Monday, November 19, 2018

Busy Monday and Beyond

     Just resting my weary legs and back after vacuuming more than I anticipated. I'm at my brother's apt for awhile. He's recovering well from his foot surgery. My sis was here 5 days and cleaned a lot. Vaccum cleaner belt on brother's vacuum broke the other day and none found here in town. Sis ordered it so belt will arrive soon. So I brought mine and vacuumed up quite a mess in the corner. Did laundry. Made dinner. Cleaned kitchen after a rest from the vacuum episode... Corner full of trail mix that filled an empty  medium sized rx bottle that I found as well!  Tomorrow it's make spaghetti and meatballs sis left for me to do.  Found other older things of our parents. Still finding all that makes me wonder about .....oh never mind!    I'm glad the weather is decent. Nice sunset as I was outside this evening.

  Spent time cleaning around our house Sunday afternoon. Was tired from working with Phil teach 9 boys at church.  Interesting how a few can make it hard to get anything taught. Apparently less rowdy than last week. I wasn't there then. Looking forward to having our family together on Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for many things... For God's love and mercy that has been in my life many years. The wonderful husband I fell in love with. Thankful children who walk the path of  Jesus and grandchildren learning that path as well. Thankful for a house, cars, clothes, work, ability to breathe the air and see the beauty in this world God created.
   Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever! Have a blessed week!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Veterans' Day/Week

 The weekend started out with getting things done at home. Then late afternoon we went to a Christian Academy across town for dinner, auction and concert! Friends we know from the school invited us as we used to attend the same church and taught some of their children. The school resides within a church building. Here's my spot at the dinner table....8 settings at each table times 10 tables. Not all were completely full. We were met at the door and greeted by a few people. Then I went over to buy some raffle tickets.
 Our two choices were the See's candy basket and the movie date night. Two tickets for See's candy. four for the movie date night.
 Dinner was served after the story was told how the school was started and a few other things. After dinner, there was a piano duet, a boy recited by memory Romans 8. This choir was directed by the young lady who just graduated from the school a couple years ago. They were really good!

 I didn't know til later that this sign was up for silent auction...not until after bidding was over. Still like it alot. That's the reason for the photo! All the money raised by silent auction, raffle and live auction were donated to the school. We didn't win anything but I did buy the flower arrangement on our table. $15 for flowers that will last way past Thanksgiving. It was good to see these children perform and help and be with friends...a few we knew at the table too. Good food and relaxing evening!
 Sunday afternoon we went to Applebees for our free veteran's meals. Always fun to go there. They were the 1st to start this free meal deal 11 years ago. Alot of times we go to the same one. We didn't have to wait long to be seated. I remember years ago we'd have to wait awhile. Now that more restaurants are doing it there's less lines. 
 Phil had double crunch shrimp and I had the 6 oz steak. Yum! We were given a $5 gift card to use the next meal....can only use will have to go different times. I forgot the last time and didn't use it. 
I am thankful to have served in the US Air Force. It was quite the experience and mostly a good experience I'm glad I chose! That's how Phil and I England when we served. 

After we got home we went to Menchies frozen yogurt place with Megan. We got the 1st 6 oz free and the rest paid for...not much! Megan had Phil smile as he didn't in the first he's being funny! Afterwards we went on a walk to lose some of the calories we'd eaten.

 Yesterday late afternoon I was upstairs in the breakroom. I'd seen the sky pink and looked out and so pretty! It gets dark about 5 p.m. now. And evenings have gotten colder...sometimes days have too. Today wasn't too bad!
 It's beginning to look like Christmas at work. Anton put up the wreath over the entry way.

