Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday Out

A warm morning out to attend a lavender one of many places I could have visited. I met up with a friend and we looked around and talked before purchasing items. 77 degrees when I went through town. 83 when I got home. Up to 90 later.           Lately I'm decluttering and did some shredding of pages of an address book, put a photo into a frame. Will hang it tomorrow.  Dinner was taco salad and banana bread. I cooked up some hamburger with onion, added spices, a bit of marinara sauce, kidney beans. Tomato and romaine hearts and cheese. Added Fritos afterwards. So delicious and helped the kitchen stay cooler .

When I got home I had my Young Living Essential Rewards order in the mail. My first one....just got my kit last month. I like the Genesis hand and body lotion already. Used it after I washed my hands from my trip! 15 ml lavender essential oil and 5 ml purification essential oil blend. Its supposed to be a good one. Not into all the oils.
 We had bible study at our house Thursday evening.  It was 95 degrees and the two other places don't have air conditioning or don't run it at other place. We had a living room full of friends and quite a good evening. So What....we talk about the sermon that was on Sunday. ....1 Corinthians 6..
...............and that's all I will write for now. Resting on the recliner in the cool living room. .....welcome to my latest follower! I enjoy all the comments you leave and I go visit your blog when you comment. Have a cool weekend my friends!!

Monday, July 9, 2018

My Summer Days

My weekend's been low on activities. Had some down time on Friday. At home. Felt good in a quiet house. Two people away at work. I made a few phone calls. One was to hold a pr of shoes on clearance. One left in my size. Goofed off. Mopped a couple floors. Laundry all weekend...never ending even though there's three adults in the house. Nice to walk. Watered plants.

Saturday afternoon I went shopping..and Phil enjoyed time at home..quiet..And bought the shoes I had on hold at the Shoe Mill! I  enjoy them very much. Such a good deal...on clearance, better savings than the coupons usually sent out twice a year.  $78.05 vs $20.00 in savings. Of course I'd buy it when it's cheaper. I have a pr like this one, in dark plum. I wear it for work and it's so good for my back and feet.....and other days.  May be expensive but the pr I have is still in good shape, sole wise as well.  Oh Joy-A!!! (made in Switzerland)

Then headed back to the parking garage I go through Kohl's and there I shopped as well. Baby clothes for a friend's little daughter born a few months ago. And these Fiestaware salsa bowls. I needed to replace some small Tupperware bowls. Of course, on way to buy at this store...and 20% off as well. Score!

Of course I had to try mine out with ice cream. Yep, it works! :-}  Sunday afternoon....down time after church and lunch. Then a bit of work done. Didn't make cookies as intended. It can wait!

.....Then there's plants....
My tea rose bouquet!

Non stop Begonia!


I really like the leaves on the red one!

Begonia and cannas were bought with my $10 Al's garden center color spots. I had hoped to get a snowball bush. They were all gone. spring I'll grab one sooner. Once they bloom people fall in love with them. I snoozed so I lost out this time! Sigh!



Cool this a.m. then to 73 degrees. Evening 63! Brrrr...was chilly when I went out to photograph the flowers! Megan had a sweatshirt on while watering them for me. Sure...go ahead! {It rained a bit but not enough to count!} I'm fine with that. I need to wash dishes. Put away our laundry that could have been done this a.m. but I wanted to mix the meatloaf up after I got my lunch done for work. Never ending process of keeping tabs on cleaning, de-cluttering, which I am truly working on. Checking off my list I wrote out in June! Still behind...quilt....needs cut, photos printed.....I'm glad there's something to do in my life. So much stuff that doesn't need to set around forever and be dusted, dug through, didn't need, then why did I buy it? UM.....
How are your summer...or whatever season you're in going.....busy...finding time to stay home ....

Currently Reading.....
Romal Tune's latest book,
"Love Is An Inside Job"
on my Kindle.
A good read. I met Romal a few years ago at a writer's conference. He's got quite the story and it's brought tears to my eyes and made me think quite a bit of what I have dealt with in my life. Thankful for people helping us through and God always there for us.

Reading my Bible on my cell phone at work when I'm on my lunch break. Our Daily Bread is what I have in pocket of lunch bag. 

Have a blessed week....what are you reading/crafting/cooking/knitting/planting?

