Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mid Summer Blessings

Tuesday. One more day of work this week after today. Vacation day. Plans. Last evening after Proven women's Bible study and talking with Phil, I headed outside to water plants. Hot weather has made a few plants limp. Cool evening. Afterwards I sat on the front step to catch up reading a few things I've needed to read. So refreshing to read Sarah Bessey's monthly newsletter. She's from Canada. She is a great writer. I feel refreshed when I read her words. I've super busy lately with work and one evening gone with Bible study. But I'm feeling blessed through this time of God's teaching through another woman's work, Proven by Jennie Allen. I'm deepening my faith walk. Two sessions left and we're feeling blessed and wanting it not to end. It is good to draw closer to a few women in our small group after big session. Amazing. And summer is quickly waning. Temps this week have been high 80s and 90. Fall is coming so I proof read my order for anniversary invitations and return address labels. Paid. Click. Order confirmed. Vistaprint much cheaper than Shutterfly. I'm giddy with excitement.  Almost like a bride again but a bit different. So thankful to be celebrating life with Phil another decade married!! On that note, I'm outta this blog til a few days when I can post again. Have a blessed day!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Stairs: Week 28 Photo Challenge (and 25)

These stairs are made from douglas fir and are in the Coos History Museum in Coos Bay, just around the bay where we saw the tall ships in June. Interesting museum. I didn't take any photos indoors except for a few on my phone and outdoors, which I showed you a few weeks ago.

I just realized a few minutes ago I was missing a photo challenge.....Travel. So I am going to have to fix my numbers, apparently. This was week 25 and I have Bokeh in that one. This is at the Fest of Sail, where the tall ships were in Coos Bay. So you get to see a few more of this trip. Freda B giving a sailing trip to people on the bay next to the Lady Washington ship, on the right. This photo was taken on Saturday.

Friday evening we were at the docks to see what was going on. Not a big crowd but we watched a ceremony with tribal Indians give gifts to two of the ships there. I've not got alot of time right now to show you that. Afterwards we were visiting with this man who is there for educational purposes. He was in the cannon shot the next day, which we went to.
 Pirate fun! And I met this man again Sat when I got my balloon rabbit. Same man, different venue! He actually made this flamingo!

The first thing we saw when we came around the corner into North Bend was this huge rubber ducky! This 61 foot tall, 11 ton world's largest rubber duck makes the bay at Mill Casio in North Bend her personal bathtub. She spreads happiness and joy to people of all ages. Mama Duck serves as an inspiration to enjoy the world's waterfronts and conserve our natural resources.
Well, my friends, another week is upon us and I must head into the kitchen to get dinner ingredients together and then finish a project for Bible study tomorrow evening. We've had a good day at church and a home to home dinner. Good food and fellowship.   Down side of things includes my girlfriend, Laura, has brain tumor giving her problems again. My uncle Nathan died on Monday. He was my mom's only sibling. Megan's still job searching and waiting to hear from applications. Prayers appreciated and hope you all have a blessed week!

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with comfort we ourselves receive from God."
2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Attraction: Week 27 Photo Challenge

 Last week's theme was caught at the rodeo. It was a challenge for me to get the words with action all in one frame. This event was bare back riding. Challenge for the cowboy rider is to keep his legs in a certain position and not to touch anything with his free hand...to name a few rules. Phil and I were there on 4th of July afternoon for the matinee performance. We went early enough to get lunch before the show started. We always go to a different venue for food and then meet up to eat. He likes his sausage and I again had a chicken tortilla wrap.  We've yet to sit in the same seats. I chose the south side where we'd be in the shade and less sun into my camera. Warm afternoon, about 84 degrees.

 Here's a few of my favorites from the many rodeo photos to share with you all. Rodeo queen!
 Flag bearers going out of the arena.
 Rodeo clown taking photos of people in the front row on their camera then he took a few photos of himself on it! 
 Horses running free after the competition is over. They go across the arena to a gate that goes on other side and into a corral that goes to the barns.
 Horse running free after a rider is off, I think this is calf roping.
 Ferris wheel from across the arena. I used my 300 mm zoom lens this year and it was incredibly fun to use, even though my wrists got tired holding it. I rested them for awhile and flexed my wrists later to get them loosened up. I needed to be ok for Wed as I had to be at the register all next day.
 Calf roping. And they are just coming out of the chute.
 He's down off horse and tried to tie calf but it didn't work. Judge is on the left.
 Big screen that shows instant replays and.....
 you can see inside the chute.
 Bull running in arena after rider is off. He looks mean!
 Cowboys that are in arena to help riders in different situations, especially when they have a rough ride, help them when they are coming off a rough horse, etc.
 Another one of my favorite photos! Sigh!
 Flags around the arena! They are into the spirit of the holiday, God and country! Love it!
 This was my second choice of the week for the challenge. It's sometimes hard to choose! Junior bull riding competition...8-12 year old boys and girls ride. I was happy that my lens gets so close in. Can you see the man holding the bull's tail as it leaves the chute?
 Wild horses in the corrals outside after the rodeo. We had to stop to let bulls and horses through. There was a gate that closed and allowed the animals through while people waited. 
 After getting by the horses, we found the trailer where the strawberry shortcake was sold. They were just closing down when we got there but we were able to get ours and we asked for another one as well, since a man came up beside us wanting some as well. We always get some from there and it's so good! That's the third one I've had this summer and it's only July! I count the one on the pancakes! The flags are from a vendor who sells all these flags. 
Here's an older house that was on the street where we parked. It was so pretty. The house to the right isn't lived in right now. We were able to park by white house and not pay for parking. A lot of people let you park in their area but it's $10. Last year we parked by the church and walked a ways, like we did this year. I don't like crossing the main street though.  But it's nice to see what's there. Friendly little town that bulges big time when the rodeo events happen! It's a town we drive through to get to other places.  I hope you enjoyed the rodeo with me! Take care my friends and will be back with more photos to share!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Week of Fun

