Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Words on Wednesday...already?

 Tonight I baked the bit of cookie dough I took out of the freezer. I call them Chipumoat Cookies. They are different than original recipe because it has chocolate chips instead of raisins and I used vitality oils instead of regular seasoning....cinnamon and nutmeg. And Einkorn flour....oils and flour from Young Living.  Why did I bake them tonight? I am entering them into a pumpkin cooking contest tomorrow evening at Bauman Farms. Chicks Night Out. It's a fun event to attend, delicious food and percentages off purchases from the farm store. I'll share the recipe later.  I made the cookies a couple weekends ago and saved a bit for tonight to bake. Not an easy thing to do ....mixing and baking cookies once off work.

 Nice flowers by the register yesterday. I didn't work on Monday, at the hardware store. But I did work at home, including sweeping and mopping the kitchen and dining room, and vacuuming. 
Weather's cooling a bit and tomorrow it's supposed to rain, which we need. 
Yesterday I got a text message from our son, Justin....FYI! then up popped a photo of a sonogram!!! Erin is pregnant with their 4th child!!! OH wooowww!! Wasn't expecting that at all! So happy for them after all the moving they've done recently and settling into their apartment....2 bedroom, 2 bath has twists, turns and surprises and thankful the Lord is with them and all of us in all times!!  Tired grandma....loving my life, busy or not! Hope you do as well!

Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday Focus

 The week's nearly over and a few things done but more need done. Like keeping life at home organized and my mind in tune with the Lord daily. The butterfly shone bright for a while the other night then quit shining. It's like my life at times. Good ideas and I start working on organization of my office space. Then it goes awry. But still keep at it til it's done. (The butterfly solar light was brought to hardware store as it didn't work well. I was allowed to take it home. Still nice without the light.)
 Yesterday after work I dropped off some Young Living Thieves products at an elementary school close to where I live. Principal wanted them as the foaming hand soap in toxin free and good for adults and children to use when they are out in the garden box area. I was able to see the garden area since I was talking with the principal. He's done an amazing job out there. Each grade has a box to take care of. Part of school. I donated the items as they'd been asking for donations at hardware store where I work. Long story short ....he was grateful and it was nice meet him.
 Some plants were starters while others were started from seeds. Definitely tell where the carrots and onions are coming up. Tomatoes. Peppers.

 Side of building painted hands by children. Sunflower painted by someone. Thankful for an interesting class for young children and the mind of the principal to take on this work!
Photo by Becky Lowmaster © 2019
 View from my car windshield when I parked to get fruit and veggies from Bauman Farms 🚜 this afternoon after getting a few groceries. Music 🎶 on Klove blesses my heart then to see this view just made my day!! Thank you Lord for the beauty you have placed here on 🌎 for all of us to see and acknowledge you as the creator of heaven and earth!
Bought a flat of peaches. Will cut them up when they become more ripe and put in freezer. Next week is end of peach season. I have many things to do and not enough time to can. Maybe I should dehydrate some too?! Still have my dehydrator. Not used it in awhile. Also bought a big Walla Walla onion, tomatoes and lettuce and purple cabbage. Local grown food is great to eat!
  We have no internet since yesterday afternoon so our Roku tv is not connected. Sigh! Not able to be on my laptop for internet usage. Its a bit annoying but it will come back eventually. Our modem most likely needs replaced. Unplugged it twice. Didn't work. Just followed directions. Take it over tomorrow to get it replaced at wave store. I asked them today about it. Technology good until its not working.        Annoying....but life moves on and it will work out ok. There was life without the internet years ago!
  Enjoy your weekend and take care! Any plans besides staying home?

"The Lord God of Jacob blesses everyone who trusts Him and friends on Him. " Psalm 146:5

"Hidden in the hollow of His blessed hand, never for can follow."....Frances R. Havergal

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Summer Satur-day

 A busy Sat and thankfully it wasn't too warm. Phil and I went to his work picnic at Oaks Park. Delicious food and fun. Rides and miniature golf were fun. Seeing the grandchildren was the best part of my day. (Justin works at the same company) Phil, Melody and Owen rode on a big roller coaster. Here they are in line. First time the grandchildren were on one. Owen was just 2" taller than the minimum size to be able to ride it.
 Lovely Willamette river. Close enough to see up the river into Portland. Glad we weren't downtown as there was a riot going on. Thanfully it wasn't wild and crazy, according to reports.
 Lovely hydrangea bush on our way out from the park.
Granddaughter hiding behind a toy.