"I have calmed and quieted myself."
Psalm 131:2

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July Fun

 Hello my friends! I'm still around....busy days as usual. Today Phil and I went to St. Paul rodeo. We got a parking spot right after we got into the small town...a parking lot and $10 fee. Young man at gate needed a bit more attention to what was going on with cars in lot. Trying get out we were almost hit as he told me to move forward when there was a car pointed toward the side of our car. Good thing the other driver was paying attention. I was not amused. He messed up when we got there to park. Oh well! We ate lunch then walked around for a bit. I like to see the art tent. Did buy a set of cards from a man whose had his work on Leanin' Tree greeting cards. May use them as Christmas cards .
 We enjoyed our 3 hour rodeo time. I found good seats to purchase in April. Pretty good  seats where I could take photos on my Canon camera. I'll share those later.
 Nobody got badly hurt although a Jr bull rider got his wind knocked out of him when he fell off the bull. One bull rider had a horn into his ribs but hopefully not anything broken. The day was cooler than expected with clouds. Once rodeo was over and we were out of the areana, raindrops slowly appeared. We wanted strawberry shortcake but it was sold out. Didn't want to wait til 7 p.m.
 So we walked a bit and spotted an ice cream stand. They were serving Alpenrose ice cream...out of Portland area. Mine was marionberry marble and Phil had peanut butter chocolate chip. They were wrapped with a white paper doily! Now that's a first!
Wandering more I stepped into a Lularoe RV to see what I could find. I bought these cozy leggings. Bought another one in a grab bag...$10. Will give that one away to someone. Size yes...color..don't know. Should I peek before I give it away?  I realized the lady who was selling them was lady who sold me my first pr of leggings a couple yrs ago at a party was invited to. We were inside while it started raining heavier.
     Made dinner for the two of us at home.  Megan's at the Volcanoes baseball game. Near Salem
as a CERT and help in the crowd. Free for her and fireworks too. Not seeing fireworks bums me out a bit. Can't see it on tv as PBS doesn't come in clearly anymore...rarely watch tv anyway.   Hope you all had a blessed day wherever you live!  Take care and I'll be back with more Spokane trip photos next post!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Week 21-24: 52 Week Fun Photo Challenge

Week 21-Natural Frame: Iris garden and an artist.

Week 22-In the News: Algae Tainted Water Dilutes Restaurant Menu!
(We had to come up with a headline for our photo that week!)
(unfortunately the water advisory is still intact. It didn't lift over this past weekend like I
 thought it did.)
Week 23-Compostition: Canadian Geese couple by riverfront in Spokane. 
Before photo...not as bright and colorful and I cropped birds out of the top part of photo.

Week 24-Letters and Numbers: The Letter U.  Tiger Lilies on an afternoon walk.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

There Are Days....

 There are days when I can be out and about and helping people like a couple Fridays ago. I went down to Salem to do a couple errands and eat lunch. Then I went to the community college and helped out at the water distribution center. The water advisory was still in effect. I signed up online for two hours. The day was warm but thankful for a hat and a tent as well. 
 City of Gresham truck was there, with some supplies. Behind it is a US Army water truck. It holds 1000s of gallons of water. It is there 24 hours a day, manned by two Army National Guard soldiers. They were nice to talk with. Long and tiring for them to be there 12 hours a day. All in the line of duty.
 The bladder that belongs to Gresham was being filled with water for the first time ever. Water was from Marion County, where there's good water...and then had bleach put in it. Then drained and put clean water in it and then used for drinking water. I'd not seen anything like it.
 Various containers were filled. The storage container on the left was filled 3/4 full and put in the man's vehicle. Lid put on it but city man didn't know if it would make it home ok or not. 
 People had to provide their own containers and the city workers, soldiers and volunteers, 4 of us, helped fill the bottles. Some times we were busy and a bit slow. Right before I left a lady brought 30 gallons of empty milk/water bottles. We amazed her that it went much quicker than expected! Getting them into the van and finding a couple loose lids was unnerving but she was able to put them in a spot behind her. Her young daughter helped put the lids back on the containers.
 Bladder filling up. Once it was full, then the water was used from there to fill bottles. Remainder of water was put into Army water truck.
 Testing the water, then top was cloroxed and ready to use if it got busy.

