Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Rain has Arrived!

 Good evening my friends! Resting my legs and weary grandma body on my new recliner! Just got finished pulling an oatmeal chocolate chip cake from the oven which I made from scratch! It smells so good! Will need it soon at a reunion. Packing after work Thurs. Headed for a fun few days near the beach.
      Here I am after recliner was delivered on Sat after I had a quick trip grocery store. Bought a med bowl of loaded potato soup for lunch. Good thing I did as the delivery man called me while my groceries were being checked out. They came earlier than expected...half hour early. Thankful they pulled out old recliner and let me vacuum so it'd be nice and clean. Smallest recliner they delivered that day. So comfy.

      I like the bulletin cover on Sunday at church. Studying 1 Corinthians 7....interesting chapter and background of the young church Paul helped grow helps the chapter content make more sense .
      Afterwards we went to Red Robin for lunch. It was so pretty outside! Cooler with the clouds.

      Fast forward to work week...tulip bulbs have arrived at the hardware store.  Michael told me yesterday he thought of me when he ordered them. He knows I love tulips. One of my favorites. Bulbs are from Holland. They need planted in the fall so they can bloom in spring. Some people don't know that .
      It was raining yesterday quite a bit. Here's what it looks like from the break room. I'm glad nobody's complaining about the rain. It's been quite awhile since we've had any rain. Temps are in the high 60s. Low 50s at night. People are wearing sweatshirts now. Me at home too.
 Raindrops on the top of my car last evening.
Nice old pickup in parking lot and sunset time coming closer each minute.

At breakfast I've been adding a couple drops of Young Living citrus fresh essential oil to water. I don't drink orange juice any more. It helps wake me up and helps my mentality through the day. Add lemon essential oil to my iced tea in evening. Oh so good and its a help in a few ways health wise too.
    I will be back soon with photos of the summer weekends. I am behind with the last part of Spokane trip! Take care and enjoy the last days of summer. Praying for people who are affected by hurricane Florence that's coming to east coast. My daughter in law's family lives in NC and so does a blogger friend. Scary but praying the storm won't be as huge and damaging as predicted!

(All photos by Becky Lowmaster and don't copy. )

Friday, September 7, 2018

Week 25-31:52 Week Fun Photo Challenge

Week 25: Down to Earth...cemetery on Memorial Day

Week 26:Natural Shapes-horse head tree across the street from us. Stormy day and a rainbow as well behind me...I've shared it before though!

Week 27:Compostional Rules---rule of the beach
Flamingo flowers, geranium and other plants is a greenhouse. I did 2 photos this week.

Week 28:Postcard or calendar...I did postcard. A bronze statue in honor of  Lt. Col. Michael P. Anderson, US Air Force, died with six other astronauts aboard the space shuttle Columbia when it broke up in re-entry over Texas, 16 minutes before the landing was to take place, Feb. 1, 2003. He was a pay load specialist on the shuttle. He lived in Cheney, WA while growing up. Local artist Dorothy Fowler created the statue. At the base of the statue are these words "Keeping This Dream Alive." Michael wanted to fly and he did!

Here's another photo I like of this statue....a good memory of someone who loved to travel into space.  This statue is at Riverfront Park in Spokane where Phil and I spent a few hours in May while visiting my friend Betsy.

Week 29:Editing-flowers on a walk....I edited them to look vintage style. 
Original version.

Week 30: Intentional Camera Movement- US Air Force flag at St. Paul rodeo on 4th of July, honoring veterans of all branches.

Coleus. Again, 2 photos this week. I went outdoors and practice intentional camera movement and this coleus photo came out pretty good. I did change the colors. Cropped it too. Zoomed in as I was taking the photo.

 Color of coleus before I changed it.

Week 31:Dutch Angle- apple while  making applesauce in the kitchen the other week!

It's quiet and loving it! I woke up earlier than I'd wished but had to take my car over to the Ford dealership to get motor and transmission mounts done on my car today. Got over there about 8:15 and got a phone call about 12:30 that it was done. I got a ride home and back from the dealership. Runs like a charm now....a new car sound...quiet, no vibration. Apparently the motor mounts put on alot of them aren't the best when the cars were made. Phil had his done this spring and it makes a lot of difference in the ride! We both have Ford Focus and we enjoy them and great gas mileage as well. Been on line alot this afternoon and worked on this post. Tomorrow my recliner arrives in the afternoon. Can't wait. Will have Phil help move old recliner out of the way and move other recliner we're keeping into his spot and new one into my spot. Old one....maybe set it outside for someone to take to their house....not sure.   
Our weather is cooling down which is fine. Mid 80s into 70s later this weekend....There's rain in the forecast and hope it happens. There's a new fire across the moutains in Bend so there's a bit of smoke from that. Fire in Reddding exploded again on Wed and you could see smoke from it too. I-5 from Shasta to past Redding was closed. Alot of trucks not here on interstate because of the fire there...oh goodness. Some exploded because of the heat from the fire, from what I'm hearing ...not good either! Prayers for all involved. Life isn't easy and we just move on through our day. Remembering God is still loves us in all of the ups and downs of life.
Take care and have a great weekend!