Bumper cars at Oaks park. 
 We were there 4 hours. Came home after we had an early dinner. Then left after we changed clothes. Went to a play in Newberg.
"And I, If I be Lifted Up"(The Gospel of John) ...My friend from years past played Jesus. It blessed my heart. It was great to see Kevin again and meet his wife. I'm friends with her on facebook.

  •    More photos to share later.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by in blogworld to read my blog. 🌷❤🌎

Monday, August 12, 2019

Coastal Visit

Phil and I took off to Lincoln City after we went to Toastmasters Club, where he works, a couple weeks ago.  Came home, I finished packing.......ended up at a lovely spot after we checked in at our hotel. One night stay....that's ok! Good to get away from the little city we live in! We bought Tillamook ice cream across from D River. Shortest river in the world, comes out of Devil's Lake! 
not for use by other people.
Afterward, I stopped in at a gift shop and bought myself a sweatshirt and a gift for one of my friends. Then we went to a restaurant which was very good. This was in the waiting area.

the old bbq that Bill used...have BBQ, will travel, is what was written on one side of this cart. 

Later we walked to the beach and waited for the sunset....not much! Oh well, ya never know. I did take more photos on my camera but these are ones from my cell phone. I'll share those later. My leg hurt after awhile, so we left and came back up and sat on bench at table and just enjoyed the view. Too much walking up and down makes my right leg a bit unhappy. It is getting better though!
Flowers outside the hotel in the morning after we checked out.
We went to Prehistoric store a few blocks away. Never been there and was curious of what was in there. Most of all the items were old. Cool looking amethyst rock. $2200!!!

Almost got bit by the dinosaur when I left the store! NOT!!! It was raining that day.

Then we ate at Dory Cove, which took us a bit to get to as there was a lot of traffic. It's summer time!

Delicious clam chowder with garlic bread. Wasn't real hungry but need lunch before we headed to south to a bead store!
I bought the bottom 4 strands of beads. Round ones are actual stone beads while the other two are shell beads. I'm using these beads to make diffuser bracelets for a Christmas bazaar in November. Went thru Depoe Bay, since we were close, and stopped for a bit. Took some photos. Got back in car and went to Newport and home east bound. 

Saturday a family reunion near Lebanon. 2 dogs by a man sitting by me. Black dog is the pet of man. Other one...I want food too!
Small quilts all made by an older lady So pretty! It was one of the many raffle prizes. I forgot all about that and didn't bring anything. All $ goes to help pay for the event shelter. Much cheaper than last few years when we were at the coast and rented a house which about $1200! for a few days! I didn't buy any tickets as I'd already spent too much on our trip, like beads and hotel. Next year!

A lovely rose out front, with real raindrops on the petals!

One Chinese lantern growing...hopefully more soon. Some of my plants didn't bloom as last year. I should add some plant food to their diet besides just watering. There's been quite a bit of sun. A bit of rain last week.
Lighter toe nail polish this month. The prayer shawl is above my feet. I'm enjoying this shawl making, even though it's taking longer than I wanted it to.  I get busy when I get off work. I keep on going. Each day, with the Lord in my heart and show His love in many ways to others each day. 

Interesting sky on our walk this evening. The clouds changed quicker than usual and we enjoyed watching them. 

Nice dahlias at a neighbor's house.

Have a good time my friends. Enjoy the rest of your summer, or whatever season you are in right now, and may God bless you in the days ahead!

"I pray that the Lord will bless and protect you, 
and that He will show you mercy and kindness."
Numbers 6:24-25

"Grace is the free, undeserved goodness and favor of God to mankind." 
--Matthew Henry

Sunday, August 4, 2019

4th of July and Beyond!!