A small Christmas tree above the section by register. It had cleaning products but now changed to iron work and clocks and thermometers. I like it alot better! The ceiling fluorescent lights are being changed this week to long led lights. It a bit brighter but apparently it's better on the eyes, as one man who's installing them, told me. I'll be glad when it's all done.
 After work yesterday I ate at Panera, by myself. Friend Tamara had to work and I had "cooties"from a cough. It felt good to sit and do a whole lot of nothing as it had been a semi busy day. Went shopping before I ate....bought some things I needed. Glad to be inside as it was cold outside. I'm glad I had my gloves. I've had a cough and have slept one complete night on my new recliner and my Young Living diffuser is out there living room. Slept portions of 3 nights on recliner. I think I am mostly over it...finally. Helpful essential oils get me through it! Next week will be different for me but will be ok. Prayers that my brother's toe surgery goes well tomorrow. My boss is having his hip replaced the day before thanksgiving and off a few weeks. I'm looking forward to a bit of holiday fun coming up.  There's 3 firemen from our town that are in Paradise, CA....what's left of it. Joe is working night shift and he's pretty tired and probably not home til after thanksgiving. We've known him for years. Prayers for fires and disasters......recovery from hurricane Michael,....a friend of mine lives down there. I've seen lots of photos ....tarp city.... downed trees. God have mercy on us and so thankful He still is in control.  Hugs and prayers my friends!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Just the other week......

It's been a busy few weeks. This evening a bit more busy but have a bit of time to post photos since last week......

 Scary donuts Phil brought home from work. They are VooDoo donuts someone bought and decorated them. I ate mine the next day at work. Yum!
 We were told to return the teeth so Megan and I concocted a yucky go back for the lady! Candy, ketchup, salsa, ...inside a ziploc bag.....she laughed but then found out we could have kept them. So Phil brought them back home and cleaned up the mess and now we have teeth laying around...waiting for a mouth! !!!!
Hallowe'en afternoon at work a co-worker from hardware store was on her horse giving out candy in the strip mall parking lot. She works on the weekends. I was able to go out and see her so took a photo of her and petted her horse's face. Mag has had this horse for 20 years and it's been in parades and rodeos too. One blue eye, the other brown. Such a pretty horse!
 Last Friday I went to the dentist and had my crown put in. Also had him check on another tooth .....cracked will be there for another visit....Oh goodness me!! Annoying but it could be worse! Thankful for a good dentist!
 Then drove 10 min to get lunch at Burgerville on my way home. YUM! Then shopping for groceries, mostly meat!
 Sat. evening we went to Fazolis for dinner. I was too tired to cook a meal so a good time to go for our first visit! I'd been  up early to get to a fall clothing swap at our church...found a dress and top, for spring for me and some clothes for the grandchildren, which I hope they liked....all free. The remainder of clothes given to charity here in town. Did sneak a nap in the afternoon too.
Pretty good food! Phil had baked spaghetti, free with signing in an app and it was good. Chicken alfredo fettucini and quite good, with free breadsticks...both of us. We had enough for leftovers and Megan ate the rest of my food. We'll be back again as it's close!
 After a walk where we lost a few calories, I finished the deviled eggs I'd boiled earlier in the day. There's 14 eggs and didn't eat one though I should have. Megan and I had taste tested the filling to make sure it was good. Filling is mayonnaise and mustard, with some seasoning in it too. I put the filling in a quart ziploc bag and cut a corner off it and piped it thru the hole.
Here's dinner after church at the high school. We sat by friends. Can you see the bit of egg on my plate? That's the part that Phil gave me as he got the last half egg that was left!  I spent time talking with people I'd not met before as the one man had been invitied by a co-worker to was fun to talk with them and city fireman who knows me too! Our church isn't big enough to hold large functions like this. Always had it in a school.. Hopefully it will be held in the new gym that's finally being constructed....soon...grounds been excavated...trees taken down earlier this spring.
I helped put painted tatoos on children's hands. The first one didn't work too well as I put too much water on it.. Second one was better, had to get a bit paint off of with a finger inside a wet wipe. Looked better afterwards.