"You are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble. You surround me with joyful shouts of deliverance." Psalm 32:7

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Another Month Has Come and....

    Good evening my friends!! The weeks of summer are coming to a close in a few weeks. Our mornings and evenings into the night are cooler than a few weeks ago. Wore a sweater over my short sleeve shirt this a.m.  Good thing I did as it gets cool when a.c. on in afternoon at work. And at Panera where I ate this eve.
     While shopping at Bimart after work today I found this 2019 planner for a good price in the school supply dept. I like pursuing that aisle as there's some items I look out for. I did buy my grandchildren a few items for their homeschool needs a few weeks ago. Always need paper, spiral notebooks and colored pencils.
    Last Wed after work I made cinnamon brownies to take to work on Thurs. Co-worker DD who was leaving enjoyed them. Glad I made them one last time and a little bit of gifting from me that way. Another co-worker gave him a Hawaii survivor bag....a whole pineapple, a can of Spam and Little Debbie oatmeal cookies. How hilarious!

     Yesterday I had a vacation day from work. Stayed home and did things I needed to do including working on quilt. It went ok. I'm excited how it looks. I need to cut out 3 more rows and sew them up. Maybe later this week.

     Like the day I stay home when my car gets it's engine mounts replaced late week. So noisy. Phil got his done a few months ago and his car is so quiet now. We both have Ford Focus. Since I'm going to the coast soon I need it done sooner than later.
      Or waiting to have my new recliner delivered on Sat! We went to Laz-y Boy gallery in Salem after lunch Sunday. On sale is a great time to buy it! It's made in USA! Tried to persuade Phil to get one too but he'll use my old one. He's saving $$$ for a new computer. I'm getting the blue color...both same style in this photo. Can't wait...anticipate the new piece of living room furniture. All others are used, given to us by friends. Years ago we purchased our first couch and love seat Jan 1979 when we came back from England where we served with USAF for 2 years. Once we got a house on base, since I was qualified to live on base, we bought a table and chairs for dining room. (Phil was out by then). We've still got that one. And now our expanded family has enjoyed meals with us!
     Justin and Erin are completely out of their old apt and had a walk thru with landlord as well. Hopefully they will get their cleaning deposit back. I gave her some Thieves household cleaner to use and she liked it. Cleaned with a no residual smell that's overwhelming like some cleaners. Safe around children and pets as well. I just made two spray bottles up for myself Monday. One for each end of the house. I added a few drops of lemon oil to it.

Take care and thanks hanging in there still waiting til I post again. Your comments much appreciated.

No I don't have a way to get tweets from you on my blog, anonymous commentator who asked. Leave a message and a good blog to visit is only way to get back with you....Goggle account works. 
God bless you all!

"From the rising of the sun to its setting, let the name of the Lord be praised." Psalm 113:3

Monday, August 27, 2018


Handful of raspberries and a Becky Lowmaster 
Life is busy as usual. Was outside after a walk yesterday and watered plants. It's still dry but much cooler, hoped it would rain. But it didn't. After I watered, I walked back to talk with my back fence neighbor. He had some raspberries growing on our side of fence so picked a few. He gave me a few more and a tomato. Yummy!   Thankful the skies are free of smoke and so walking is a good venture for the past few evenings. Phil helped our son move boxes and beds from their old apt to their new apt Sat. p.m. And even got to read a story to Lydia, since she brought him a book to read to her! Sweet! They will be getting the remainder of odds and ends out this week. Lydia is laughing in her sleep now, not crying. I hope to see them soon!  Need to hop off this lap top, finish the dishes, wait for dryer load to finish, fold some laundry from the other day and go to bed....another work day looms...and then a pizza party on Thurs as DD is leaving...moving to Hawaii eventually!  So off I go til next time...just wanted to let know I'm still here and breathing, loving the clouds too and weather 88 degrees Tues then back into the 70s! Hurrah! Still praying for the wildfires in OR, WA and Canada and CA....oh my!!! Hugs and blessings, my friends!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Apples and Horses

 Summer time is coming to an end! Hopefully cooler weather comes with it!!! Amazingly enough there's apples ready to pick and make applesauce. I went out Sat afternoon to get some gravenstein apples from a lady I'd met at the hardware store when she was purchasing canning supplies. Free for the taking, so I drove out to get them. Helped her and her husband pick some off the tree. We had a good visit. In the sun, 
 and we talked about flowers. Such a lovely spot to have at her country home!
 Horses on the other side of the fence were fun to feed apples to and watch them run around!
 This mare became spirited all of a sudden and would run from the barn up to the fence! Oh man, that scared me!!! But she didn't go into the fence. Crazy, girl....we think she's pregnant, by the
 looks of her!