A week ago I started out with an inspirational Bible study on Monday evening. We gather into 3 small groups to connect and pray for each other after the larger group session. This was such a lovely seating where I was, so a few of us took photos to remember it by. 
One of our neighbors has lovely tiger lilies in their lawn. I enjoy them so, even though I don't grow them. Only so much room and time and money!
On Wed Phil hung up two gallery wraps in the living room gallery. They are of two bridges in Salem. Far right is Marion St. bridge with the Willamette Sternwheeler underneath it. Picture far right, on top row, is cement girders underneath the same bridge. I enjoyed looking at them later as I just sat and rested in my recliner. Had come home from work, not feeling well that day. Good view, huh? Photo to the far right is Ansel Adams work, in black and white. The rest are mine.

The following evening and Friday I spent time at the Oregon Christian Convention in Turner. It was a good place to be, especially Friday all day, even though I got up early to hear the speaker at 9 a.m. Worth it all. Food was good and time together with people I've met through the years was a blessing besides being in the word of God. 
From a distance I couldn't see what the little creatures were on the letters. Birds? Nope, butterflies. Nice!  

Later in the afternoon I had strawberry shortcake at the Turner Retirement home. It's so good. One year I waited too long and it was all gone! I got to visit with my friend Alice who used to be a missionary in South Africa for 30 years. She is in assisted living due to her health. We have a good time together. 
Here's Alice's Boa with a bow! She says it makes a great neck pillow! I sat on her bed along with cousin Pat as we came together. Got off our feet for a bit.

Here's another lily, at convention grounds and a yellow fire hydrant to go with it!

Friday evening Pat and I ate in the older but renovated Pioneer Hall. BBQ fundraiser to continue to renovate the hall. Needs a kitchen. I saw it a couple years ago when it was being taken apart. I'm glad it's still around.
After the evening session was over, I headed home and stopped in at Target to pick up patriotic M&Ms for more than one reason. We are eating the peanut butter ones now. The 5 milk chocolate bags are for our anniversary celebration in Oct. Only store where I could find them.  Two other stores I frequent didn't even have them. {On a side note, I was able to find my paper goods in colors I wanted at Target yesterday on way home from the coast! Score and party is 3 months away. Stopped in to get milk. That's how I shop!}

Last Sat evening Phil and I ate at Denny's restaurant. I had a $5 off coupon for the meal. My deal was double berry pancakes..(blueberries inside the pancakes and strawberries on top), 2 eggs and 2 sausages and hashbrowns. I ate it all except for one bite to Phil. I had been tired so long and it was so delicious! Phil's skillet meal was spicy so I didn't even try it! 

We had an outdoor church service on Sunday, as usual near the 4th of July. After the service was a picnic then Phil and I helped at the critter cabana, helping keep children in line as 7 were allowed in the area to pet animals.  I liked this macaw. He was patient and was held by older children. Other animals were a rabbit, iguana, turtle, who was on the ground and not allowed to eat leaves as it makes him sick...and a snake. 

Calle lily near the church.
My shirt I wore for the day and wore at the rodeo on Tuesday.

A bucket of flags near the register at work, on Monday. We sold quite a few of these. A few people mentioned they had trouble finding bigger USA flags to fly this year. They were glad we had them.

Blue bowl the peanut butter M&Ms are in upon our dining room table. Nearly gone. But our patriotism is not and still pray for our troops and our country. 

"As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you; abide in my love." John 15:9

Have a good weekend my friends! Enjoy your summer, out and about and near at home with lovely flowers and rivers and oceans and mountains. It's so pretty out there. We experience the beach yesterday afternoon! Good times!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bokeh:Week 26 Photo Challenge

An interesting word for sure. Look it up....Bokeh. I couldn't find it in one of my dictionaries so of course I goggled it! It's a smooth out of focus area behind your subject. I think this one works.  I picked a different one earlier this week. Nope...needed to try out another one. Here's my hydrangea bush in our side lawn.  Focus on your object then everything else is out of focus.  Small aperature. This one was 5.6, 1/40, ISO 400  Canon Rebel T3 . Need more practice but it's a start of something new on my list to work on. Make background smooth. Another wording is shallow depth of field.  Catch up with you soon, as I've been out of town a few days! Take care!