 It was a good afternoon at the St. Paul Rodeo on 4th of July. We left early enough to get a close parking spot. I'd been reading a few things on their website about how things have changed since last year. One was to avoid St Paul by having a detour.  Different areas to park. Another change was that zoom lenses longer than 5" are no longer allowed, unless you have permission from a certain organization. I'm thankful I looked online about what's NOT allowed in the arena. I was a bit disappointed but I lived with it. Hopefully it will get worked out for next year. We ate dinner early then went through the artist tent, which is fun to through.  
Got into the arena. Watched the rodeo for an hour and a half. I went to the restroom, then came back up the stairs, and fell on my right leg!!!  I raised up a bit and someone held out their hand to help me up. I got back to my seat, which was a couple more steps.....sat down and my right knee started to complain. I grabbed my relief roller bottle and rolled it onto my leg and knee. OH, I'm thankful I took it helps calm the hurt. We did watch more competition, and saw the sunset, which was pretty. But then I couldn't handle life right then, as not feeling the best, we left. 45 minutes after the fall. I did take some photos after the fall. Thankful for the lady who brought a bag of ice to me, after the fall happened. Phil helped me down the stairs, and a man held out his hand for me to hold as I came by him. Thankful it wasn't too high up! I remember watching a child running up the steps earlier! Right!  
 We stopped at the first aid tent before we left and had talked to a rodeo man about the fall as well. I wanted to get checked out to make sure nothing else was wrong but a bruise below my right knee.  The emt asked me a couple times how my comfort level was.....ok.  Interesting how the oils help! Got a couple ibuprofen from them. They helped walk me to their suburban and Phil came with us, to our car. At that point, I found out my right side wasn't happy as well. So thankful to be gone before the rodeo was over!  

 Once home, Megan gave me a leg wrap that you put ice in and wrap around the leg. I was there for over an hour. She had been outside watching fireworks. Also saw illegal fireworks and there were policemen in the area getting people to stop the horrible, high, loud fireworks.

My leg/ankle didn't swell up or get worse so I didn't need to go to urgent care or hospital. Thankfully. I stayed off my leg most of the next few days, missed two days of work the following week. Good thing for sick pay. All in all, it is getting better. It's been a month and still having a few issues. Go on walks when I can and doing exercises that I've done for my sciatica. It helps. It took awhile to get life going again, driving and shopping....latter one not fun, but it worked.

Following week, was pedicure and enjoy these pretty flowers by the door. 
Leg wasn't too bad but Krissy was careful and my legs and feet were a bit more happy!

My "new" car with the sun shade on it!
Then I met up with my friend, Jill, for a birthday get together. We usually do it later than our birthdays, because of her schedule after her music students are done and conference, etc, she attends.
Then Saturday I had an open house for share some Young Living products with people. I invited quite a few people. 
Made some delicious banana muffins, using the recipe on the back of the Einkorn flour bag. It was so good. Second time I've made it. It's an ancient flour, grown in France, that has only 14 chromosomes in it and non-gmo. Much different than normal flours. I know of friends who have no problem eating this who have issues with regular flour. I've made pancakes and bar cookies with this flour and we really like it!
New towel that I had on the table just for the occasion. One friend showed up. It's ok. One friend had a memorial service attend, another had a sister in the hospital....sigh! Will try another time, maybe mid Sept?  

Sunday afternoon, I went with Megan to church for another baby shower. 
Can you guess the gender? A baby boy, expected in mid Aug, to Whitney and husband.
Here's little Abigail, almost a month old. I was at her mom's baby shower the month prior!
Megan and I went to my friend Sue's house in Salem for a "Salad in a Jar" class later that week. Sue made Ningxia slushy with Ningxia Red, frozen blue berries, fruit juice, yogurt and ice. So good!

Some of the vitality oils that were used in the salad dressings/marinade.
Bottom of jar filled with dressing,  veggies and meat, which was chicken and bacon, then the lettuce on top.
When you're ready to eat the salad, you open the jar and it all comes out! I made two jars and Megan did one jar. We had them for dinner Sat evening. So good, with fresh made biscuits.

We had our big juniper hedge removed. It took awhile to get it done. Thankful for a neighbor a few blocks away that does projects like that. He had a crew and they did a good job, even in the heat.

Biggest root that gave an issue but they finally got it all out!
No snakes, just spiders and bugs, that didn't bite!
All smoothed over and now we are planning on get some bricks and rock to fill it in. Not good for a parking space. Late afternoon and it was quite warm so I made sure they had enough water to drink.
Last weekend of July I went to Eugene with 3 other girlfriends from church to hear Beth Moore. It was so good and thankful we went! Two other church girlfriends stayed in the same hotel and we enjoyed our time talking afterwards and eating breakfast together the next morning before the next session started.

Have a blessed week my friends!!!