After I got home and Phil finished watching the last of a movie, we worked on the lesson for children's class. Finalized it. Story of the paralyzed man who was brought to Jesus by his friends. Luke 5:17-26. Here's the finalized project this morning at church. Phil found the outline of basic body on the internet. The children colored the man, or woman, whichever they chose, then glued pipe cleaners on the back and let them set.  Playdough on the bottom of the feet made the man/woman stand up! We had to come up with that ourselves, between the two of us. Not always a good choice in the lesson plans so our creative minds are put to the test! We almost always figure it out. Don't do it while being tired ....not a good plan!  Sometimes I save what we do. We are teaching the younger children this month.

Good news!!! Justin and Erin have found a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment and apparently will be moving into it slowly starting next weekend. Hopefully his pay increase will happen soon and enough to help with the increase of rent that comes with new apartment. A bit bigger than where they live now. Erin's friend, Kris, came down yesterday and got her chickens. Hard to find a place for them where they've looked. I know it was a bit sad for her and and the children enjoyed the chickens very much.....brought me to tears thinking about it Friday night! Oh well, life moves on and hopefully she can have some again when they get their own dream home! Thanks so much for your prayers and kind comments! Will watch the children a couple hours on Sat. 
Have a blessed week!

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interest of others." 
Philippians 2:3-4

Monday, August 13, 2018

Busy Times

 Which include going to the dentist on friday for my cleaning appointment. New to me dental hygenist was nice. With x-rays there was a cracked tooth found that needs a crown! Of course, in the back of my mouth. Never felt it crack neither! Then a tooth under my bridge I had put in a few years ago, needs fixed! But Dr Ben has a warranty on it for me so will not need to pay for the new bridge. Apparently there is some decay going on under there...I did what ordered to keep it clean! Praying it's a cavity and hopefully not in need of a root canal! I did pretty good for the last 2-3 this! Oh well! 

 Sunsets have been red/pink with the smoke in the air. Still happening. I love to go on walks but haven't been because lately my lungs aren't happy! I do go out and water the plants though. 
 Rose of Sharon blooming a bit. I could or should move it into more sunlight. It's been so hot though, what do ya think? 
Chinese lantern plant has got some orange color coming on! Love it too. I put some Black Gold potting soil on it and a few other plants as it has some fertilizer in it. It perked up my two roses that are new. Glad to see that happen this evening.

Megan got back this a bit ago from the Volcanoes game where she was a CERT/safety monitor. She found two baseballs,  one in the stadium and one right close to her car, which was fouled out of the ball park in the 10th inning, by a Volcano player. She got one autographed by the visiting Canadian team. 

So much going on and not alot of time to share. I worked on photos from our Spokane trip yesterday evening. We had a good long day to church and teaching and then church picnic by the Mollala River, It was so cool out there by the river after the baptisms in the river. Good to see friends and eat good food.  

A bit tired, but kitchen is cleaned, laundry done, leftovers of beef and veg soup from crockpot put away.......Justin and Erin on the hunt to find a place to live. Found one but the people showing triplex couldn't find the keys that belonged in the key box. It is affordable for them and bigger than where they live now.  They will go again soon. Prayers for the stress, especially on the children....little Lydia is 2 and not understanding what's happening and doesn't sleep well. I try not to stress and just give it all to the Lord. He knows what they need and will get them through it! Amen?
Thankful for coolness indoors. 96 degrees tomorrow, 92 on Wed and into the 80s Thurs....oh the summertime heat.  Now it's off to close down the laptop, lights and my eyes!!!

"Though I walk in the midst trouble, thou will revive me; thou shall streatch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me. The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me, thy mercy O Lord, endureth forever; forsake not the works of thine own hands." Psalm 138:7-8

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Summertime continues with.....

...a couple days of work with Tuesday being the busiest so far, my friends. Oh so happy to have time to relax and eat at Panera Bread.  Free drink tonight reward that went with  Creamy chicken and rice soup, Chicken almond salad sandwich and potato chips, a mixed berry scone, in the bag and hibiscus tea with a bit of unsweetened regular tea. Refilled tea before I went home. Snitched a few bites from the scone. Eating more of it now that I have it home! Let Megan have some too....."uhoo...."she says, "a scone unattended in the kitchen..." Good thing she left me a bit to eat! 

 Here's the sky once I got home. See all the pink....near sunset and there is smoke in the air from the fires in Redding, CA and further south in Oregon. I can smell the smoke in the air. So sad to have more fires again this year. Dufur fire, I wrote about last time, is over and so is the fire near The Dalles. Sigh! But fire fighters being sent various places to help out. Even the Army National Guard are being trained to help out as well.

Lord have mercy on us in the heat and drought. I came home, brought a few things in. Went back outside and watered the potted plants and in-ground plants..... More clean water in the bird bath as the birds are loving it! Our weather is giving us hot temps next couple days...97 and then down to coolness....maybe back into the 90s again next week?! through it as we always do. 

Our son and wife, Justin and Erin, were notified last week that they had 60 days to find another place to live.  They live in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom duplex. Hopefully what they found today will work out for them! A bit closer to us....but close to friends as well. 
Beth had her last chemo today! So happy that part's over. Now for rest and strength to help her in the coming days and years and hopefully cancer will go.away!!!! 

I'll be back soon with the weekend of fun with a few cute photos! Busy but good times. 
Have a good week! I'll be back!!!