Friday, June 23, 2017

BFF Birthday Outing

 One day at a time then the next thing I know, it's the end of the work week. Not posted for a week. Busy evenings. Including Tuesday evening when I met up with my best friend Tamara for a dinner together. We celebrated her upcoming birthday at my  favorite burger restaurant. She got her free birthday burger and a free sundae. We both ate from it. So yummy even though our tummies were full of food!
 What else can you do but eat some of the fries with ice cream on it! 
 The birthday girl with her gift bag of goodies I bought her.  
 Our waitress took this photo. She's always been fun waitress when Phil and I are 
there eating as well. 
 After I got home, I looked online to order a filter for my camera since I want to photograph the solar eclipse Aug 21. I bought a 2 pak from B&H Photo Video and it comes with some eclipse glasses. The filter isn't too expensive. But it will work for the event. Could have bought a more expensive one but why waste all that money. I'll show you when I get it. These glasses I bought  at The Shutterbug tent event in Beaverton on Sat. Cool, huh?  ;'} The funny thing about it all was I didn't know what type of eclipse it was...thought it was at night....not! Planning on camping out at the tulip farm on Sunday evening. Then go to work later in the day on Monday. Got on the schedule. 
I stopped into the credit union on Wed. This nice vase of peonies was on counter where I signed my check.  They are so pretty! My plant gave me two blooms this year. Last year...none!  I really need to work on my plants and it's supposed to be hot all weekend so it may need to wait til evening time. 

Today I had to get a filling done in a tooth. Old one wasn't good. Side of my mouth gave me a few problems and it took me a bit to eat my lunch afterwards at McDonald's. Feeling came back finally. I sat and talked with Kathy, who's at the dentist's front desk. We have a good time together. My mouth is better now, that I took an Advil. I'm tired enough I could just fall asleep now!  

Phil and I went on a walk this evening which was the  cooler part of the day. 85 degrees when we got back at 9:30. Sky was pretty hazy, especially east. Maybe from fire on the other side? High of 92 degrees this afternoon. The weekend is scorching hot, near 100 both days! Thankful for air conditioned house and car. Thankful for freshly made ice tea to refresh my thirst. Thankful for.......

"Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them." John 7:37-38

Have a great weekend! Be safe and wear sunscreen in the sunshine! Hugs and blessings!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Your Choice: Week 24 Photo Challenge

My Choice was the latest capture of Cape Arago Lighthouse, out of Charleston, Oregon. Oregon Coast getaway we had the other week gave me the opportunity to photograph this lighthouse again. This time I used my newer 300mm zoom lens I acquired last summer. A few years prior I'd used a 200mm zoom lens. This one is much closer. This was near sunset and was hoping for a barge come into view, like it did last time. Waited. Didn't happen, just a buoy to the right. The fresnel lens no longer resides in this lighthouse but in the Coos History Museum we visited after the Fest of Sail outing we had earlier that day.

The back side of the lens one rarely gets to see.

Description of the fresnel lens that was housed in Cape Arago lighthouse.

 An interesting piece upstairs in museum that we couldn't figure out what it was. The ladies at museum weren't sure what it was either. Opening at top allowed you to put something in and there were gears inside it and the end where it came out, which is on the left. Phil and I figured it was a corn husker and the corn came out at the other end. What's your theory?
 Fishing/crab boat outside the museum. We spent quite a bit of time reading and learned a few things about the area and sailing and lumber and....

 Near the front entrance was a boat's propeller. This looks very damaged. To the left, one prop is completely broken off and the part in foreground is very damaged. It might have hit a reef or sand bar. Not a good day for those people.

 We headed into Bandon once we left the museum. Twenty minute trip to find some cranberry treats. Here's a stained glass at an activity center.  We went to Cranberry Sweets and More store and we were delighted with all the delicious samples they had out. Phil said it was a bit better than Costco. So many things to choose from including this mug that I had to buy! So pretty! I bought a bit of everything,,,not quite, but some things to go into birthday gifts and a couple pkgs of cranberry scone mix and a brownie mix. I need to make that one this weekend.

Kite flying over part of old towne.  We ate dinner at the Fish and Chips Chowder House where you can buy fish to take home as well. We ate ours there. Another delicious meal...I had fresh bay shrimp sandwich. Oh so good! We headed out to get some gas then drove back north aways til we came to road that took us to Charleston. Quite a lot of nothing but trees and foxglove. So pretty and interesting way to go. Glad we did as we didn't have to go into town and back track. That's the end of that Friday for us on June 2. A bit caught up but now will have to go backwards to get the Fest of Sail event.

To Be Continued.......