This was an infected sign....from zombies....oh now I'm infected....hahaha!! Oliver wanted glitter too and of course it got on my pants....but came off eventually. At least it wasn't sticky. Lots of people there with families at the thanksgiving dinner our church puts on every year. People of the community were invited...and a few firemen came later for dessert time. Then left awhile later on a call. It was good to see them as I know most of them as well. Always try to keep the children entertained so they don't run all over the place. Phil helped in the play area. This year we didn't get our photos taken at the photo booth....oh well! It was a good day!

Didn't do a whole lot Sunday afternoon..on computer getting a few things done. Later evening, not even going on a walk....I sat down and had a cup of tea with an orange cranberry scone I'd bought on Sat at Bauman Farms. A few grapes too. Scone was a bit dry so added strawberry yogurt to the top and it was pretty good. I don't have clotted cream, like one would have in England. I was a bit hungry but didn't want to cook up something. We eat light on Sunday evenings anyway. Phil eats what he wants. Lazy day and thankful for time spent with people who love on people, no matter who they are.

Night has arrived after talking with my sister for nearly two hours on the phone. Getting a situation figured out. I will be back with you soon....sorry for the absence but a bit of a break is good. too. Life has been busy and I've been tired and am trying something with my Young Living essential oils to help my everyday function to get better. A bit at a time.
Take care and God bless you all!

"Blessed is the man whose strength is  in You,
Whose heart is set on pilgrimage."
Psalm 54:5

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wednesday Whispers

Just posting a bit of the I know it....tired all last week til Fri and finally felt better. Stomach bug? And work! So much going on that I am taking A Moment to Breathe, like my devotional book I read nearly every day. At breakfast. Thoughts, Scripture. Enlightening at times.   Helped train a new co-worker at work on the register and she's caught on fast.   

 We had a bit of rain Tuesday evening which was nice and more coming on Friday. Cooler weather is here now, which I like. More sleep tonight. The blankets have been snuggled into especially in the cool mornings. I hope you have found warmth in your, blankets, love of family and friends! God bless you! Back soon!

"This is what the Lord says; 'Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast number, for the battle is not yours but God's.' "  2 Chronicles 20:15

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Oh These Days....

Another weekend is upon us. Never ending things to do. I went shopping this afternoon as I didn't feel like doing it after my dental visit on Friday. It did go ok, with my back tooth being prepped for a crown. It was cracked and cavity and I didn't even feel it! Mmm! Stopped and bought a few things at a health food store in town after dental visit.  Gathered a few things for a Young Living Oils and Make and Take event coming up soon at my house. Vitamin E oil for soap and 2 oz, glass spray bottles for room freshener. Glad to get from them instead ordering online. Did order foaming soap bottles for the event though....interesting how that works! 
Fall is here! Photo by Becky Lowmaster (c)2018

I often wonder how it feels just being at home.  Life gets so busy...and then I remember when I was younger with children. I enjoyed being home but wanted to be elsewhere too. Now I'm older, working 4 days a week and need to prioritize my time at home.  This morning I worked on clearing away things on table...bills, mail that was set aside, some of it trash....gone! Food prep for a few days.  More cleaning. Resting and blogging. Life is a cycle where we go from young and need of education then older, but still need to learn things...never a time to stop learning something new. 
Cherish the good times, make it through the struggles, and pray without ceasing as God's there for me and for you!

photo by Becky Lowmaster (c) 2018

Interesting devotional reading today and yesterday were right on track with my life right now. God has a way of helping me through it all. Other people, some younger than me, struggle at times.
"But as for me, God's presence is my good. I have made the Lord God my refuge, so I can tell about all you do." Psalm 73:28  
"Rather than waiting until something hard happens before reaching out to God, talk with Him right now. Tell Him about your day. Invite Him into your daily thoughts and choices. I promise He's interested."

 Working through it today makes me feel back into the groove of life, guilt-less and happy. Enjoying the beautiful day out. Sweeping up leaves after watering plants late evening. Finding a blog post written by my friend Laura out of Canada was a good read as well.