 An older man came by with containers from an RV park of senior citizens. He gave us roses in a whisky bottle as a thank you. He's been there before getting water. I wound up staying 3 hours. It was a good time and many people were grateful that we were there. As of this weekend, water advisory was lifted and hopefully it will stay that way over the summer.
 Last Monday Megan volunteered at the same station. She worked four hours. She's a member of CERT here in town. Here's her hat, on living room table. Cert-ainly.......

 .....there are days when I don't feel well enough to go to work. I didn't feel like helping anyone that day!!!! That happened this past week...started feeling not good Sunday so stayed home from church. Felt chilly late afternoon. Fell asleep in my chair at my's so cozy! Mon wasn't an option at all. Tues....nope!  Wed I thought I'd try to go to work..........didn't happen! Neither did I go Thurs. Slept late that a.m. I watched alot of Acorn TV on Roku....I like it when Roku comes up.  I finished watching "Good Karma Hospital" second season. Then looked for something else to watch. Came across "The Indian Doctor." Good Karma is based in India. Latter one based in Wales. Now into second season of that one....the plot thickens and I like it. So much so that I have to shut it off before I watch all of that season as well! 
 Tues evening from the kitchen window, I see the light is fading away. 
 Making dinner....yummy ham, veggie cheese soup. It is pretty good. Also added tater tots. Dinner for Megan and myself. Felt better but so tired. Didn't sleep too good for a few nights.
 Cozy blanket to watch tv or read or sleep.
 Thursday I felt better and went outdoors for awhile for fresh air in the afteroon. Love my little flower garden. 

 My Night Sky pansies and my Lularoe leggings go together quite well! I didn't know they'd be so fragrant. I'm thankful to be feeling much better. Have diffused essential oils of lavender, peppermint and lemon at night. It's helped me breathe better and not cough so much at night. Not used cough syrup but once...yuckky!
There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Returning to work tomorrow. Had a good day today, thankfully indoors as it was 83 degrees.  Taco feed after church for a mission fund raiser. Walked to  dinner and back. Lovely outdoors and did a bit of watering potted plants. 

 Last Sunday evening, once Megan got home from work, she called me outside to see the rainbow. Once I got out there, it turned into a double rainbow. I grabbed my camera and got a few photos. It had been stormy around 6 p.m. I was sleeping when that happened. 
After I shot that photo, I turned and shot this photo in the western sky! The tree looks like a horse head! WOW~amazing! Being outside can just thrill me to no end, at times! Clouds came in this evening with a bit of breeze and cooler temps in the 70s for the week, so far!

Bulletin from church today. God bless you all!!!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Our Spokane, WA trip---Part 1

Our trip to Spokane was a fun getaway. Even though it took us 8 hours to get there, it was good. Betsy warmly welcomed us with adorable barking Chloe welcome too!!! Always need to eat lunch, change drivers, stopped for gas at Hermiston exit then headed back two exits to get to Washington. Many spots where there wasn't much but open dry grass land.
But later we got into farms here and there. We stopped at Iron Skillet at Medical Lake exit to eat dinner. We were hungry! It was so delicious! 

Anticipation! Yep--looked forward to this journey since last year. We stayed at their house Mon-Thurs night.
I realized during Mon night I'd not seen my 2 medications I take in the a.m. I searched upstairs in the a.m. and all through our car to no avail. So I called Megan and she said it was there. I'd not had any help from our rx mail order people as there were so many hoops to jump through. So Megan mailed them and I got it the next day. Nothing major...thyroid med ok for a week but I felt so much better having them and not getting headaches!  A big bowl got set in front of them on the counter. I always time I'll check BEHIND items! Sigh! It worked out just fine!

Tues afternoon after we got lunch, we went to Manito Park. Nice walk around the pond. There was an osprey flying around. We realized later there were baby geese that he was eyeballing. Not sure why I'm not an earlier riser on vacations. Although I didn't sleep well that night....always something!

 Mallard ducks swimming

 and looking for food!

Walking around the other side I spotted a red eared slider turtle in the water. He saw me....and nope...I'm not stopping to get my picture taken!

Some of the nice houses across from the park. Warm day out!

Canadian geese family spotted.

I stayed back as they crossed the sidewalk. 
When I stepped a bit closer, I got this look of.....don't come any closer, which I took as a warning. Bit by a goose is not on my to do list on vacation. 

Female and male mallard ducks were flying over the pond. Once they came ever so close to my arms I could the breeze off their wings!  Possibly courting? 

Looking across the pond from where we started.

