should have packed. But I waited til the morning and it was fine. I left at 1:30 and made it to the hotel at 4:30. Stopped twice. Not a bad drive. Chilly outside and wore my coat as well. 
I really like the bathroom set up so much that I took a photo of it. Would love this in ours at home. I talked with a co-worker and found out the farm style sink, that's a drop in sink, is $1000. It's porcelain. I can dream, can't I?

My sister, Kerri, and Ranor came and picked me up for dinner. We ate at The Lemon Grass restaurant. Thai food sounded so good. This was Crunchy noodles with veggies, special sauce and chicken. Served with rice. It was good for my tummy. I baby it when it hasn't been well for a day. We had a good time together. Then they headed home once they dropped me off at the hotel. 
I was happy to see there were still fresh cookies out in the lobby of hotel. So I sat and talked with the hotel employee. She was eating her dinner and the Olympics were on. 

Saturday morning appeared chilly. My sister let me know she was running late as she had to defrost her car. It was 28 degrees at her house! BRR~32 in Lacey. Once we got on I-5 it was smooth driving to Seattle. Here's a photo of the old Rainier beer bottling building.

Seattle, here we come! Can you spy the space needle above Safeco field building? That's the only photo I have of it! I was hoping a closer one but not this trip!

We made it in time to see Container Wars! Two contestants  had to pick flowers and had agendas ...just like in those cooking shows. 

It was interesting as ideas were given by both ladies. The blue container contestant won. 
We had our photo taken with them. Gold and silver medals were awarded. We were wearing shirts that Kerri ordered. I was almost too warm in my two layers but she was fine in her hoodie! Osmicote was one of the sponsors. It is a slow release fertilizer that plants utilize so it doesn't leach into the water table. I did purchase a bottle last week at my hardware store. 
We shopped around and saw these pretty hearts. Kerri bought the blue one there and mine still thinking where to hang mine!
So many displays. This  one was so different with the white and less color than others. But it was refreshing.  The photo I posted on the last post was one as well.
These flowers were in it as well. Fritillaria af finis..chocolate lily. It is so pretty! I could see this in my flower bed!
Father's Day display! I like this alot!
A new style lawn a roomba, i mow mows your lawn...mulches what it cuts. When i mow is purchased a tech goes out to your property and sets up the invisible parameters so it stays within your property where the lawn is mowed. This size was $2000. Smaller version $1500. Interesting idea! This one is produced by Husquvarna .

Daffodils I got from the show, free, from Toyota dealership there. Filled out a survey what type of vehicle I'd like....Toyota Tacoma! Then go around to the next counter, roll a dice and I rolled a 4 and got two daffodils to take home. Apparently if you rolled a 7, you'd get a free car? One on dice? Now I have another style of daffodils for next year. 

This butterfly is made out of an oil drum. Another gift my sister bought me. I love old stuff!
The day was long but we had a good time. I wore out before Kerri. She wanted to see a bit more and buy a few things. A few more rows to shop. I watched her bag and sat down. Then we left for the car. She drove home in the dark and we got lost in the city to find I-5, even though we saw northbound, we didn't see southbound, which should have been close. So she stopped for directions on her phone. It appeared we made a big circle around about where we'd been.....oh well, got to see older places as well. Once we got to hotel, we got all my goodies out and off she went home. I went for Subway sandwich and brought it hotel, where I made hot tea in the dining area and watched Olympics.  Next morning, I left for home. Nice drive even with the clouds, chilly outdoors.
Phil and I went out to dinner at Red Robin after I got home. I had a free burger as it was my birthday month. Here's my free sundae, which I really should not have eaten. I'd already had a chocolate hazelnut milkshake with my lunch at Burgerville, in Woodland. Get the freebies when you can! I did share some with Phil though! Laundry done after I unpacked my suitcase. 
On Wednesday, Feb 14, my girlfriend, Tamara, brought me a gift while I was at work. We'd not had a chance the night before to meet and eat, when schedule/life allows. 

At dinner I opened the box and this lovely necklace awaited my smile! It's so pretty! I wore it Sunday with the purple sweater that's behind it. Amethyst and cubic zirconia. Love it!

Megan told me via text that I'd got a pkg from Isle of Lewis. I opened it when I got home and found these lovely gifts made by my friend from Mama's Mercantile! I took a selfie and emailed it to her. It keeps my head warm. She said she'd made for me to wear at work while at the till. Well, I did today as it was chilly yesterday and knew it would be again today. Barely 40 degrees and triple layered shirts and heavier pants and this crocheted headband kept me warm! She's the one that made the corsage as well. It's going to be cold Wed too so I'll wear it again. Had some nice comments on it!

I bought two pieces of art work at the flower and garden show from vendors. Left one is a mouse pad that has ferries and Olympic mountains in the background. I've been on those ferries on Puget Sound. so pretty! It's made by Kate Larsson  (  The water color painting is done by Apple Cox  ( It's on a canvas stretched onto a wooden frame. All I have to do is hang it up!

One more blog was featured on Whimsical September  this past weekend. Pop over and see it!

It snowed this evening but not sure if we'll be getting any more. Maybe half an inch now. Stopped snowing. It's fine. I don't want much more as we have an event to attend on Thurs in another town. Happy week, my friends!