Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rainy SaturDay!

I ventured out Saturday afternoon to visit my mom at the nursing home. Lately it's been hard to visit her. Her mental condition has deteriorated which makes visits harder.. Last time it was bad. This time was a bit better since mom was in the dining room eating pie! I timed it right so I got a piece of marionberry pie! YUM! We talked a bit then showed her photos of last week's snow and other photos on my Samsung tablet. I called my sis, who lives in WA, so she could talk to mom. I rubbed her shoulders for a few minutes. She loves that! Time was getting away from us, so I rolled mom, in her wheelchair, down to her room. I didn't go past the sink. Hugged her one more time and left.  Then I drove to Burgerville to see if their delicious chocolate hazelnut smoothie was still available. SCORE! It was so good and thick! Who needs coffee when this smoothie is available! (I don't drink coffee anyway!)  Listened to KLove radio station as well!  As I'm writing this, I wish I had another smoothie right now. But there's not one close.! I've been moving stuff around and can't find my little adapter for my mini sd card for my phone!  I found my cord so I hooked it up to computer but computer is not! Downloading isn't working. So I emailed the three photos you see here, to myself. I have so many photos on there I need off and into my computer. I can't wait any longer. (My phone isn't an iPhone & it's about 3 years old now.) Some of them are photos I took of our day out on Friday for my birthday. The rest are on my camera!  Sigh! I digressed so I will finish this post.

Rainy afternoon at Burgerville before I left...taken from my car. Wanted to show you what it really looked like late afternoon on a rainy and windy Saturday.

I made another stop in town and then headed home. Through the pouring rain and wind. Seriously!! I'm at the overpass. Stopped. Pulled my phone out and took this photo. See the blue sky? Sky opened up slowly and sunshine on the left. Notice construction cones and pile driver, to immediate right of car ahead of me. It's been quite busy and cluttered at the intersection now. On and off ramps have changed. Stopping points on overpass have changed. So we really have to pay attention where we are as we drive through this section. Can't wait til it's all done!   Once I got over the freeway and turned for home, in the north-eastern sky was a beautiful rainbow. Later I found out it was a double rainbow. A few of my friends posted photos of it on Facebook. I love rainbows!  They lift my spirit and remind me of God's promise, never to flood the whole earth again!  We are experiencing much rain. It's completely different from the foot of snow we had for four days last week! Now our rivers and streams are swelling with threat of flooding. Driving around, there are puddles, especially after the rain that poured down in minutes! I went through one as I drove home!  I won't complain about the rain since the mid west and eastern states of America are saturated with snow for the third time this winter!! Prayers for all of our friends around the country needing reprieve from all the snow and ice!  I'll be back with you soon with photos of Friday. Also, share photos of food I made for our little Super Bowl party.  God bless~have a great week!!!


Tamara said...

A chocolate hazelnut smoothie sounds so good. That should make almost anything better : )

Becky L. said...

The smoothie hit the spot. Chocolate is definitely something I enjoy for sure. Maybe that's what I should have right now with this wind storm going on!

aimee said...

I love those smoothies and had one not too long ago. I saw a full rainbow not too long ago too-it was beautiful. I never tire of seeing them:)
Sorry your mom has had some bad times lately. My dad has times when he is better then others. Fortunately, he is better then a year ago right now.
Have a great week Becky!

Betsy said...

I'm not a coffee drinker either but I love chocolate hazelnut hot chocolate. I'm sure I would like the smoothie too.
We have lots of rain here in Spokane too, but I don't want to complain for the same reson as you.
Have a wonderful day!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

I remember well those visits to the nursing home to see my Dad. He had Alzheimer's and sometimes he didn't know who I was. Those visits were heart tuggers, for sure. On a particularly hard visit, I walked outside to see a double rainbow. It lifted my spirits, just like you say. I would always treat myself to McDonald's or a little trip to the grocery store for some flowers afterwards. The smoothie sounds like a wonderful treat. We had high winds and lots of rain this week, too. Spring will be here soon. I can't wait. Take care and drive safe. Hugs xo Karen

Beatrice Euphemie said...

P.S. I love that we have the same vintage cookbook. <3

Becky L. said...

Aimee,Rainbows just make my day brighter and happier. A gift from God!!
Betsy, there's never a day that I couldn't eat chocolate. Last time I had one, was when mom was worse. Chocolate is a necessity sometimes!
Beatrice, Thank you for your kind words and understanding as well as Aimee. It's hard being a parent to your parent. You'll have to tell me the page cookie recipe is on in the "our" vintage cookbook. I wasn't sure which one it was.... Right now Megan and I are watching pairs free dance in ice skating1 Love it!