Thursday, June 3, 2010

Square Foot Garden #1

Our square foot garden is finally going to happen. Hubby is putting landscape fabric
down over the 4'x4'x6" wood frame. It will keep the weeds and grass coming
through the garden.

Mixing dirt on a tarp prior to adding it to the garden frame.

This is the book I purchased to help me in this square foot garden effort.
People tell me that I can get information off the internet for this project.
That is fine, but I also like to have a hard copy of the book for reference
material. I am not always on the internet!

Some of the plants that will go into the garden--tomatoes and strawberries.
The lavender will not. But I had purchased them that day and they
were all together. Strawberry plant was a freebie from a city sponsored
public works fair. An addition to the 2 new ones I bought and 2 older plants.

Garden is all fenced in behind our house. We have had raccoons, skunks, possums, birds, dogs
and cats in our yard. So the fence is a deterrent.

Helping, capable and hardworking, not to mention, loving hands of my hubby.
What would I do without him? He did all the heavy work and I just
supervised, well sort of.

These are my neighbor ladies. One lives behind me and one lives to the side of me.
They were inspecting our garden. I love the scarecrow. It is actually a Hallowe'en
item that she got years ago.

Here is my adirondack chair I set outside to relax in. It was too pretty of a day to be inside. About 67 degrees. We have had a wet and chilly spring here in Oregon. It would be a shame to be indoors. Little did I know that it would be a few weeks before I planted my garden.
Too cold for some of the seeds even. Rains came so hard that I know it would have hurt my plants. But then others say their gardens are fine. So what does this first
timer know? I have not gardened in years, except for growing tomatoes
in big buckets!

Seed starts that need to be in bigger pots.

Memorial Day afternoon: finally planting part of the garden. Tomatoes, peppers,
strawberries and a little coleus. The 2 big strawberries were transplanted from a big
tub they have been in since last year. They are evergreen ones that bear fruit a long time.
Beans, onions and carrots next. Need to wait for some warmer weather.

Garden planted and all tucked in under bird netting to keep the birds and other
critters out. I have jokingly called it our Fort Knox Square Foot garden since we
have made it hard for critters to get in.

Thanks to Erin at $5 Dinner Mom for inspiring me, in her blog, to make a square foot garden. There is an expense but it will be worth it. Seeds last for a few years in the package. Monetary lay out
is done for the majority of the supplies. Stay tuned and see what happens!


Crystal said...

Good luck on your garden. It looks great. There is just nothing better than food you grow yourself. Don't you think?

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Very cool!

Thanks for your prayers for our pastor. They are going to need them.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Awesome! I have several friends who are doing square foot gardening and they've had great success. I love that landscape mat. Great stuff! A bunch of my seeds didn't come up because of the cold, so I'm going to have to replant half my garden :( My cold weather plants are doing great though!