Then on into the lilac garden...still a bit early for a few varieties. 

apple blossoms?
Mommas with their children strolling up the hill!

Phil checking out the area while I taking photos. He figured out where the rose garden was located,

Very light purple or pink flowers.

cutleaf coneflower?

Resting a bit in the shade before traveling further up the hill.

These were the only flowers blooming in the rose garden that day. Too early for roses to bloom. Nice area up there. 

Once back to Betsy's house and rested a bit, I looked out the balcony door and saw Mt. Spokane. 
So I took a few shots and this was the best one. 

Sweet dog Chloe resting in the living room. She later wandered off into the other room. No more photos, please?! I enjoyed being around this English Lab! We all had a good evening, even though Dennis was late getting home from work. He was so tired.
On Wed afternnon we went to Loon Lake after we had lunch with Betsy and Dennis, in a small town before the lake. They showed us their RV and we had a nice visit inside. It was a cool day.

Dennis and Betsy in their RV. It rained while we were in there too.

Unfortunately the store was closed. I was hoping to get a tshirt from there but it didn't happen. Oh well I found one elsewhere.  Apparently the man who was manning it went into town to get supplies for some appliances. It happens!

Restaurant stools inside the store. 

 The quiet lake..waiting for the weeks ahead when it gets busy. There's even a boat parade on the 4th of July!

Becky and Betsy on the bench at Loon Lake! So glad we could be together for awhile! Sweet friend of mine forever!

The pinecones are so big here. I had to take a photo of the bench so just as well add something to make it a bit more interesting! I did get 3 cones to bring home with me. I like to do that from other places, as a memory and keep them in a crock at my house by the door. The ones I brought home might get decorated with a bow and some chalk paint. Will see what I can come up with...maybe a little loon as well?

I enjoyed the outside decor in the park  setting. 

Cabins that are rented out.

We  headed back to the truck that Dennis drove us up in. Never riden in a Ford F-150! Nice ride. Men up front, women in back so we could talk ...then their house. Yes! My medicene arrived and I took my thyroid medicene. Then a bit later we went to Applebees for dinner, back in Spokane. Phil and I used our last Applebees gift card from our anniversary..{..sweet friends that like to spoil us!} We had a good time that evening. Afterwards we went to Lifeway Christian Bookstore as I wanted to see what they had. Found a book for $5 "God is Able" written by Priscilla Shirer and a Danny Gokey cd. I should have got his other one as it was on sale too. But I will another time. Good deals right before Mothers' Day.

Earlier in the day, Betsy showed me how to unwind a skein of yarn. Cool! I've had some trouble at times getting it out ok without getting tangles going on!

We were all resting for the day. Here's Besty and her afghan squares she's been making. 
Here I am with my what I thought was finished bottom of a slipper...not big enough! Fingerling yarn vs worsted yarn for a  pattern....doesn't work. So I unraveled it. I knew it wasn't right. So will check out patterns on ravelry. Yarn is alpaca! Live and learn!

We're watching something about Ford F-150....some tough tests it's been going through and what it will do. Amazing! Dennis mentioned it when we were driving back home. Guys love their trucks!

Afterwards, Phil wanted to go on a walk. So I went with him. We walked a few blocks down and back so we wouldn't get lost. Near sunset and this tree looks so pretty!! We'd been sitting most of the day so up and moving we went~~
and we both liked this house~saw variations of it too.

My new piece of luggage I bought late April. My old piece had a hole in it and I've had it since late 1980s, when I sold Tupperware. (hostess special and Tupperware sellers were allowed to buy them too.) So it was time to replace it. I'm glad it was purple and bought it at AAA office in Salem. A bit cheaper since I'm a member. Could have been cheaper at outlet mall....nope get it or it may not be there another time! Many pockets too! We were in the basement bedroom that was Alex's when he was growing up. Now there's items from Japan gracing the walls.

These were my favorites!  
Coming up is the trip to an air museum, riverfront park and our journey home. 

Sick day from work...with a cold...feeling somewhat better this evening. Maybe back to work tomorrow...will see. I don't like coughing on people, since I'm at the cash register.  
The days have been heating up and I came back from watering the plants. I didn't last night as I was not feeling well. A piece of blueberry pie and ice cream was eaten too. Megan bought her dad the pie from Safeway bakery, where she works. So yummy! Have a blessed and safe week my friends from around the world!