Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits!

It's always interesting when I decide to wear a certain shirt to work. Sometimes it's a Gorilla Glue shirt which other co-workers have. Some identical, some not. Sometimes we wind up wearing matching shirts. Today I got to work and my co-worker, Michael E. was wearing a striped shirt almost the same color as mine! He said "Where's Waldo?" I had him take a photo of our sleeves before he left for the day. I didn't have my phone on my person. So he sent me a copy of the photo! (Brown bottle is root beer, not beer, since we don't sell any alcoholic beverages!)

I took my blessings notebook to work today. I decided it was time to number my blessings for the year. Here I am at lunch break working on the numbers. At the end of my lunch, I got all caught up through today, 2-18-14.  I have counted 250 through today. My entries for today were: Megan picking up my watch from jewelry store where my birthday watchband was shortened by 6 links; more rain and hopefully snow for the mtns; more awake than yesterday; numbering my blessings; sleeping better at night becuz of less foot/leg pain.

Megan and I have been watching the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. My fav Olympics! We watched 2 man bobsled competition and pairs ice dancing. I almost get dizzy watching the bobsleds. Megan said that's why there's so many ads!  I've always enjoyed ice skating. My old time favorite is Peggy Fleming! There! I've dated myself!  I heard a song on our radio at work...Mr Blue Skies....hey, if I ice skated, I would skate to that!  It's one of Phil's favorite songs too! Neither of us ice skate so it's not gonna happen. But it was fun thinking about it!  Good Night!


Linda W. said...

I love the winter Olympics too! So funny that you and your coworker almost matched.

In answer to your question, the Palmer is the highest ski lift at Timberline ski area. It's usually only open for spring and summer skiing, but this year the seasons are all messed up....

Betsy said...

I enjoyed your post today. Such a happy, content one. Love the stripes shirts and your blessings notebook. The winter games are my favorite too but I'm having a hard time getting into them this year for some reason.
Have a wonderful night.

aimee said...

I am glad your foot/leg pain is better Becky. Having suffered through both of those before, it is definitely a blessing to get some relief from them!
Haven't really watched much of the Olympics, but did catch some ice dancing and I, like you love to watch ice skating:)

Kathy said...

So many times my co-workers and I all dress the same. Our joke is we email each other in the morning although it is always by accident. Isn't that funny how that happens?

I like the summer Olympics more than the winter, but I am still watching quite a bit of it. Figure skating is my favorite, but I also like speed skating, the luge and bobsled.

I used to keep a blessings notebook, but haven't for years. I think I will start another one.

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I love the Waldo shirts.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This is the one time every two years that I wish I had cable. Would love to watch the Olympics, but it is on too late for us even if we did have cable. Enjoy it for me! Love your Where's Waldo shirt ;)

Becky L. said...

The striped shirts were fun!
I've enjoyed writing out my blessings. Even more so because when I go back and read them, I feel even more blessed and feel God's love pouring into my soul.
I watched a few evenings of the Olympics but it also eats up my precious time. I try to find something productive to do while I was watching it. I don't watch tv much at all. Sometimes I wished we would say goodbye to cable but we still keep it since there is good shows on. Cheap entertainment.
Thanks for your comments. It's always fun to read what my friends think of my posts! God bless!