Thankful for guardian angels protecting Megan as she was almost hit by a pickup truck coming home....over the overpass! He went through a red light that was obviously red and people, including her, were honking their horns at him. Talk about an adrenaline rush for her! The light was green on her side. I gave her a big hug and helped her with a late dinner. Sigh! Life gets scary at times. Give God the glory for protection!

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.
 Give thanks to Him and bless His name." Psalm 100:4

Have a blessed weekend!

Monday, October 8, 2018

October Fun

 Hello and welcome into the month of October .....

 where I shopped and then strolled around Bauman Farms, last Friday. It's their harvest festival and I enjoy it there. I remember taking our children there years ago. Taking photos of them. Good memories of days gone by! 
 It was a chilly day but it made me smile anyway! Countryside is a good place to be and thankful it's not far from me! We did have rain for a few days, which we enjoyed and no complaining here!
Today was Phil and my 41st wedding anniversary! We spent it working at our regular jobs and came home and ate. But it was good as we'd been away a couple weekends ago, where we visited Fort Dalles on the day we came home. Here we are at the surgeon's house, which was a nice house. Many nice things to see and learn more about this area in the Columbia River Gorge. 
Anyway, am thankful to still be married to a man who still loves me, puts up with me, is my help, companion, tripod carrier, cooks meals after he gets home from work so we can eat before it's too late, enjoy teaching children with him, and thankful we are walking the path God has planned for us. It's been quite the journey and as always there's the struggles and we've made it through them. 
Last year's anniversary post
Have a good week and thanks stopping by!

"The Lord, your God, is in your midst, a warrior who gives victory; he will rejoice over you with gladness, he will renew you in his love; he will exult over you with loud singing as on a day of festival." Zephaniah 3:17

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Time Away and Back Again

Days have been busy and we've been away over the weekend. Sharing a bit and then off to get things done here in the house. Phil and I went to The Dalles and visited a few places. Here we're crossing the bridge near The Dalles dam that took us into Washington state. The weekend was nice, cooler Sunday than Monday. 

 A selfie with a full wolf ruff and rabbit fur interior parka worn in Western Alaska. It's one of  the many pieces in the native people of north America exhibit at Maryhill museum Sunday afternoon. Ate lunch outside that was free food with a Groupon I picked up Friday afternoon. Given to me by my sis at Christmas. Such good meat, cheese and bread. Phil made the sandwiches in the a.m. prior to our departure. 
 On our way home we stopped at Multnomah Falls...yep, it's still running but not alot of water coming down. Seen it splashing all over too a few years ago. It's the first time we've stopped and was up close since the fire last summer. Looks better than expected but still losing trees. When we were there the walk was closed because trees were felled but soon opened after we got there. Then we walked to the bottom of the falls. I bought myself another hooded sweatshirt at the gift shop. Was hoping to get one from The Dalles. Nope! Cozy to wear as I know I'll need it soon. It's been getting colder this week. Needed it when I left the restaurant last evening. Into the 40s at night, high 60s this week, maybe rain on Friday, which we need very badly. 
 Back to work today and I enjoy these metal signs behind the register. I was welcomed back by my co-workers, which made me happy!  I enjoyed our route to another area but glad to be home again. Route 66 sign makes me think of a route of next year, cutting back a few hours a week to get on with other things in my life. Will see where it leads...thoughts, prayers, figuring budget, time frame....other things besides work. 
Week's photo challenge is Forced Perspective. Phil thought of this one and it did work out....he's "eating" a train....not too tasty though! Good timing and many trains in the gorge! We were near the Stonehenge replica on the WA side and train is on OR side. I'll share many more photos and posts later. Thanks for your kind comments and for reading my blog! 

 "Whether you turn to the right or the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 
"This is the way; walk in it," Isaiah 30:21